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Can You Wear Makeup After Cosmetic Surgery?

Makeup is often an important part of a woman’s daily routine

In fact, many women cannot imagine going a day without it, as they do not feel like themselves without makeup. However, it is important to refrain from wearing makeup after a cosmetic surgery procedure to allow your skin time to heal, to prevent infection, and to minimize the risk of scarring. The following tips will be explained in more detail during your consultation with Dr. Torgerson, one of the most popular Toronto cosmetic surgeons.

The less bacteria introduced to your skin while healing, the better

Allow your skin time to heal

Following your procedure, the incision sites represent a vulnerability in the protective barrier of your skin. As with any other wound, you must keep the incisions clean and be careful not to aggravate them. Applying pressure to your face when putting on or taking off makeup could damage the delicate process of wound healing. Also, many make up removers, creams, and lotions can dissolve the adhesive on steri strips, which are often used to protect incisions.

Prevent infection

It is very important to avoid wearing makeup after cosmetic surgery to prevent infection. If make-up is applied too soon after surgery, the wound can become contaminated, which may lead to infection. Frequently, our foundations and other makeup are fairly laden with bacteria, as are makeup brushes, applicators, and our fingers. The less bacteria introduced to your skin while healing, the better.

Minimize the risk of scarring

While scarring is inevitable after a surgical procedure, wearing makeup too soon afterwards can increase the risk of scarring. Wound dehiscence or separation can occur when adhesive strips or sutures are removed too soon. The risk of this is higher when applying substances to the skin. Infections or wound separation can lead to wider, raised, and darker scars.

While it is important to temporarily avoid make up use after any facial cosmetic surgery, the length of time to wait depends on the procedure.

Extensive Study Of Facial Structure And The Skin


After a facelift procedure, makeup should not be applied for 10 to 14 days to allow your tender skin time to heal. When make-up is reintroduced, it should be applied gently to the face. However, in many cases, happy patients are delighted to find that they no longer need as much make up and enjoy showing off their naturally more youthful complexion.


Following a rhinoplasty procedure, it is crucial to avoid applying pressure to your nose for a minimum of 3 weeks, as it will be more delicate during that time. However, any bruising under your eyes can be covered with a concealer or a light foundation the next day. It is safe to apply makeup to other parts of the face as long as you avoid touching your nose or placing anything inside of the nose where incisions are typically placed.

Brow lift/ eyelid surgery

After a browlift or eyelid surgery, it is necessary to wait at least 2 weeks before applying makeup to the treatment area. Although you can wear make up on your lips and cheeks, all eye and brow products such as mascara and eyeliner must be avoided until the area has healed.

Skin resurfacing

Like surgical procedures, skin resurfacing such as chemical peels or laser skin procedures require that special aftercare instructions are followed. Makeup should not be applied to the face until your skin has had time to heal. Healing may take 3 to 7 days, depending on the procedure. When makeup is reintroduced, be sure that it is a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation that will not irritate your skin for the first 3 weeks following your procedure.

Selecting an excellent plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery will be your first step toward beautiful results. If you have any questions regarding makeup use after your facial procedure, please contact Dr. Torgerson Facial Plastic Surgery & Laser Centre to schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson, a renowned Toronto facial cosmetic surgeon.

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