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Asian Rhinoplasty

The aim of rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is to reconstruct a nose that looks natural but has the qualities the patient is looking for.

Conducting a nose job on people of varying ethnicities can be complicated because of how their natural nasal structure might compare to the results that they’re striving for. Asian rhinoplasty differs from European rhinoplasty and from African-American rhinoplasty because of the characteristics of ethnic features, but also because of the anatomy of facial tissue.

Asian facial cartilage tends to be weaker, meaning it cannot stand up to extreme changes in reconstruction


There are various techniques for performing Asian rhinoplasty, some of which include silicone and other foreign implants, some of which use ear cartilage, and some which reshape existing nasal cartilage.

While most European and African-American rhinoplasty surgeries aim to reduce the nose size, Asian rhinoplasty often seeks to enlarge certain aspects of it. Many Asian noses are fairly flat at the bridge, so a rhinoplasty might target heightening the bridge to raise the nose.

Other alterations commonly made to Asian noses are defining the tip or narrowing the nostrils (although this depends on the individual’s natural nostrils). Many Asian noses have less defined tips than people of other ethnicities, so they often want a more accentuated nasal tip.

As with other ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, it’s important that the reconstructed nose is still consistent with natural facial features of an individual. Techniques commonly used for European reconstructions may be problematic on Asian nose jobs. The facial plastic surgeon needs to have detailed familiarity with the nasal anatomy and how to alter it so it won’t look out of harmony with ethnic features. The final product needs to look natural, not like it was reconstructed, and certainly not fake.

Dr. Torgerson is a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon with years of expertise operating on people of various ethnic backgrounds


Rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Torgerson’s specialties, and he operates regularly in his own government-approved Toronto Surgical Facility.

Many people find their first rhinoplasty left them with undesired results. Rhinoplasty can take up to a year to reveal it’s final shape. Therefore, in the event of a poorly done surgery, many Asian rhinoplasty patients find themselves seeking revisions. That may be because their results aren’t as dramatic as they wanted; because they’re overdone or don’t match ethnic characteristics well. In these instances, it’s crucial to find a surgeon who knows how to perform the surgery right the first time. Dr. Torgerson understands the issues many Asians have with their natural noses, and he knows how to properly enhance the tissue to appear natural, yet have all the desired qualities a patient is seeking.

Getting a nose job should increase self-esteem and confidence, with facial features the patient is happy to show off. That’s why patients consult Dr. Torgerson to discuss exactly what they want from surgery, and together create a plan to achieve the desired look.
After the procedure, there will be swelling and even some discomfort, but once inflammation resolves, the patient will be pleased with their new nose and can present a confident image. If you’d like to schedule an Asian Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Torgerson, please contact our office today!

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