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Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto Has Advanced in Surprising Ways

In recent years, facial cosmetic surgery in Toronto has seen some interesting advances that are allowing facelifts to look more natural than ever.

In the world of cosmetic surgery, trends and techniques are constantly evolving. One of the most common concerns among facelift patients is that they could end up with obvious and unnatural-looking results. Although this was a valid concern in the past, modern facelift techniques are much less aggressive and focus on more subtle and natural-looking results as opposed to a plasticky, “done” look. Rather than trying to make a patient’s face look completely different, modern facelifts aim to simply restore a youthful look by subtly addressing the visible signs of aging.

Natural-Looking Results

Surgical Techniques

Although using Botox and filler is a common practice in facial cosmetics to add volume to an aging face, it can result in a bloated and unnatural look when overdone. As the emphasis has shifted to more natural-looking results in recent years, surgeons are using Botox and filler more conservatively than before.

The surgical techniques used to support and elevate the face have also evolved with the recent trends. Traditionally, facial surgeons would pull the facial skin tight and then trim away the excess skin. The results of this type of procedure were often the pulled back and unnatural look that most patients want to avoid today. Most patients considering facial cosmetic surgery in Toronto are looking for extremely subtle results where it is almost impossible to pinpoint what is different about them except that they look better. To achieve this, surgeons are now using varying incision lengths and sizes, depending on the patient’s facial features, to actually reposition the facial features to where they originally sat.

How to Avoid a Lumpy Look?

Selecting a Highly Skilled Surgeon

The advances in facial cosmetic surgery have also extended to the neck and hairline area to help make the results look more cohesive. One of the most telltale features of a poorly executed facelift is a lumpy look along the neck and jawline. To avoid this, a skilled surgeon will determine the right amount of liposuction to use in the neck area so that the skin looks smooth and natural.

For the hairline, there is now an increased focus on designing the incisions so as to not disturb the natural hairline. In doing so, surgeons can avoid yet another telltale sign of a bad facelift: an unnatural-looking hairline.

Despite the advanced techniques being used today, the only real way to ensure that you are getting the most natural-looking results is by selecting a highly skilled surgeon. Choose a surgeon who has had specialized training in facelift surgery so that they have the necessary training and experience to provide optimal results. When it comes to facial cosmetic surgery in Toronto, Dr. Cory Torgerson is renowned. As a highly trained facial plastic surgeon, he is one of the few doctors in Canada to have his MD, PhD, and FRCSC. As a result, his years of experience with a focus on the head and neck area have allowed him to hone his ability to provide the most natural-looking outcomes.

To find out more about how you can benefit from facial cosmetic surgery, we welcome you to contact our Yorkville clinic to set up a private consultation.

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