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When To Expect The Results Of SculpSure And How Long Will It Last?

A frequent major concern when considering cosmetic procedures.

Whether surgical or non-surgical, is pertaining to the results and its lasting effects. Because these procedures are often associated with high costs, it’s understandable that most potential patients are interested to know if the outcome will offer acceptable value.

Seeing Your SculpSure Treatment Results

Most patients will begin to see results at approximately six weeks after initial treatment with further improvement continuing during the following six weeks. Due to the biological processes involved, there is a gradual change as macrophages, cells within your body which digest remnants of the fat cells destroyed during the SculpSure treatment process. This process takes time to occur, however, and that is why it may seem that there are few if any results at first.

It’s reported by clients that in the six to twelve week period following treatment, up to 24% fat loss occurs and some patients even drop a pant size.

Should you opt for multiple treatments, as many clients do, it is recommended that you wait twelve weeks between treatment times. This is an adequate amount of time for the macrophages to remove the cell debris from your system and as well for you to see the results from your last treatment. For some patients, it can take anywhere from one to three treatments to yield optimal results. This is largely dependent on how resistant the fat deposits may be, but often it can be because some clients have higher expectations and are looking for dramatic results, which are best received from multiple treatments.

The Longevity of SculpSure Treatment Results

A truly beneficial part of the SculpSure treatment is its permanence. Once SculpSure’s laser light technology heats the fat cells beneath the skin to melting point, that fat is destroyed forever.

It’s important to note, however, that SculpSure is not a weight loss program and should not be used as such. If you find that you have eating habits that tend to lead to weight gain, any progress that is made through SculpSure treatments will see a negative impact due to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

SculpSure is generally designed for individuals who have lost weight and are looking to shed those last few stubborn pounds, or people who may already be at a healthy weight, but tend to have fatty deposits in certain areas and are seemingly resistant to exercise or diet. SculpSure’s results will last indefinitely, provided you maintain your new shape with healthy lifestyle choices such as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Ensuring that your weight is stable is an excellent indicator that you will have the ability to maintain your results with ease.

Countless reviews and galleries chronicle the successful results of SculpSure’s treatments. Our team would be happy to walk you through any further questions you may have in regards to SculpSure’s general capabilities, what the procedure can do for you, and what you can expect during and after treatments. Call us today to book a consultation at (647) 343-0207 and we can discuss the various options available to you.

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