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Saddle Nose Deformity

A Saddle Nose Deformity is a type of nasal deformity that received its name because the person’s nasal profile is concave, similar to a saddle.

The bridge of the nose has collapsed, causing it to be flat in appearance. Medically, this is known as a depressed nasal dorsum. The most common cause of saddle nose is due to an impact, but it can also be caused from cocaine abuse and other medical conditions such as congenital syphilis and polychondritis (a nasal cartilage condition).

Resore breathing and make your nasal airways function normally again

Boxer or Pug Nose

Whether it is due to trauma or another condition, the result is a loss of nasal height, because the bone and cartilage have been affected. This compromises nasal support, can cause airway obstruction, and lastly, alters a person’s appearance. Saddle nose deformity causes the top half of the nose to look flat but creates a bulbous tip and a recessed upper lip. This is why it is also known as a boxer nose or pug nose.

No matter what the cause of saddle nose, there is no need for the candidate to despair – there are possibilities available if you are a suitable candidate. Great advances in facial plastic surgery have been made in the last 50 years, and by choosing a rhinoplasty expert such as Dr. Cory Torgerson, your nose can be reshaped and restored. Not only would correction be important for you aesthetically, but it would also help your breathing, and your nasal airways could function normally again.

The flattened nose is caused by a fractured or worn septum. This is the wall separating the two sides of the nose, which consists of fragile cartilage, bone, and soft tissues. To repair the nose, this septum must be reconstructed surgically. If there is too much damage to the septum and not enough material for the surgeon to work with, it may be necessary to use an implant. A surgical implant adds height to the bridge, reducing the flattened look, and opens up the airway.

Dr. Torgerson may have to do an endoscopic nasal examination to correctly assess the needs of the candidate

Saddle nose deformity requires the skilled Surgeon

It is necessary to book a consultation with a specialist so that the extent of the damage can be assessed and it can be determined whether the septum can be repaired or whether an implant is needed.

An implant is made of biomedical material, which interacts with living cells. Dr. Torgerson prefers to use 3D Gore-Tex implants because they incorporate well into existing tissue, which reduces the risk of shifting. He is able to customize each implant to the exact size and shape necessary to accomplish the desired result.

Saddle nose deformity requires the skill of an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat specialist) to correct breathing difficulties, as well as the talent of an experienced facial plastic surgeon to restore the nose aesthetically. Finding a surgeon with both of these qualifications in Canada is rare, but Dr. Torgerson has not only attained both certifications, he has also gained notoriety in each genre.

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