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Bespoke Facelifts in Toronto- What Can You Add to Your Personalized Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

No wonder Toronto facelift surgery is as popular as ever. Have you considered it? Signs of gravity and the passing of time can affect every region, from the forehead to the neck and every space in between. The definition of a facelift in Toronto can’t be limited to just eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Restoring the elasticity, smoothness, and volume of the skin and tightening the underlying muscles also play an integral role in facelift techniques. A typical surgical candidate may have noticed sagging around the chin, neck, and mid-face or laxity in the skin around the forehead and eyes. No one wants to look older than they are or feel.

When checking out Dr. Torgerson’s facelift before and after photos, you might ask yourself how these beautiful transformations are achieved and how you can choose the right option for yourself. You might be pleased to learn that there are many ways to perfectly customize your Toronto facelift just for you. To obtain results that you love, we recommend that your face lift be planned with a qualified facial cosmetic surgeon who specializes in innovative, up-to-date methods.


What is a Toronto Facelift?

Several procedures fall under the category of a facelift. Toronto facial plastic surgeons who perform full facelifts often do SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) and sub-SMAS versions. These are quite involved, targeting the layers of facial tissue and the muscles under the skin. Other procedures focus on one or two trouble areas. They may be less invasive or just treat a smaller region of the face. Still other facelifts are seen as preventative in nature.

The Mid-facelift
As the name suggests, this facial surgery focuses on the mid-section of your face, specifically the area around your nose and cheeks, under the eyes and the mouth. Improvements in these areas can be achieved through both surgical and non-surgical approaches. When opting for a facelift in Toronto to treat your nasolabial folds, cheeks, and mouth, the mid-face is often appropriate and will involve shorter, less extensive incisions than the full version. Ask your experienced facial plastic surgeon which treatment plan best meets your goals.
Deep Plane Facelift
The deep plane facelift in Toronto is the most invasive surgical facelift procedure. It involves not only the surface area of the face, but also the muscles, fascia, and fat pads below the skin. It carries the lengthiest recovery time, but also results that are long-lasting and truly transformative.

The SMAS is described as a fibrous network combining the platysma, parotid fascia, and fibromuscular cheek layer. The SMAS connects facial muscles to the skin, and it transmits and amplifies the activity of all your facial muscles. The most superficial fascial planes of your face and neck area can be lifted during a deep plane lift and restored to their more youthful positions. The skin is gently redraped and sutured in place without surface tension so that the “lifting” effect truly comes from within. A skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Torgerson can provide you with stunning, yet natural-looking results.

Mini Facelift
Proactive in its approach, the mini face lift targets the early signs of ageing such as sagging around the jowl and cheek areas. The smaller incisions required to perform this surgery make it less invasive, so a mini-facelift can frequently be done under local anaesthesia. Many patients prefer this approach, as it can result in a quicker facelift surgery recovery time.

Also, because it does not take as long to perform, the cost of a mini face-lift in Toronto is less than a full lift. This treatment is often ideal for younger clients in their 40s because it doesn’t create a dramatic, obvious change, yet slows the effects of aging so they can stay youthful longer. Keeping one step ahead of the aging process will help you maintain a consistently natural look as though you had no work done at all!

Neck Lift Surgery
The sagging skin around the neck and chin often leads patients to feel self-conscious. The loss of collagen through normal aging or extreme weight gain or loss all change how the neck looks. A neck lift involves tightening muscles and removing excess skin. However, there are instances when excess fat tissue prevents the surgeon from creating a strong jawline and defined chin. Liposuction of the fat tissue may be a necessary addition to the necklift. Because Dr. Torgerson’s focus is on the face and neck, he performs these combined procedures regularly with excellent results.

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Non-surgical Facelifts in Toronto

It’s possible to have a “facelift” without surgery. Sometimes referred to as a liquid facelift, the results are achieved through injectable dermal fillers and strategically placed neuromodulators administered to dynamic facial muscles. As we age, the collagen in our skin is depleted, and youthful fat pads diminish too. Dermal fillers restore that volume and help fill in hollows. They can also create definition in areas like the jawline, temples, and cheekbones.

Botox injections in the brow and crow’s-feet help soften, smooth, and elevate tensed muscle furrows. It takes just minutes to complete, but the results can be seen almost instantly. The non-surgical approach is in demand because it’s less invasive, therefore less risky and time-consuming. Keep in mind that the effects last between 9 and 12 months in most cases, and your facial aging will benefit more from a surgical approach at some point. Your expert surgeon will help you decide when it’s time.

Blepharoplasty Procedures

Whether from a stressful lifestyle, genetics, or normal aging, our eyes can often make us look older than we are. Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that can take tired-looking eyes and bring back a bright and alert appearance. Both upper and lower eyelids can be treated, or just the identified area of concern. Upper eyelid surgery is aimed at removing the excess skin, widening the eye area. Lower eyelid procedures frequently target the appearance of puffiness, sagging skin and hollows. Thus, a consultation with an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Torgerson, will help you to consider treatment options for the look you want to achieve.

Brow Lift

There are a few approaches to lifting the brows, but when patients see lowering eyebrows, angry or tired eyes, and a heavily lined forehead, they often choose this procedure. Brow lifts can take years off of the appearance and rejuvenate the whole upper face.

A face lift should not be viewed with a cookie-cutter approach. There is no one just like you, and your facial surgery should reflect your individuality. Dr. Torgerson’s facelift approach offers customization with your goals in mind. He is known for making each of his patients feel included in the process and happy with their outcome. Your consultation is without obligation, so you can gather the information that you need to feel comfortable with your next step toward a refreshed, confident face. We’d love to help you begin the journey to a new you! Call today and find out what’s possible.

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