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What Is A Good Age To Do Ultherapy?

Due to the very nature of this non-surgical procedure, defining a set age group or chronological time to do Ultherapy isn’t as simple as assigning a number

There are 2 main reasons why it’s difficult to set a specific age or age group: overall skin health and current skin laxity. Because Ultherapy uses focussed ultrasound to stimulate new collagen production deep within the skin, both skin health and laxity are integral in determining whether you will see the results you expect.

Ultherapy tightening and lifting the skin

The overall health of the skin

The overall health of someone’s skin comes down to several elements such as diet, sun exposure, and genetics. A person’s chronological age doesn’t necessarily dictate the health of their skin. For example, if a patient’s skin is showing heavy sun exposure, Ultherapy may not yield the results they are hoping for.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays) damages elastin, fibres in the skin that help the skin retain its original form after contracting and stretching. As the sun damages more elastin, it becomes difficult for the skin to withstand the effects of gravity. When you also consider age and genetics, the sun can play hugely into whether an Ultherapy procedure will achieve the desired results. This is something that Dr. Torgerson will be happy to discuss during a private consultation.

If you are unsure whether an Ultherapy procedure is right for you, you can always set up a no-cost consultation with Dr. Cory Torgerson to discuss all the available options in a professional and comfortable manner.

Diet is an important aspect in the general health of our skin

The Importance of Diet

Diet is an important aspect in the general health of our skin. A balanced diet consisting of foods such as dark green vegetables, beans, red fruits, essential fatty acids, and fruits high in vitamin C can significantly increase a person’s ability to produce new collagen. A patient who has maintained a healthy and balanced diet and minimized sun exposure will see greater results with Ultherapy, regardless of age.

Skin laxity is something we all experience throughout our lives as we age. Of course, when we’re young, it’s nothing to be concerned about. This is clearly evidenced in how healthy and firm young children’s skin typically is. As our skin matures over the years, however, we see a greater level of skin laxity and slower natural collagen production. When contemplating a non-surgical solution such as Ultherapy, skin laxity is a major factor in the outcome of the procedure.

Genetics also play a large role in both collagen production and skin laxity. It’s no big surprise that some people seem to age slower than others, and this is another reason associating a specific age with Ultherapy isn’t as clear-cut as we might like. The points mentioned above help illustrate why it’s not so much a person’s chronological age that determines whether Ultherapy is an appropriate procedure. Although patients in their 30s and 40s see better overall results statistically, people in their 50s and 60s can still benefit from this non-surgical facelift if they have physiologically healthy skin. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson to get a much better idea and accurate assessment on which type of procedure best fits your needs and goals.

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