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What Is Unique About Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a unique cosmetic procedure that bypasses the less desirable aspects of cosmetic surgery, such as a painful recovery period

That is what makes this unique procedure appealing for people who are looking to rejuvenate, lift, and/or tighten their skin without committing to a costly, invasive procedure. When costly serums, creams, and lotions fail to rejuvenate your skin, consider this unique way to get younger-looking skin: Ultherapy provides an alternative to surgery. It is a low-cost promise that is non-invasive, painless, and capable of producing the same quality results as some cosmetic surgery procedures.

Ultherapy tightening and lifting the skin on the face and neck

Ultherapy Treatment

Ultherapy is the only medically certified procedure of its kind, which makes it truly exceptional and limits the likelihood of achieving the same results using another non invasive procedure. This is because Ultherapy uses focussed, high-frequency ultrasonic energy to achieve tightening and firming results in the patients’ targeted areas around the face and neck. Unique results are achieved during the procedure as the epidermal and facial musculature are heated by an ultrasonic probe, which stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin and connective tissues. It helps keep our skin looking youthful, so this stimulation of production creates uniquely beneficial results to the targeted areas. As you can imagine, the negligible heat felt during Ultherapy cosmetic procedures is far less daunting than undergoing general anaesthesia, which makes Ultherapy appealing to a broad range of patients, especially when seeking unique, dramatic, and, most importantly, lasting results.

In addition to being a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, Ultherapy is one of a kind because it requires no recovery time. This is almost unheard of when it comes to surgical cosmetic procedures. No recovery time means that you won’t need to book a lengthy absence from work or rearrange your life to accommodate your cosmetic convalescence.

In addition to being a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, Ultherapy is one of a kind because it requires no recovery time

Zero Recovery Time

In some cases, patients may notice a slight swelling or redness of the skin in the targeted areas for a few hours after the Ultherapy procedure. In most cases, however, any aftereffects are not severe enough to hinder your normal daily routine. Chances are good that no one will know you had a cosmetic procedure, but everyone will notice your youthful glow.

Non-invasiveness and zero recovery time aren’t the only unique features of Ultherapy. One of the biggest advantages of Ultherapy is that it is actually a quick, painless procedure. As mentioned, focused high-frequency ultrasound waves are administered to targeted areas by a trained medical professional. Ultherapy sessions typically last between 1 and 2 hours, and most patients report the procedure to be painless. In fact, it is so gentle that, during the procedure, all that needs to be applied is a topical numbing agent so that the patient isn’t irritated by the heat or energy that can sometimes be felt from the ultrasonic probe. Because Ultherapy is so quick and painless, it’s easy to fit a treatment in during your busy daily schedule without having to worry about being in pain or uncomfortable afterwards.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is always best to contact a certified medical professional to address your questions and concerns before you make any decisions. If you’re in the Toronto area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced and professional team at Dr. Cory Torgerson’s clinic. Dr. Torgerson will spend the time with you that you need to answer your questions and give you a personalized recommendation on how to best achieve your unique goals.

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