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Nose (Rhinoplasty) Surgery

Nose surgery is called rhinoplasty in medical terms and is the top facial plastic surgery procedure performed in the world

An individual may consider nose surgery when they feel that their nose is not in balanced proportion to the rest of the face, being either too large or too small. Another consideration may be if there is a nasal hump on the bridge of the nose or if the nasal tip is too elevated, wide, or drooping and in need of a lift. Rhinoplasty can also be helpful to correct breathing problems resulting from irregularities, such as a deviated septum, within a patient’s nose. These types of structural problems in the bone and cartilage of the nose can cause restricted and congested breathing issues. A rhinoplasty combined with a septoplasty can correct these problems.

Improve The Appearance Of Their Nose & Overall Facial Features

Reasons For A Rhinoplasty Surgery

Some other common reasons that make an individual a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery are if the patient has a nose that is out of alignment, badly shaped, or crooked due to a birth defect, an accident, or an incident. Patients may also simply desire a rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of their nose and overall facial features. It is important that perfection is not the goal, but simply an achievable, realistic, and natural-looking improvement. Nose surgery is an investment of time for the 1 to 2 weeks of recovery, plus it takes time for the subtleties of the new nasal look to appear as swelling continues to dissipate and the structure continues to settle over the next several months. Because of this, it is not wise to consider rhinoplasty if you have gone through some emotional and stressful times recently. It takes time to adjust to your new look, and being in the right place physically, emotionally, and mentally is very important.

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a properly performed rhinoplasty will result in a nose that better compliments and balances a patient’s facial features

Increase Your Confidence With Rhinoplasty

If the prospective patient has any of these nasal imperfections or considerations, is in good health, is mentally fit and stable, and has attainable expectations, then he or she will be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Following nose surgery, there will be some swelling and bruising, but once this has subsided, a properly performed rhinoplasty will result in a nose that better compliments and balances a patient’s facial features.

If nose surgery has been something that you have been considering, it is definitely worthwhile to look into it further. Rhinoplasty reshapes your nose, improving angles, removing bumps, and corrects any issues with the nasal tip. It is one of the best facial plastic surgery procedures proven to increase confidence and to have a significant impact on a patient’s self-image.

Please schedule a consult with Dr. Torgerson today if you are interested in finding out more. A nose surgery consult will provide you information on how rhinoplasty is performed, the qualifications that Dr. Torgerson has as a rhinoplasty expert, the treatment plan and goals uniquely tailored to you and your needs, how to prepare for the nose job, the aftercare and recovery process, the associated costs, the limitations, and the risks as well as other patient rhinoplasty before and after photos.

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