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SculpSure in Toronto

Need a Natural Fat Burner? In Toronto, SculpSure Is a Top Choice for the New Year

So have you fallen off the fitness wagon yet, or are your New Year’s resolutions still going strong? This year is full of possibilities, but if you’re like millions of people in Canada, some time mid-winter your motivation for fat reduction collides with a busy life and nights snuggled up with Netflix. Luckily, there’s a fast fix for belly fat and other trouble spots that jiggle more post-holiday feasting. Do you want to lose weight fast but avoid surgery? SculpSure in Toronto costs less than liposuction and allows you to reach your body-sculpting goals without scalpels or stitches. When we explain how it works, you may think it’s too good to be true. But trust us – our patients give SculpSure glowing reviews, and we think you will too.

Lower price, real results

SculpSure Toronto

Have you considered liposuction to remove your cellulite and reshape your figure? While surgical procedures to suck the extra fat away have long been the go-to approach for spot fat reduction, today more people are searching for non-surgical fat-removal methods. Compared with surgery, the non-invasive options cost far less, which makes them more attractive for many patients. As well, lengthy recovery times, health risks, or potential scars are a deterrent for some people.

A quick search will reveal two top choices in Toronto: SculpSure and CoolSculpting. The costs are similar, but the reported results vary. That’s because the two methods couldn’t be more different in the way they fight fat. One uses suction devices and tissue freezing to clamp and deep-cool fat cells, while the other heats fat until cells melt and are permanently destroyed. We’ll explain how a SculpSure treatment is carried out and why we believe thermolipolysis is an appealing investment if you want to slim down fast.

What is the SculpSure solution?

SculpSure is a non-ablative laser procedure that gently heats fat cells without damaging surrounding or surface skin. While you stay cool and comfortable, stubborn fat in the target area is heated, causing thermolipolysis (the destruction of fat cells through heat). Hyperthermic lasers emulsify the cells once they reach the ideal temperature, and their contents are dispersed and flushed right out of the body through natural lymphatic waste systems. Fat cells that are melted away never return, which means safe and permanent fat loss.

Unlike liposuction surgery, no incisions are made in the skin, no anaesthesia is required, and the fat is melted and flushed away naturally instead of being sucked out through a surgical incision. You won’t have any scars after your SculpSure treatment, there will be no damage to the skin, and no downtime is needed.

Is the Technology Safe?

This innovative fat sculpting technology is Health Canada-approved, so you can trust that it’s safe and effective. At Dr. Torgerson’s Clinic, we like to stay ahead of trends and medical innovation by offering the very latest in advanced aesthetic and laser treatments. Our devices are extensively researched and proven, so we feel excellent about the variety of body improvement options that we offer our clients.


This popular body-contouring treatment actually kills fat cells without causing discomfort or inflammation, and more than 90% of patients report high satisfaction with their results!

Bonus* Fat loss isn’t all this impressive device delivers. SculpSure treatments encourage collagen and elastin production in the treated zones, which translates into amazingly tightened, toned, youthful-looking skin. Who doesn’t want firmer, healthy skin? We knew you’d like that.

Need a kick start for self-improvement this season?

Some people are discouraged to learn that fat loss doesn’t necessarily result in weight loss. Especially when it comes to intra-abdominal fat ( the sticky stuff surrounding internal organs to make bellies protrude), it comes down to diet and lifestyle if you want to make a lasting change. The Torgerson Clinic and SculpSure in Toronto have good news for everyone who is discouraged by their lack of workout and dieting progress – SculpSure treatments visibly reduce problem fat spots so that gym clothes fit better and bulges are noticeably smoothed.

The effect of finally seeing measurable results can be incredibly motivating and may be just the kickstart you need to get into a healthier routine this year. Anyone who sets out on a path to self-improvement knows that progress can be slow, and seemingly inhuman patience is sometimes necessary just to lose an inch or two. By scheduling thermolypolysis treatments to start your new year right, you’ll have an edge as well as results to celebrate sooner.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Why not give yourself a gift that will change the course of your year and help you feel better about yourself each day as you reach your goals? SculpSure in Toronto is removing unwanted fat for a growing number of happy patients as they discover that they can get a new physique surgery-free.

The 25-minute treatment time for one target area beats a minimum 60 minutes required for CoolSculpting. With faster treatments, Toronto SculpSure sessions are more convenient for busy professionals and people scheduling appointments within full activity calendars.
Avoid the Pain
Skin hypersensitivity, known as neurogenic pain, sometimes occurs after CoolSculpting treatments. The discomfort has been reported to last many weeks and can be an uncomfortable drawback of this methodology.

SculpSure has not recorded any post-treatment discomfort, skin damage, bruising, or lasting pain. If temporary skin sensitivity does occur, it generally dissipates within hours, and patients can return to normal activities without any downtime.

Better Pricing
SculpSure is priced with value packaging and can be more affordable than CoolSculpting. It works more effectively with less “fat to pinch”, so a greater variety of treatment areas qualify too. The cost of SculpSure is a significant factor for patients when deciding between the two options. The total fees usually range between $1,200 and $1,800 and are lower than the price of liposuction. (Note that prices are subject to change over time.) For optimal results, we recommend 2 to 3 laser lipolysis sessions.

Body Sculpting Help

  • Body wraps can promote the elimination of toxins through your skin while delivering hydrating and healing nutrients.
  • Vitamin supplements that boost skin health include vitamin C, B-complex, and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.
  • Herbal supplements containing dandelion root or green tea have diuretic properties that help flush fluids out of the body carrying metabolic waste, including the cellular debris resulting from SculpSure sessions.
  • Liver support supplements like milk thistle and artichoke nourish and stimulate this important organ, which cleans blood and metabolizes cellular waste.

Consume a whole, pesticide-free diet of brightly coloured and dark green veggies and fruits. They’re loaded with antioxidants to combat free radicals on a cellular level. That can further assist with the elimination of fat cells after SculpSure treatment.

If you have more questions about natural fat burning with non-surgical lipo, we’re happy to help. We offer consultations to discuss your goals and recommend the ideal options for you with no obligation. If you wish to schedule an appointment or talk with one of our experts, please contact us at the Torgerson Clinic today. Now’s the time to choose how you want to feel for your future. Let us help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for fat reduction with SculpSure in Toronto?
Patients with realistic expectations always make the ideal cosmetic clients. That’s because while dramatic improvements are possible, perfection is never a reasonable goal. There are limits to what aesthetic technology can achieve.

SculpSure isn’t intended for weight loss, but for body sculpting and problem area definition. That means that you should be in good health and at your desired, stable weight before treatment. Anyone who has a pacemaker, has an unstable disease, or is pregnant should let his or her practitioner know, as they may not be suitable for SculpSure.

What will your fat loss experience at the Torgerson Clinic be like?
All of our laser technicians are also registered nurses, so you can trust the delivery of safe and effective laser technology, no matter what type of procedure you’re having. Your treatment takes place in a private, comfortable room at our stylish Yorkville clinic. SculpSure applicators are placed anywhere on the body where secure skin contact can be made.

To begin, you’ll be reclined comfortably on a bed, and up to 4 applicators may be applied to target areas. Laser applicators are connected to the SculpSure machine before commencing fat-burning treatment. Patients may feel a warm sensation, but SculpSure’s unique cooling technology protects and soothes the skin simultaneously. The effect is relaxing and comparable to a hot stone massage.

Once complete, patients require no downtime and needn’t worry about activity restrictions or side effects. No one will know you’ve had a procedure done right away. However, you’ll begin to see results develop within 6 weeks, and the final effects can be appreciated closer to 12 weeks after your SculpSure session.

Without the characteristic tissue trauma, bruising, and swelling post-lipo, patients can sometimes see SculpSure benefits faster than with surgery. SculpSure consistently delivers impressive results without the pain, scars, or cost of going under the knife.

How many inches can you lose?
Our patients are pleased to see an average reduction of 3 to 4 centimetres (1.5 inches) per area treated after 1 to 3 sessions. Good news: that fat is really, permanently gone and won’t yo-yo the way it can after dieting.

Our experts will advise you to space the appointments 6 weeks apart, which gives your body the time it needs to eliminate fat cell waste naturally. After 3 sessions, most people drop at least one dress size!

The following are some helpful tips to use along with your SculpSure treatment in Toronto. Taking advantage of these healthy guidelines can help you get even more from your procedure and see results faster. If you want to make beautiful changes to improve how you look and feel, the friendly advice below will accelerate and amplify the attractive figure and complexion you work so hard for.

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