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Achieving Facial Balance in Cosmetic Surgery

While some popular Plastic Surgery procedures target the signs of aging, other cosmetic surgeries are tailored towards achieving facial balance and harmony.

One of the primary concerns of any cosmetic surgery patient is facial balance. In order for any procedure to look natural and consistent with the rest of the individual’s features, it needs to be balanced with the rest of the face. Cosmetic Surgery Patients may be interested in a rhinoplasty to remove a bump in the bridge of the nose or a chin augmentation to change the chin’s shape. The Facial Plastic Surgeon performing the surgery must have a keen understanding of facial anatomy for the procedure to be done properly. The surgeon should also have an eye for artistic symmetry and balance.

Dr. Torgerson has outstanding experience and a solid reputation as one of the leaders performing rhinoplasty and chin augmentation in Canada’s Facial Plastic Surgery industry.


A person’s face is considered well-balanced when the forehead, the nose, and the chin make up equal thirds of the face from the front, face-on view.

Balance is also considered from the profile, as it looks at the forehead, the nose, and the chin from the side view. If someone’s chin is receded, they may consider a chin augmentation, or a patient may consider some type of change to their nose so their facial features appear more harmonious. Balance is achieved when the features align nicely.


Rhinoplasty surgery is often done to reduce the size of the nose, thereby allowing for better symmetry, both from the front (i.e. reducing the wideness of the nostrils) and from the profile, as the nose may have an unwanted bump or hook-like characteristic.

Sometimes after a rhinoplasty is complete, it is apparent to the patient that their chin and neck do not balance with their new, defined nose. If the neck skin is loose and the chin is too small, it may seem unbalanced with the look of the reconstructed nose. Similarly, if a chin implant is completed, it may overpower the nose, causing an unbalanced aesthetic.

Using the VECTRA 3D imaging technology with Dr. Torgerson prior to undergoing any Facial Cosmetic Surgery will help to combat this, as patients are able to view the anticipated final results before surgery. Dr. Torgerson can make suggestions as to what changes will work best to result in a balanced appearance. He can even demonstrate what these changes would look like with the VECTRA imaging system.


Another procedure that can alter facial balance is otoplasty. Otoplasty is ear surgery commonly referred to as having one’s ears pinned back. When someone’s ears stick out too far from their head or are an odd shape, this can cause insecurity. Many people aren’t pleased with their ears, to the point where they style their hair so as to cover them up. These people might opt for otoplasty to achieve facial balance.

The best way to find out what plastic surgery choices would be right for you is to consult your facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Torgerson is a renowned facial plastic surgeon in Toronto who offers consultations where he will discuss your desired results with you. Given his expertise, along with the use of state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology, he will be able to advise you on how best to achieve the results you desire.

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