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Ethnic Hair Transplant

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. There are more nationalities living in harmony here than in any other nation.

Thousands of people worldwide have been delighted with the changes in their appearance after receiving a hair transplant with the state-of-the-art FUE NeoGraft system. The results are long lasting, not only with their hair, but also with their youthful appearance and restored self-confidence. Not everyone’s hair is the same, but NeoGraft’s patented technology is able to provide perfect results, no matter what type of hair is being transplanted.

Hair transplants successfully performed on every ethnic group

Ethnic Group Hair Transplantation

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. There are more nationalities living in harmony here than in any other nation. Dr. Cory Torgerson is pleased to offer his facial cosmetic services in such a diverse mosaic of cultures. Hair transplants can be successfully performed on every ethnic group:

Asian, African American, Persian, or Hispanic, to name a few. It is the aim of our private surgery centre in Yorkville to be sensitive to the inherent hair characteristics that each ethnicity possesses.

Persian and Hispanic hair is typically very thick and coarse. Their natural hair line is different than western cultures, requiring the talented aesthetic eye of Dr. Torgerson to design a natural-looking line.

African Americans have curly, dense hair with darker shafts. Their hair grows at different angles, requiring precision when transplanting. Asian hair is often very straight and thick.

If the person’s skin colour is pale, implanted hair must also be placed in the proper direction to mimic the hair’s natural growth pattern.

NeoGraft Patented Micro-Surgical Instrument


Every culture requires their hair to be transplanted in a unique way, and using the NeoGraft patented micro-surgical instrument, this is possible.

Not only are the hairs of each ethnicity unique, but each group has distinct hairlines, which requires transplanted hair to be placed meticulously in order to maintain natural lines. Dr. Torgerson would be able to design a hairline that meets your needs without compromising your distinct, cultural facial characteristics.

No matter what type of hair, the FUE NeoGraft transplant system operates the same. Groups of hair follicles are removed quickly and easily from the back of the head, then repositioned immediately into sparse areas. There is no longer any need to undergo the painful strip method, where long pieces of scalp were removed from the back of the head, then transplanted to the balding areas. The NeoGraft method is much more comfortable for the patient, leaving no linear scarring and requiring very little to no downtime. Recovery from an ethnic hair transplant is the same.

There is no difference in price for an ethnic hair transplant, and the number of grafts necessary is determined on an individual basis. Hair density, the area needing to be covered, and the amount of hair loss are all considerations taken into account for each person, no matter what their ethnic background.

Are You Considering A Hair Transplant?

Booking a consultation at Dr. Torgerson’s private surgical facility in Yorkville will enable you to discuss your concerns as well as have your questions answered about what possibilities an ethnic hair transplant could offer you.

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