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Nose Reshaping Before and After Photos on Smartphones: Can You Trust Them?

Checking out Toronto nose reshaping before and after photos is a critical part of procedure planning, right? Of course you want to see what kind of results you could get (and which ones you plan to avoid at all costs). Celebrity nose reshaping stories abound on the social media platforms that have taken over our lives. From the Real Housewives to Beyoncé, nose jobs are a hot topic. You’ll find no shortage of photo evidence. That’s good, right? But when those photos are on smartphones, can you trust them?

The average person can find plenty of sources for nose job pictures, but how can they properly determine which photos are genuine and which ones are faketastic? If you’re more than a little skeptical about the smartphone pictures you come across, you’re right to be so. You’re aware that you look at least a little different in real life than in your filtered portraits, so can you count on those types of images to show the real benefits of nose reshaping in Toronto? Can you even tell which pictures you scroll past are taken on phones versus in a rhinoplasty surgeon’s office with no pixel manipulation?

Nose Reshaping Before and After Results

Selfies, Portraits, or Professional Evidence

The best new phones have cameras that rival the most expensive professional equipment available to professional photographers just a few years ago. Aside from automatically removing red eye and other blemishes (positive airbrushing), the culture may alter your selfies in certain ways such as slimmer jawlines, bigger eyes, and airbrushed skin, depending on your geographical region.

Smartphones have democratized photography for billions of regular people who want to document their Toronto nose-reshaping journey, but that poses a problem.

When you type “nose reshaping before and after photos” into your search engine, you won’t just turn up facial plastic surgeon patient galleries, but a slew of amateur selfies too. Dr. Cory Torgerson, rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, recommends that you don’t put too much weight on the pictures you see that appear to be self-taken. Instead, look for quality surgeon pre- and post-op pics and a few consistent markers to tell you whether they are legit.


Quality rhinoplasty before and after photos share the following characteristics:

The lighting is consistent. All pictures should have a consistent light source that allows you to see details well such as redness, scarring, or swelling. The light shouldn’t be centered in just one spot so that it casts distorting shadows. The pre and post pictures should have the exact same light.

The background is consistent. If one picture is taken outside and the other indoors or they have different backgrounds, it can be distracting. It will be difficult to keep the light consistent on nose reshaping results, and it may be hard to evaluate fairly.

The distance of the patient from the camera must be consistent. Seeing a patient farther away in one picture and closer in another makes it challenging, if not impossible, to compare the noses.

The angle should be the same. Toronto nose-reshaping photos will usually be taken from the front, side profile, and a ¾ view. You may see bird’s eye (from above) or worm’s eye (from under the nose looking up) views presented as well. Whichever angle you see in the pre photo must be matched in the after.

Can smartphones change the size of your nose?

Toronto nose reshaping patients sometimes seek reductive procedures because they feel like their nose is too big. It may be correct that their facial proportions will improve with a nose job. However, they may not realize that facial photos taken up close with a smartphone can make a nose appear bigger. Recent studies have highlighted this phenomenon that many people are experiencing daily without even knowing it.

Within roughly 3 feet, pictures taken of yourself by yourself are generally distorted. The face can appear narrower and the nose larger. Up to 30% larger! Imagine how many people are seeking nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto because they’re convinced that their nose looks huge. It may appear that way in all of your pictures, but what’s the source of most of those pics? That’s an important question to answer. Rest assured, your experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will evaluate you, take measurements, and hear your concerns, then let you know what your actual facial proportions are.

Now that you know the secret of nose-growing smartphones, keep that in mind when you view rhinoplasty results online and see pre-photos in the form of selfies.

Nose Reshaping Toronto

What’s the smartest way to plan nose reshaping in Toronto?

Enjoy browsing before and after pictures online before your consultation. You can even select a few favourite “wish noses” to bring your surgeon for review. The journey toward your own transformation really begins when you meet your surgeon in person the first time.

Your consultation at Dr. Torgerson’s cosmetic surgery practice is completely free of obligation. We welcome people seeking information and advice to come in and learn all they can about nose reshaping from Dr. Torgerson, a rhinoplasty specialist. He’ll use Vectra 3D imaging to help you visualize your potential result. He’ll listen to your concerns and goals, and then create an entirely personalized plan for treatment. With advanced training in otolaryngology as well as head and neck surgery and specialized in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Torgerson is a well-respected and sought-after surgeon for nose reshaping in Toronto. He’ll provide images of his satisfied patients for you to review in office and help you appreciate all the beautiful possibilities that can be achieved with natural, custom nose surgery. Contact us today and let’s begin.

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