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How to Choose a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon might seem like a daunting task

The initial step is to choose someone who is not only certified and has the right credentials, but who has experience. A facial plastic surgeon who is accredited and has a successful history of satisfied rhinoplasty patients adds up to a good beginning in your search.

It is the surgeon’s responsibility to examine not only your nose, but also your facial structure and its proportions

The Importance of Consultation

The second step in choosing the right facial plastic surgeon is to book a consultation. You will be able to discuss the concerns you have with your nose and the results you hope to achieve after rhinoplasty surgery. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to examine not only your nose, but also your facial structure and its proportions. Your face will probably be measured as well. The goal is to bring balance between all the features, because a natural-looking nose is the most favourable option. A good facial plastic surgeon will explain the choices that are available to you, discuss any risks or complications that might arise, and make sure that your expectations are realistic. The goal is to choose a top surgeon that will improve your natural look rather than make you look like your favourite movie star.

If you choose to proceed with the rhinoplasty, a second pre-surgery appointment will be scheduled. Here it is important for you to disclose all medical information that you may have missed on your initial medical history forms. Current medications, drug allergies, previous surgeries, smoking, or drug use should all be divulged. What to expect throughout the procedure and during the healing process should be explained, and all applicable consent forms will be signed, so you have complete understanding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions . . . knowledge alleviates anxiety!

Dr. Cory Torgerson is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Why Choose Dr. Cory Torgerson?

Your decision will involve learning about the private surgery centre where your facial plastic surgery operation will take place. Is it accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)? Do you feel comfortable in its surroundings? How does the facial plastic surgeon’s staff interact with you? Are you treated with respect, or are you simply a number?

Finally, it is essential for you to feel comfortable with the surgeon and confident in their capability to perform the rhinoplasty surgery. By this time, you should have established a rapport with him/her and have complete confidence that they are your best choice.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Following more than 10 years in surgical training, he is one of Canada’s top Facial Plastic Surgeons with extensive experience and a solid reputation. His expertise is acclaimed across North America, and he has been a keynote speaker at training institutes and conferences teaching other surgeons. A “nose job” has been identified as the most difficult of any facial plastic surgery, but Dr. Torgerson is so qualified in this genre that it has become his specialty. For people who are not pleased with the results of a previous rhinoplasty, he also specializes in revision rhinoplasty surgery (also known as secondary rhinoplasty). He will be happy to show you before and after photos of rhinoplasty clients, resulting in definite excitement about your new look and confidence in his surgical ability!

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