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Panda Eyes Laser Treatment

You may think your dark under-eye circles are due to a lack of sleep, but if they stick around when you’re rested or you’ve had them all your life, other factors may be contributing.

When you have dark, pigmented skin around your eyes, no concealer seems to cover it, and few topical products will affect it.

The newest StarWalker “panda eyes laser treatment” at Dr. Torgerson’s Facial Plastic Surgery & Laser Centre in Toronto is designed to visibly brighten your eyes, permanently.

Hyperpigmentation around the eyes is nicknamed “panda eyes,” because the delicate orbital skin appears noticeably darker than the rest of the face. This condition is different than puffy, under-eye bags, though you may have a combination issue.

Numerous factors contribute to dark circles, so your personalized consultation helps us recommend your ideal plan to erase them!

StarWalker Treatment

How do we treat panda eyes?

Dr. Torgerson’s beauty specialists zero in on contributing factors for shadowed, puffy, and darkened eyes. The panda eyes laser by StarWalker is an innovative approach that works exceptionally well for the stubborn issue of hyperpigmentation and vascular visibility.

It’s a quick, non-invasive way to lighten eye skin and refresh the entire area. In a single session, the look of panda eyes can fade dramatically while skin tone and circulation are improved.

Read on to learn about our most advanced treatment for dark undereye circles. Call Dr. Torgerson’s Clinic for your consultation.

Panda Eyes Laser Treatment

What Causes “Panda Eyes”?

The causes for dark circles under the eyes vary between people. “Panda” or “raccoon” eyes are a common cosmetic complaint, but a combination of factors may create the tired-eye look.

Shadows: Deep facial anatomy and changes in soft tissue with age may lead to sunken areas around the eyes. Bone structure and ligaments provide the framework to support tissue and facial fat compartments. As these shrink or shift over time, tear troughs under the lower lids recede, creating hollows that cast dark shadows.

Hyperpigmentation: Particularly in people with darker skin, excess melanin may permanently darken the area around the eyes. This is often hereditary. It may also be acquired with age and UV exposure. Hormonal shifts, oral contraceptives, and inflammatory issues like contact dermatitis might lead to hyperpigmentation.

Vascular: Thin, pale skin shows the underlying vessels as blueish or purple circles under the eyes.

There is good news for dark eye circles! If you want a safe, non-surgical way to treat dark eye circles, our expansive downtown laser centre offers multiple options tailored to unique clients. We’ll be happy to assess your skin and recommend the panda eyes laser or another reputable treatment.

StarWalker Laser Treatment

For Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are 2 main laser categories for complexion and pigment issues: ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative lasers like CO2 remove surface skin layers to rapidly reduce visible scarring, fine lines, or hyperpigmentation. The undamaged dermis is revealed, and new collagen is stimulated. The recovery times and discomfort associated with ablative treatments are more intense, often requiring 1 week off work. However, they are highly effective and repair significant damage.

Non-ablative lasers treat various skin depths using precise light and thermal energy. They can target specific cells to destroy them or stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Different light wavelengths address pigment depths and tones. One of the most attractive features is that recovery is mild or non-existent for these laser treatments. Discomfort is minimal, but the payoff can be highly satisfying, especially with repeat sessions.

Fotona’s StarWalker

Panda Eye Laser Treatment

Panda eyes caused by pigmented skin cells concentrated around the eyes can be dramatically improved with specialized light wavelengths delivered by the StarWalker laser. Melanin provides skin its colour. Hyperpigmentation refers to excessive melanin deposits. Periorbital hyperpigmentation appears darker than the rest of the face and is usually brown in tone.

The StarWalker laser is a leader in the aesthetic market. It’s a new generation of Q-switched technology that targets pigmented skin cells for destruction at precise depths. Because it delivers such accurate depth control, the surrounding skin and pigment are unharmed by the process. That means even people with dark skin can safely benefit from this non-surgical alternative to ablative treatment for dark circles.

The look of blood vessels showing blue or purple under the skin’s surface can also be improved, along with circulation, for healthier-looking, vibrant skin.

The panda eyes laser uses a 1-step process to lighten skin under eyes without significant discomfort or a long recovery to manage.

The StarWalker laser also combines heat and light wavelengths to rejuvenate skin for a more toned, smooth complexion.

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What to Expect During the Panda Eyes Laser Treatment

Fotona’s StarWalker is a powerful and versatile Q-switched laser with revolutionary Adaptive Structured Pulse (ASP) technology. It targets melanin without harming surrounding cells. Older generations of skin lasers and less focused wavelength technology carried a risk of significant discomfort or potential burns for people with darkly pigmented skin. Because of the diffused laser energy, the results were less efficient and less impressive. We love StarWalker thanks to unmatched accuracy and brilliant results.

When you visit, you’ll accompany our experienced laser nurse to your treatment suite. Your eye area will be examined and cleansed, and all the details you need to know about your procedure will be discussed. We use a Zimmer cooling device to reduce sensations of skin warmth and keep you comfortable.

Within 30 minutes, your entire treatment can be completed, and you can resume your daily activities with no downtime. Our clients schedule dark eye-circle treatments on lunch breaks or after work. You can expect temporarily pink skin lasting less than an hour.

The Results

Panda Eye Laser Results Last

Great news! When you brighten your under-eye circles with StarWalker, the results are permanent. The pigment cells are targeted and destroyed, and then the body removes the debris naturally. If you’re prone to hyperpigmentation or melasma, you may notice that new spots appear over time. Schedule maintenance treatments yearly or as needed.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Panda Eyes Laser?

Dark circle lightening treatment is gentle and is usually tolerated well. Most people can be candidates if excess pigmentation or vascularity are causing their “panda eye” effect. Toronto men and women appreciate that even Asian and African skin tones can be safe to treat with the StarWalker laser.

You’ll be informed of potential risks that exist for all aesthetic laser technology, and your in-person assessment will help your practitioner develop a truly personalized plan for you.

StarWalker can be used to lighten, repair, and improve skin almost anywhere on the body, including the knees, face, elbows, and underarms! After a vacation or a long summer outdoors, many people see pigment irregularities surface. Now you can rebalance and revitalize your beautiful skin tone.

Welcome to Dr. Torgerson’s Clinic

Schedule your StarWalker Panda Eyes Laser Treatment Today!

Dr. Torgerson’s team of passionate medical professionals offers a broad spectrum of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We aspire to provide the best laser devices and effective techniques available, all under one luxurious roof.

If you’re frustrated by weary-looking, dark under-eye circles, this is a great time to find out how new technology banishes them beautifully. Our skin specialists will help you put a brighter face forward. Please contact our Toronto cosmetic surgery and laser centre today and ask about the panda eyes laser treatment.

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