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Neck Lift Surgery

Part of the aging process involves the breakdown of collagen in our skin, which results in its loss of elasticity.

Sagging and drooping skin under the chin can occur, causing the “turkey neck” syndrome. Neck lift surgery addresses this area of concern and is sometimes called double chin surgery. Double chins can be hereditary or, in some cases, the result of overeating. This surgery is able to restore an aesthetically pleasing profile, a more defined jawline, and a natural-looking neckline. Some candidates choose this type of surgery rather than a full facelift if they’ve developed a double chin and loose jowls but their face is still youthful. At a private consultation with Dr. Cory Torgerson at his Toronto cosmetic clinic, he will be able to assess whether necklift surgery or a facelift is best to achieve the results you desire.

Reduce “Muscle Banding”

Two Specific Procedures

Neck lift surgery involves two specific procedures: a cervicoplasty, which removes excess fat, and a platysmaplasty, which tightens loose neck muscles. When a double chin is reduced, it results in a turkey neck if the muscles are not tightened too. Both procedures are necessary to accomplish the optimum goal of neck lift surgery. When the muscles are tightened, it also reduces “muscle banding”, the horizontal wrinkles across the neck that naturally occur with age.

Dr. Torgerson’s plastic surgery centre has been fully approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario as a private out-of-hospital operating facility. You need to be under general anaesthetic if you choose neck lift surgery. Dr. Torgerson’s highly experienced operating staff will ensure your comfort and safety from the beginning of your 90-minute operation to its completion.

Remove Excess Fat

Rejuvenate The Entire Face

Excess fat is drained by making small incisions behind each ear and usually one underneath the chin. This incision is made as close to the chin bone as possible so it is hidden from view. Neck muscles and underlying tissues are tightened, and if necessary, excess sagging skin is removed during surgery. Bruising and swelling can be expected afterwards, and sometimes the patient will need to wear a neck bandage or a neck strap for the first 4 to 5 days. Visible bruising will be gone after 1 week, but neck lift surgery usually requires 2weeks of downtime before returning to work. It is normal for the neck to feel tight for several weeks or even a couple of months afterwards due to the muscles being tightened.

The entire face can look rejuvenated after necklift surgery, as the restoration of the jaw and neckline produces more balance and harmony with all other facial features. It is extremely important to choose a facial plastic surgeon who not only has experience with head and neck surgery, but who also has an aesthetic eye for beauty. Dr. Torgerson is a respected head and neck surgeon (otolaryngologist) and has also achieved certification as a facial cosmetic surgeon. With experience in both of these genres, he will help you achieve the optimum results that you are looking for and is your best choice for neck lift surgery.

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