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“Knowledge is power” is a well-known saying, and that holds true in the facial cosmetic industry.

More than ever before, information is now available to offset the effects of aging and to maintain healthy skin and a vibrant complexion. It is common knowledge that caring for our skin at an early age helps combat the onset of wrinkles and lines. Because skin is our largest organ, it cannot be overlooked as unimportant. Dr. Cory Torgerson recommends that a proper skin-care regimen be implemented in the early twenties and maintained throughout a person’s life. He feels so strongly about this that his facial cosmetic centre in Yorkville, Toronto, offers the entire line of Alyria skin care products. Dr. Torgerson believes Alyria is one of the most advanced skin-optimizing systems available on the market.

Tested And Approved By Skin Care Physicians And Dermatologists

The Most Effective Formulas

Alyria’s founder was extremely interested in marrying the “science” of skin and how it functioned with the art of skin care. The union has been successful and has resulted in a Canadian product that for several decades has offered the highest quality ingredients with the latest technology. Alyria’s labs combine the most effective formulas in every product to target the health of your skin, enabling clients to achieve a natural and radiant appearance. Every new product is tested and approved by skin care physicians and dermatologists, which is why Alyria is the brand Dr. Torgerson recommends as your number one option.

Some may wonder why Alyria is not offered in the beauty section at regular pharmacies. Canadian law stipulates the percentage of active ingredients that can be sold over the counter. That amount is much lower at a pharmacy than the law allows to be sold by professional physician’s offices. Active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid, and vitamins K, A, and C are much more concentrated in Alyria products, and that is why purchasing this optimum line is available only at physician’s offices like Dr. Torgerson’s private facial cosmetic centre.

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Cleansers, Sunscreen, Exfoliating And Hydrating Creams, Wrinkle Correction Products, And Retinol Night Complex And Eye Serum

Maintaining Your New Look

After receiving facial cosmetic surgery or any other non-surgical procedure such as laser treatments or dermal fillers, it only makes sense to maintain your fabulous new look by incorporating Alyria’s skincare products into your daily routine. Their product line includes several types of cleansers, sunscreen, exfoliating and hydrating creams, wrinkle correction products, and retinol night complex and eye serum. Alyria has introduced complexion-lightening cream as well as anti-dark circle eye cream that reduces the appearance of dark circles by as much as 59%!

Alyria’s products have a patented time release system that not only hydrates, but also promotes deep tissue repair and protects collagen fibers. The benefits include a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, a decrease in the size of skin pores, and a beautiful, even skin tone.

Now that you have the knowledge, you are able to maintain and preserve your youthful appearance by purchasing the complete line of Alyria skin-optimizing products at Dr. Torgerson’s facial cosmetic clinic in downtown Toronto or even online through his website.

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