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The Cost Of SculpSure In Toronto

One of the most common questions when it comes to any cosmetic procedure, be it surgical or non-surgical, is in relation to associated costs.

It’s no secret that many body sculpting treatments can carry a significant price tag, but it’s often advantageous to compare not only figures, but also long-term benefits when selecting the most suitable and economical option.

SculpSure Vs CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is regularly mentioned when discussing noninvasive fat removal, however many don’t know that in almost all respects, it couldn’t be more different than SculpSure. As its name would suggest, CoolSculpting utilizes cold to freeze fat cells as it suctions areas of fat between two cooling plates. It takes approximately one hour to treat any given area. *It’s important to note that if you are treating areas such as your arms or love handles, these require two treatments, as each arm or love handle is considered a separate treatment area and cannot be treated simultaneously. Many clinics allow back to back treatments, resulting in a two-hour long procedure. Following treatment, compression girdles and massages to the treated areas are recommended to help with swelling that may occur. It can vary from clinic to clinic, but typical costs of CoolSculpting are in the range of $600+ per applicator.

SculpSure Vs Other Non-Invasive Treatments

Besides CoolSculpting, there are several other noninvasive body sculpting and fat removal methods available. Some employ radiofrequency or high frequency technology in order to eliminate fat cells. Both methods require hour-long treatment sessions and are often accompanied with pain that is to be treated via prescription medication. The downtime for these procedures can last for approximately eight hours. Furthermore, many patients notice visible bruising at the treatment site within the week following the procedure. These methods tend to cost anywhere between $1500 and $2500 dollars per zone, though this is dependent on the areas being treated. In addition to SculpSure, there are a few other procedures available which utilize lasers to melt fat, however it still needs to be removed, as this method cannot rely on your body’s immune system as SculpSure does. These treatments are often far more common as in a technical sense, surgery is involved. As such, they tend to be priced similarly to surgical liposuction procedures, at a range between $3500 and $7500.

SculpSure Vs Surgery

Liposuction is a full surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. This is often a more logical option for those looking to remove larger amounts of fat from multiple areas. It is possible to utilize liposuction to cater to smaller cosmetic needs, such as minor fatty deposits around the abdomen or flanks, but this type of problem is where doctors generally recommend noninvasive procedures. The surgery itself generally takes one to two hours per treatment area. After the operation, there will most likely be pain once the anesthesia fades, and the downtime can vary depending on how fast the body heals. Compression girdles or garments are to be worn following the procedure, usually for a few weeks and an anti-biotic is prescribed to help prevent infection during the healing process. The cost of liposuction varies from clinic to clinic, but tends to be offered using a base charge and then building from there depending on how many areas will be treated and the amount of work is to be done on those areas. The overall cost commonly starts at $6000 and scales from there.

When choosing to offer SculpSure over other forms of noninvasive fat removal, we also chose to make a commitment to our clients: to offer comparable, competitive pricing that’s fair and economical. We have elected to set our price scale per applicator and the SculpSure system uses up to four applicators per 25 minute treatment session. We also offer bundled deals and packaged discounts, providing even further cost effectiveness. Should you have any questions regarding what a SculpSure treatment would cost for you, what kind of results you could expect, or to simply book a consultation with one of our trained specialists, please call us today at (647)343-0207. *SculpSure is currently approved in Canada for treatment of the abdomen and flanks. However, it is expected to gain approval very soon for all areas of the body, including hips, inner thighs, outer thighs, and the arms.

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