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Is nose reshaping without surgery in Toronto a dream come true or too good to be true? Rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Cory Torgerson are renowned for their innovative, specialized facial cosmetic surgery skills. While rhinoplasty is still very much in demand, a growing number of facial surgeons are offering an exciting new technique that doesn’t require scalpels, stitches, or lengthy recovery.

Reshaping the nose is desirable for patients of all ages and backgrounds. It’s often one of the first things that men and women change about themselves when they decide on cosmetic surgery. The digital world and social media abound with stunning rhinoplasty before and after pictures. Changing that one, central feature can do wonders for your appearance. But did you know that the changes you want could be possible without any surgery at all?

In the past, nose reshaping without surgery was unheard of. Unless relying on contouring makeup or tricks of light, you couldn’t alter a nose without going under the knife. Find out what the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto already know. Nose jobs just got an upgrade.

Nose reshaping without surgery — Dr. Torgerson’s approach

Non-surgical nose jobs were new on the cosmetic scene just a few years ago, and now they are becoming commonplace. Dr. Torgerson’s patients are thrilled about the minimally invasive nose job using hyaluronic acid fillers (HA).

We invite you to visit our website’s learning centre and gather detailed procedure information to help you plan. Dr. Torgerson is a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in procedures of the head and neck.

When you’re planning your rhinoplasty in Toronto, you’ll likely review cosmetic surgery websites and read all you can about various techniques. It’s common to seek out “wish pics” of your favourite celebrity nose jobs and wonder how you can achieve the same look. When you scan a variety of results, you won’t necessarily understand what each nose underwent to achieve the outcome shown. To make things more confusing, the amount of time that has passed between before and after pictures affects what you see too.

Determining what you like and don’t like is just one element of planning nose reshaping. Without surgery, some of the desired effects you see may be possible, but which ones?

Dr. Torgerson will meet with you in person. He’ll explain the various techniques used to alter a nose and help you understand which approach suits you best. In the meantime, here’s some need-to-know information about nose reshaping without surgery:

Comparing surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty

Injectable Methods

Injecting HA dermal filler into facial tissue to sculpt and contour features is an art form. Nose reshaping without surgery is done with a needle and cannula, no surgical incisions. It doesn’t require general anaesthesia or an operating room. However, it should be carried out by an experienced facial surgeon, because your nose is more complicated than it looks.

Facial cosmetic surgeons have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, so they understand how to achieve meticulous enhancements for the nose using a variety of techniques. Injecting dermal fillers in the nose is associated with risks that your practitioner will explain to you. Understanding the considerations and having extensive experience helps mitigate those concerns.

Though it is nicknamed “injectable rhinoplasty” or the “5-minute nose job”, nose reshaping without surgery is not truly rhinoplasty. Instead, it’s minimally invasive nose reshaping, and it’s temporary. Rhinoplasty permanently and surgically alters nasal tissue.

Surgical Methods

Dr. Torgerson performs a high number of nose surgeries for people of all ages and backgrounds in Toronto. He considers different ethnicity, gender, skin thickness, and age to customize each beautiful transformation. The art of rhinoplasty offers very subtle or impressively dramatic changes.

Rhinoplasty utilized to surgically change the appearance of your nose requires general anaesthetic and a few hours in the operating room. Surgery may decrease the size of your nose through removing tissue, and the structure can also be built up or reinforced using your tissue or nasal implants. Challenging repair work after an injury is possible through reconstructive rhinoplasty.

The recovery will require a couple of weeks off work or school, and the final results aren’t seen for several months. Compared with injections, there are increased risks for any surgical procedure, yet the results last a lifetime and can have a powerful, positive impact on your appearance.

The key to choosing between these 2 great options is knowing what you need and which solution suits you best as an individual. Your one-on-one consultation will allow for personalized feedback and a treatment plan made just for you.

How can dermal filler injections improve your nose?

This new treatment may have caught your eye, yet you’re still not sure what it has to offer you. If you suspect it can’t do “everything”, your hunch is right. However, what it can achieve is remarkable.

Typical areas that can be improved through filler injection include refining and upturning the tip, minimizing a dorsal hump, or improving the symmetry of the bridge. The surgeon can add filler volume to the radix and bridge of a nose where those features are low or flat.

While adding HA gel will not decrease the size of a person’s nose, the impression of a thinner, smoother, or even smaller nose can be achieved with the strategic and artistic placement of filler. The gel camouflages imperfections and bumps, which create a more proportionate, balanced appearance. These changes are subtle. However, minor improvements often make a satisfying impact.

It’s essential to understand what nose reshaping without surgery is not capable of. You will not be able to significantly alter the size or shape of your nose. If your nose is large and prominent, the injectable option won’t likely help you achieve your goals. The nostrils or a full, bulbous tip will benefit from surgical narrowing in most cases.

Filler can’t reconstruct or repair dramatic disfigurements, though it can help fill dents and soften hard angles in a nose with thin skin. People who feel that their nose is too prominent or crooked or who wish to see a straighter nose profile can benefit from surgery.

Can injectable nose reshaping improve breathing?

Dermal filler is used to alter the appearance of a nose, but it cannot improve its function. In fact, even surgical rhinoplasty isn’t technically the right procedure for septum repair that clears breathing passages. Instead, an operation called septoplasty is designed to straighten the sturdy, central bone and cartilage that separates your nostrils. This tissue is often bent or twisted, which leads to one or more nasal passages being occluded and can also cause problems with sinus drainage and snoring.

Septoplasty may be combined with aesthetic changes in a septorhinoplasty. Likewise, nose reshaping without surgery and septoplasty for functional improvements could be combined.

If you have difficulty breathing through your nostrils, talk to Dr. Torgerson about your needs and the treatment plan that will suit you best.

What are the top 3 perks of non-surgical nose reshaping?

Less Invasive Nose Jobs

One of the reasons why this new, less invasive nose job is catching on in Toronto is that it requires no downtime. Planning for healing and recovery time is a major factor for people considering cosmetic surgery. While the results are long-lasting, waiting for swelling and bruising to resolve, plus taking time away from work and other regular activities is a challenge for many.

For people who want an instant fix, nothing beats the instantaneous nose reshaping results achieved with nose filler. The “5-minute nose job”, or “lunchtime rhinoplasty”, really does take just 5 to 15 minutes in most cases. Your consultation may take longer depending on what you discuss, but the treatment itself is done in a blink. You can walk out of your facial cosmetic surgeon’s office with the nose enhancement that you want.

The sensitivity and related inflammation are typically very minor. You can expect the nose to feel a little sore for roughly 24 hours after your non-surgical nose reshaping treatment, and you’ll be advised not to touch it until the filler is integrated and set. The HA gel used for nose reshaping contains lidocaine and effectively numbs the nasal tissue, so patients feel comfortable during treatment.

You won’t need time off work. You won’t need time off school. You won’t need bandages, stitches, multiple appointments, or even patience!

HA Filler Injections

A second benefit is the temporary nature of HA filler injections. While you may consider this to be a drawback after you fall in love with your new look, it’s a benefit for patients who are unsure whether they’ll like the change or who are testing out a result before choosing surgery. In the rare case that someone doesn’t like their result, hyaluronic acid can be dissolved using an injectable enzyme called hyaluronidase.

After nose reshaping without surgery, the results are expected to stay for roughly 9 months, sometimes longer. Over time, your body will break down the crosslinked molecules in the gel and reabsorb the natural hydrating substance into your body. You’ll need to redo the treatment if you want to maintain the look.

Cost of Nose Reshaping with Filler

The cost of nose reshaping with filler is lower than surgery. Considerably so. Granted, it’s a temporary treatment, but for many people, low-cost, subtle changes are an accessible, more natural way to make improvements than a significant surgical fee. In Toronto, the cost of rhinoplasty is roughly between $6,000 and $13,000 + HST. (Note that prices are subject to change.) Dr. Torgerson’s pricing for nose filler will typically start at $1,000 + HST.

Keep in mind that repeated filler injections spanning many years would match up to the cost of rhinoplasty at some point. Your personalized quote will be created for you based on your needs and your consultation planning.

Schedule your one-on-one consultation and discover the possibilities!

There are good reasons why the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Canada are excited about nose reshaping without surgery. Many people want minor changes to their noses and could benefit from a less invasive approach. The use of facial filler to highlight, enhance, and alter facial features opens up a broad expanse of cosmetic possibilities. If you’re considering a nose job and want to know what your options are, the best way to find out is with a no-obligation, personal assessment.

Dr. Torgerson will meet with you to listen to your goals and provide all the details you need about each rhinoplasty procedure type. When you’re ready for a change, we’ll be pleased to walk you through it. Call today.

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