Wrinkle Treatment

As men and women age, many will begin to notice vertical lines forming above their upper lip between their nose and mouth

Patients often wonder if anything can be done to minimize those lines as a wrinkle treatment. These lines that form above the lips are called perioral wrinkles. Fine lines that develop around the mouth are often one of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging

With the modern cosmetic treatments that are available, there certainly are several wrinkle treatment options

Wrinkle Treatment & Line Removal

Wrinkles can be expected during the aging process, there are several other factors that may contribute to their formation. Lack of proper skin care, genetics, too much sun exposure, and smoking all have the potential to increase perioral wrinkles. Each time the mouth is puckered around a cigarette, the muscles form these tiny lines. Although unnoticeable at first, they become deeper and very noticeable with age. Smoke from a cigarette also contributes to the dryness of the skin, thereby making the skin more prone to wrinkles. Unfortunately, perioral wrinkles often make both women and men look older than they actually are.

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Dermal fillers provide an excellent solution, because there is no need for surgery and no need to take time off work

Dermal Fillers

The wrinkle treatment process takes approximately 20 minutes, with immediate and very satisfying results. The injectable fillers normally injected around the mouth contain hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally-occurring protein already found in the soft connective tissue of the skin. The gel-like substance is a synthetic form of HA and varies in thickness, depending on the manufacturer.

Topical anesthetic can be administered to the area being injected, but several products such as Restylane, Juvéderm, and Teosyal combine an anesthetic called Lidocaine with the HA, so this step is not necessary. The dermal filler is injected with tiny needles in and around the area being augmented. Usually clients experience only mild irritation and slight swelling for the first few hours after being injected. They are delighted with the immediate transformation and can expect the fillers to last 6 to 18 months before being absorbed into the body and completely metabolized. You may require touch up treatments to maintain the smooth, youthful skin you desire, but regular maintenance will prolong the time between further injections. Although dermal fillers are a temporary solution to perioral wrinkles, they are very cost-effective.

Another excellent and effective option for treating those fine lines and wrinkles is laser treatments. Dr. Torgerson’s laser clinic offers AFT (next-generation IPL Laser treatments), Erbium laser, and the premium CO2 laser resurfacing to help combat those fine lines.

To determine which type of treatment would best suit your individual needs, why not book a consultation at our state-of-the-art Yorkville clinic in downtown Toronto? Rest assured that perioral wrinkles are easily treated by Dr. Torgerson and his team, with results that will leave you thoroughly impressed.

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

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You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

*Disclaimer: Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from patient to patient, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each patient.*

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