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You might think that the ideal time to recover from rhinoplasty in Toronto is during the long, cold winter when many people hide out indoors.

However, summer can be one of the busiest times for nose job surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Students usually take breaks from college, and many working professionals have summer vacation time to look forward to during warm months. Scheduling your Toronto rhinoplasty during the summer may also mean that you have friends or family around to help you in the early days after surgery.

Whatever your reason for planning nose surgery in June, July, or August, here’s why it can be the best time to do it. We also share a few hot weather concerns to watch out for.

Rhinoplasty and Sunshine – Do They Mix?

You may have heard that it’s best to stay out of the sun after any facial cosmetic surgery or skin treatment. This is generally true for a number of reasons.

Rhinoplasty patients need to be aware that solar rays can cause the discoloration of incision sites and even lead to hyperpigmentation on other swollen skin areas. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get outside, but you’ll need to treat your face with extra care.

To complement a good sunblock, use physical screens like wide brim hats or umbrellas at the beach to limit your direct exposure to sunlight.

A Note About Sunglasses

While sunglasses are a wardrobe staple during the summer for many people post-rhinoplasty, you’ll have to think twice about this habit for the first few weeks. The pressure placed on the bridge of your nose by glasses and sunglasses can hamper your healing process or even results.

For the first week after surgery, you may have a plaster cast protecting your nose. During that time glasses are fine, but once the cast comes off, your rhinoplasty surgeon will advise you to tape glasses to your forehead. (Make a bold fashion statement!) Or stick with hats and extra levels of sun protection that don’t rest on your nose.

Rhinoplasty in Toronto and on Vacation

Mixing cosmetic surgery recovery and a little well-deserved vacation time seems like a win-win. It can be nice to go somewhere lovely and relax poolside while you take much-needed time for R&R. Vacationing while recovering from rhinoplasty is possible, but it requires a firm understanding of activity restrictions and realistic expectations.

The biggest challenge that many of our Toronto rhinoplasty patients face is the desire to get out and be active when they’re in the early stages of healing. For 3 weeks post-procedure, you won’t be permitted to raise your blood pressure, bend over, lift heavy objects, or submerge your incisions in water.

Aside from the infection risk present in all bodies of water while incisions are new, any physical activities such as sports, diving, or jumping into pools, could break stitches, disturb delicate bones and grafts, or prolong your nasal inflammation.

Sometimes location can make all the difference for our peace of mind. If you prefer to recover somewhere exotic after rhinoplasty, just remember to limit activity according to your surgeon’s instructions and be content with enjoying your environment in relaxing ways. You can still dip your feet in the pool, walk along the ocean, take scenic drives, and eat fabulous food.

Summer Rhinoplasty Reminders

Increased vacation time, more daylight to enjoy socializing, and more things to do while you take time off can make summer ideal for planning a rhinoplasty. Remember:

  • Protect your nose from exposure to sunlight
  • Don’t rest glasses on your nose
  • Hold off on physically active plans
  • Enjoy the beach and pool from the shore


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