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11 Questions to Ask Before Facelift Surgery — Find Out What the Experts Suggest

Do you know what to ask before facelift surgery? You’ll need to consider which surgeon to choose, your aesthetic goals, your facelift surgery recovery, and much more before your consultation.

Your face is front and centre to the world, and it’s often what people first notice about you. Therefore, it’s essential to ask for clarification before your procedure and select the right surgeon for the job. If all of the possibilities feel overwhelming, don’t worry — our handy list of 11 questions can guide you in what to ask before having facelift surgery.

The planning you do before your facelift surgery can ensure that you find the best facial plastic surgeon in Toronto and love your results. Write down or print this list and bring it with you on the day of your consultation.

Facelift Surgery

1. Are you accredited with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada?

When you’re narrowing your search for possible face lift surgeons, it’s essential to know if they hold the right certification. The primary accreditation college in Canada is the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. To find the best facelift surgeon in Toronto, you’ll want to start by ensuring that they have this distinction. It proves that they’ve completed the specific education and are held to rigorous accountability within their surgical field.

2. How long have you been performing face lift surgery?
Having general experience in plastic surgery is not enough when it comes to facial enhancements. A general plastic surgeon likely has different training than a facelift surgery expert such as a maxillofacial surgeon or otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon. Doctors who specialize in body enhancements rather than in face surgeries will not have the experience you need, despite their credentials. Choose someone who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and who has practiced in their field for several years with diverse patients. These specialists have the expertise for designing a tailored plan to meet your aesthetic goals, all while upholding safety standards and ensuring results of the highest calibre.
3. May I see your face-lift before and after photos?
At your initial consultation, you should ask to see first-hand proof of your surgeon’s skills. View a variety of photos to get a well-rounded perspective of the results they deliver consistently. Although you can find some photo evidence online, in office there will be more examples of different cases.
4. Do you think I’m a good candidate for facelift surgery?
You might be convinced that a facelift will fix your imperfections, but only an expert can advise the best treatment for your individual needs. A sign of a truly professional surgeon is that they’ll give honest and comprehensive feedback focused on your needs. If a less invasive procedure could provide what you’re seeking, an ethical physician will let you know. Dr. Torgerson’s facelift surgery is highly regarded among peers and patients, but he’s also incredibly adept in harmonizing the effects of facial injectables and laser treatments for comprehensive beauty solutions that last and appear natural.
5. Do you have hospital privileges in Toronto?
If your facial surgeon is in good standing, he or she will have hospital privileges. To be allowed to operate in a Toronto hospital, surgeons must meet a high standard of experience and maintain an exceptional reputation. Don’t forget to ask if their privileges extend to facelifts as well as other procedures.
6. Where will you perform my facelift surgery?
After making sure your physician is qualified, you’ll want to find out where your surgery will take place. If your surgery isn’t going to happen in a hospital, it should take place in a clinic that is validated by the Out-of-Hospital-Premises Inspection Program (OHPIP). Ask to see the facility and make sure you’re comfortable.
7. Have you been successfully performing the latest face-lift techniques?
People often equate the word “new” with “best”, but that isn’t always the case. Many facial surgeons advertise the most innovative, “faster/easier” surgical techniques. Some of these give short-lived results at best. Make sure your surgeon is confident in the methods that they promote and can produce evidence of successful outcomes.
8. What risks are associated with a facelift?
Transparency is key. Every surgical procedure carries inherent risk. It’s not ethical to downplay those risks in favour of reassuring potential patients. You’ll know that your surgeon has integrity if they outline precisely which pros and cons are involved. An excellent facial surgeon will also explain his or her methods for minimizing risks and ensuring your safety throughout.
9. What can I expect the day of facelift surgery?
Your surgeon should give you a detailed explanation of your facelift procedure. You’ll want someone who takes the time to review the process with you from start to finish and doesn’t rush through answering your questions.
10. How long is a typical face lift recovery, and what should I prepare for?
It’s vital that you understand how long your recovery will be so you don’t wind up frustrated and inconvenienced. Plan to take time off work and ask about restrictions for some of your daily activities like sports. You can ask to hear feedback from previous patients as well so you know what the experience of healing will feel like.
11. How can I make sure I get the best facelift surgery results?

Facial plastic surgery can provide beautiful, natural-looking effects, but it entails a significant investment of time and money. Ask your cosmetic surgeon what you can do before surgery to prepare and learn about strategies that former patients used to maintain their results in the long run.

Finally, don’t shy away from asking questions. It’s easy to feel like your queries are insignificant or you’re wasting someone’s time by asking them. But that is not the case here. Your face is integral to your identity, and you have the right to

  • feel 100% confident in your surgeon
  • understand your specific surgical plan
  • be prepared for your recovery and any potential risks

If your facial cosmetic surgeon discourages you from asking questions, it’s time to look elsewhere. A reputable professional puts patient first and will be happy when you’re confident.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Facial Surgeon

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a highly skilled and sought-after facial surgeon specializing in procedures of the head and neck. Dr. Torgerson has over 18 years of post-secondary education studying facial procedures specifically. He has years of experience performing facelift surgery for a diverse clientele in Toronto. If you’re considering facelift surgery, Dr. Torgerson would be happy to speak with you during a private consultation.

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