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How Can a Toronto Facelift Change Your Life?

Having a Toronto facelift is often a life-changing experience

Because the face is usually the first thing people notice about you when they meet you, feeling great about how you look will have a big impact. Also, because the face is constantly exposed to the elements, the facial skin tends to age quicker than the skin on other parts of the body. For people bothered by the visible signs of aging on their face, a facelift may be the answer to turn back the clock. Find out how a Toronto facelift can change your life . . .

Refreshing and Improving the Appearance


A facelift is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other tell-tale signs of aging. Loose and sagging skin, particularly in the jowl area, and a lack of tone in the neck and chin can add years to the appearance. As people lose fullness in their cheeks with age, this can further compound their aged appearance.

Facelifts are an attractive option to restore youth and vitality to the skin on the face as well as around the neck. By trimming and tightening the skin, a facelift restores a natural and firm appearance to the skin. When the skin begins to sag, it is often the result of facial muscles weakening over time. When these muscles weaken, deep wrinkles often form. A facelift can also help tighten those muscles, improving the overall appearance of the face and smoothing out deep wrinkles.

The act of tightening and trimming the skin also serves to improve the look of facial contours, allowing patients to enjoy a stronger jawline or more defined cheekbones. This also contributes to a youthful appearance.

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Tightening and Trimming the Skin

A Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

Patients who undergo a Toronto facelift experience a boost in self-confidence and self-image as well as a restored sense of pride in their appearance.

One of the most life-changing aspects of a face-lift is the fact that the results can last, conservatively, from 10 to 15 years. Therefore, many patients prefer the one-time procedure of a Toronto face lift rather than the constant upkeep required with non-surgical methods to reverse aging, such as fillers and Botox. As a face-lift is a significant surgical procedure, altering the look of the most visible part of your body, it is important to choose a highly skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon for the job who specializes in the head and neck.

Dr.Torgerson is renowned as an industry leader when it comes to facial plastic surgery. At his facial cosmetic surgery clinic located in downtown Toronto, facelift treatments are tailored to a patient’s schedule. In-depth consultations providing detailed information on what to expect can help patients make a fully informed decision to undergo this life-changing experience at the hands of one of the best facial plastic surgeons.

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

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