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Can You Change Perceptions of Attractiveness And Success with A Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Does a straighter, more refined or proportionate nose really affect how attractive someone appears?

According to a web-based survey published by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, the answer is, yes. In Toronto, rhinoplasty is an elective, nasal surgical procedure designed to reshape, resize or otherwise alter the appearance of the nose. What many surgeons and their clients have known intuitively for decades is that the nose plays a dominant role in the overall facial characteristics of a person. A nose that is a little too big, crooked, droopy can not only cause the owner to fixate, but other people notice these defining characteristics as well. The interesting thing is that the study showed people who viewed before and after photos of rhinoplasties perceived those who had work done as more prosperous, healthier and attractive. There appears to be something about ideal facial harmony that improves a person’s entire ‘look.’

An ideal-looking nose

Making A Difference To One’s Appearance

Rhinoplasty is an ever-popular cosmetic procedure sought out by clients of all ages for a variety of reasons. While men and women may undergo a nasal surgery to improve breathing and reduce snoring, quite often there are visible aspects of the nose that patients want to change, either in conjunction with a septum repair or just for aesthetic reasons. For some, the appearance of their nose bothers them so much that at a young age they decide they will undergo plastic surgery to correct what they perceive as a problem. Most cosmetic surgeons will wait until at least the late teens before providing elective surgery to someone because they may be growing still. The nose continues to change for young men and women until roughly age 18-19. While virtually any area of a person’s body may bother them and cause them to seek improvements, the location of one’s nose in the middle of the face can make dissatisfaction with that feature feel like a more urgent issue to correct, so many patients tend to be younger, rather than older people.

Does it mean everyone can expect the same, fantastic results from his or her Toronto rhinoplasty surgery?

Undergoing A Rhinoplasty

The study by Dr. Lisa E. Ishii,and her coauthors surveyed 473 people online who were shown images of 13 different patients, without being informed about their particular surgery status. Each patient had only one picture of themselves presented, whether pre or post-nose job. The surveyors who assessed the photos found those who had undergone a rhinoplasty appeared healthier overall, were believed to be more successful and scored much higher on an attractiveness scale. It’s also worth noting that the limitations of this study are significant since the observers only saw optimal nasal surgery results and they did not represent a broad spectrum of people and perspectives. Most of the 473 people surveyed were white women. Regardless, conclusions drawn from the experiment suggest that people who undergo rhinoplasty in Toronto might experience better social interactions, and even improved romantic or career prospects because they present not just an ideal-looking nose, but an overall better-looking person, after surgery.

Choose your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon carefully

Set Realistic Expectations For Yourself And Your Outcome

Noses are as unique as people and this type of procedureis a complex, sub-specialty of plastic surgery. The reality is that with all the variables in anatomy and healing, plus a variety of different surgeons, skillsets,and techniques, surgical outcomes are difficult to predict. There are a few things you can do when planning your own facial transformation to ensure you have the best possible expert doing the work and the highest likelihood of being satisfied with your outcome. It matters what your surgeon’s preferred practice area is. While you may be choosing from a range of renowned cosmetic surgeons who have reputations for delivering beautiful results, you must ask yourself what area they each work in most often. After all, someone who performs 500 breast augmentations per year, but only one rhinoplasty, will not have sufficient expertise in your chosen procedure, no matter how great their BA results!

How to prevent disappointment?

Benefits of The Procedure

It’s true that practice makes perfect and since nasal surgery is such a complex field, a practitioner must have extensive, additional training in facial cosmetic surgery and considerable, consistent time spent working on noses. Some cosmetic surgeons only focus on the face and nose because these complex surgeries require such dedication to perform very well. If you want the best, select an expert whose work reflects consistent results and a style that appeals to you. One of the best ways to prevent disappointment is to not approach any cosmetic procedure with the expectation that it will change your life. While studies may suggest that people appear more attractive after this type of surgery, multiple factors influence not only your physical appearance but also how you present yourself, your confidence and attitude to the world. A cosmetic procedure cannot cure depression, fix life’s problems, restore a relationship or ultimately make you happy. In fact, a wise surgeon will ask questions to ensure that you are emotionally stable, generally healthy and happy before seeking a change to your appearance. They know that the process of undergoing surgical procedures can be stressful and challenging so you should be in ideal shape and otherwise satisfied with yourself at the start. The realization that perfection cannot be guaranteed is also critical. An ethical surgeon will tell you candidly what can and cannot be changed. You can’t, for instance, have someone else’s nose. Each person is limited by their own features and existing tissue so that improvement, balance and facial harmony is achievable, but a dramatically different nose may not be. During your consultation, your surgeon will explain to you what can be improved about your nose and what outcomes you can expect. As you set your sites on a realistic result and plan to be patient with recovery, you ensure that you’re a more satisfied patient and truly experience the benefits this procedure has to offer. If you’re considering the ways this procedure may change your appearance, we welcome you to come talk to Dr. Torgerson and find out how a nose job can change the way you look and feel.

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