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Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Toronto Share the Best Tips to Get You Ready for a Nose Job

Toronto rhinoplasty surgeons are some of the best in the world. When you’ve decided it’s time for a nose job, you’ll likely put much thought into choosing the right expert. After all, rhinoplasty before and after results are forever. You’re right to consider the vital research and planning that goes into rhinoplasty.

Dr. Torgerson is a leading facial plastic surgeon and specializes in this challenging and rewarding procedure. We’ve gathered some of his favourite tips and suggestions regarding essential planning for your best outcome.

Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Here are a few steps that rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto will usually suggest to help you prepare for your own surgery:

  • Search for a rhinoplasty specialist in your area
  • Schedule an in-person consultation
  • Make sure you have realistic expectations and are in good health
  • Schedule both the rhinoplasty surgery and the recovery time

Let’s look at these rhinoplasty surgeon’s suggestions

Dr. Cory Torgerson

1. Search for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto
It’s ideal to find a facial plastic surgeon who devotes a significant amount of their practice to this area. The best plastic surgeon in Toronto who focuses solely on breasts or bottoms won’t necessarily have the complex knowledge and expertise in facial surgery that you need.

The changes made during a nasal surgery are intended to be precise, both subtle and impactful. We suggest that you review rhinoplasty before and after photos, find out how often your surgeon performs this operation, and ensure that they’re accredited with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

2. Schedule a rhinoplasty consultation
You’ll need to sit down with your surgeon in person. Attempting to plan for your procedure with a long-distance consult or to meet with a coordinator instead of the operating surgeon isn’t advised. Dr. Cory Torgerson meets one-on-one with each potential client. The initial meeting is a chance to ask your questions, understand the procedure in-depth, and make sure that you feel comfortable. However, it’s also essential for your surgeon to meet you. They need to see you, examine your nose, and talk about your overall health and your aesthetic goals. This appointment is so important. You might even want to have more than one and compare notes before deciding.
3. Health and expectations before a nose surgery
If you have a medical issue that impairs healing or a condition that could interfere with the anaesthesia, your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon will need to know about it for your safety. They’ll advise you to avoid smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, and even certain supplements or herbal formulas could be contraindicated. In the weeks before your rhinoplasty, you’ll be asked to avoid aspirin, Advil, alcohol, any other blood-thinning medications, and nicotine. Planning a rhinoplasty surgery is serious, and you ought to be in ideal health to ensure an optimal outcome. Talk to your surgeon about nutritional planning or supplements that you can add before the OR day such as protein and vitamin C.

Are your expectations healthy? This is a crucial factor for satisfaction with outcomes. The key with any cosmetic surgery is that the patient must understand that it’s not about perfection. You can’t have a “perfect” nose, and you can’t have someone else’s, unfortunately. What you can have is a measurable improvement, decreased abnormalities or issues, and a more refined, balanced, and proportionate nose. If your nose is crooked, your rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto can make it straighter. If it is large, they can make it smaller. Noses are slimmed, upturned, reshaped, and rejuvenated. Patients are happiest with their outcomes when they think in terms of these improvements, not an unattainable idea of “perfect”.

4. Schedule your rhinoplasty surgery and ample recovery time after
It’s true that Dr. Torgerson’s rhinoplasty patients often state that they have minimal discomfort afterward. Their issue is primarily swelling and pressure in the face. These are temporary, and most people feel significantly better after one week. You might be tempted to take only one week off. People whose work and home life are hectic and students who don’t want to miss classes often try to squeeze a rhinoplasty recovery into a limited time. Rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto don’t recommend rushing your way back to regular activities. 2 weeks is a more realistic amount of time off, and of course, more is better. Here’s why.

You’ll need to avoid bending over, lifting anything heavy, working out, and any other strenuous actions for a few weeks following your procedure. That means you may need help around the house, and if your work is physically demanding, you’ll need to modify your responsibilities for a time.

Additionally, even though you might feel surprisingly good, you’ll be swollen and bruised for roughly 14 days. The bridge of the nose, cheeks, and under eyes are often puffy, and you’ll have a bandage over your nose for 1 to 2 weeks. Most people like to hide out at home until most of the obvious inflammation has resolved, and that’s the magic 2-week mark. We find that planning your procedure when it’s convenient and beneficial to you works best along with a realistic expectation of downtime afterwards.

Keep in mind: full rhinoplasty recovery time requires patience. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will tell you to expect the new nose to take shape within a month or two. You’ll see much improvement by then, but the delicate nasal tissue holds on to residual swelling for a long while, and you’ll need several months before you’re ready for the final after photos.

Being well prepared for any cosmetic procedure usually results in ideal outcomes. You can feel free to ask as many questions as you need and take your time with the planning so you feel entirely comfortable.

Consult with Dr. Cory Torgerson

As one of the leading facial plastic surgeons in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Torgerson has an approach to rhinoplasty that is innovative and highly personalized. Drawing on the highest level of facial and nasal plastic surgery experience, he can create beautifully enhanced noses for patients of all ages and backgrounds. We welcome you to visit us for your consultation. Let’s talk about the exciting possibilities that await you.

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