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Have you heard of the quarantine nose job? It might be the last thing you’d expect amid a global pandemic, but cosmetic surgery procedures are in high demand around the globe.

There have been an influx of nips and tucks scheduled during the coronavirus outbreak, and we know of a few compelling reasons why.

While limitations on travel resulted in extra spending money for some, facial plastic surgeries such as nose jobs are particularly convenient right now for another reason.

Downtime After a Nose Job Just Got Easier

When planning a nose job or other facial cosmetic surgery, scheduling the necessary time off work has been a tricky factor for busy students and professionals.

Traditionally, at least 1 week off for nose job recovery (2 weeks for people who want to be discreet about swelling and bruises) meant disrupted work schedules and the potential loss of pay. Valuable vacation time was often co-opted for secret plastic surgery booking, but that’s all changed in the past 2 years.

With some businesses closed or limiting hours and others shifting to a work-from-home (WFH) system, many employees and virtual learning students now find themselves with plenty of downtime. These circumstances offer the luxury of hiding out post-rhinoplasty with no significant change to work.

You might lay low for 2 weeks or longer and re-emerge completely healed without any signs of having undergone surgery at all.

Like butterflies from cocoons, men and women are reappearing magically refreshed and beautifully “tweaked” since WFH took effect. And why not?

At Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Toronto Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre, we celebrate making the most of your lifestyle changes and crossing important self-improvements off your list while relaxing at home.

Is There a New You Under That Mask?

Along with health precautions, wearing a mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin may offer surprising benefits for Toronto nose job patients. While it’s not advised that you place anything heavy or tight on the nose area immediately following rhinoplasty, lightweight surgical and N95 masks do not harm nose job results and may offer much-needed camouflage in the weeks following your procedure.

Nasal surgery can result in bruising and almost always brings anticipated swelling, which is noticeable for the first few weeks. You may have a plaster cast over your nose for 7 days, then patiently wait out mild distortion, redness, or visible incisions for a while longer.

Even though visible signs of healing are short-lived and fade quickly, it sure is nice to have an excuse to safely cover up when socializing.

For the first time ever, it’s truly possible to hide the signs of a rhinoplasty until completely healed, and Dr. Cory Torgerson sees many patients taking advantage of this pandemic perk.

How Are Nose Job Follow-Up Appointments Managed?

The “Zoom Boom” has not only changed the way we conduct business meetings, but mainstreaming videoconferencing also offers new opportunities for convenient medical assessment, consultation, and patient/surgeon communication.

Dr. Torgerson sees patients in person for initial follow-up appointments when possible. And his office follows strict safety and hygiene protocols to keep everyone safe.

He also conducts regular online appointments, supplies nursing instruction, and gives follow-up guidance throughout the nose job recovery, so you can always be in touch, be seen, and be heard.

If you’re ready to plan your dream nose job, this just might be the ideal time to go ahead and emerge from the past year as a more confident version of yourself.

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