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Toronto Nose Reshaping Success: How to Overcome 5 Obstacles

When you are planning nose reshaping in Toronto, you’ll have a to-do list, a try-to-do list, and an avoid-at-all-costs list! Most people know that they need to plan ahead, research, and prepare for surgery and recovery. What they might not realize is that nose reshaping in Toronto can be a less positive experience if you’re faced with unexpected setbacks. We’ll tell you how to overcome 5 obstacles so that you have nose reshaping success.

You’ll enjoy viewing rhinoplasty before and after photos online to isolate the look you’re after and the surgical specialist you’ll choose. Those images can be helpful, but they don’t tell the whole story. How can you ensure that you’re prepared for the reality and limitations of rhinoplasty, select the best surgeon for your nose job, and have a comfortable nose-reshaping recovery? Keep reading . . .

Nose Reshaping Surgeon

Dr. Cory Torgerson

1. The Toronto nose-reshaping surgeon you choose makes a critical difference

Nose enhancement often carries a high degree of technical difficulty with it. Patients choose nose reshaping in Toronto for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes only very minor changes or invisible, functional improvements are desired. Nevertheless, regardless of how dramatic the change appears, the level of complexity within the nose can be unpredictable and require advanced skill to carry out well.

The expert you choose should be a dedicated facial surgeon who focuses their practice on the head and neck, especially the nose. The more often they carry out that procedure, the more finely tuned their skill will be.

Potential problems you could face with a poor surgeon choice include:

  • Poorly placed incisions and visible scarring
  • Delayed healing
  • Excessive removal of cartilage and bone from the nose bridge
  • Damage to the nasal tip cartilage
  • Loss of nasal structural support
  • Poor use of grafts
  • Infection or delayed healing

There are risks inherent to any procedure, and even the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto will have a small percentage of inevitable complications or unsatisfying results. This can be emotionally stressful for patients, but significant worry can be mitigated through careful planning and the deep knowledge that advanced training surgeons use to manage the issues.

An experienced facial plastic surgeon who practices a substantial number of nose jobs will provide you with complete, comprehensive instructions and details about your procedure so that you know exactly what to expect and what to do. Dr. Cory Torgerson is a Toronto nose-reshaping surgeon who believes in the benefits of patient empowerment and education. He offers consultations to listen to his patients and plan custom rhinoplasty.

2. Prevent revision nose shaping disappointment
Your Toronto nose-reshaping surgeon should have the ability to perform revision rhinoplasty as well. If you have a lingering issue from a past procedure or you’re not satisfied with your results, a surgeon who can handle any potential issues with great professionalism and talent will save you headaches.

Secondary rhinoplasty is more challenging than first-time procedures, and scar tissue or internal deformities are unpredictable to work with. Avoid winding up with disappointment after your revision by choosing a specialized facial plastic surgeon with reconstructive and revision experience.

3. Plan to take more time off than you want
Many people hear that they can be back to work after a week or two, so they take minimal time off. This is understandable, since people have busy lives and they don’t usually like to miss work or activities they love. Dr. Torgerson recommends taking a full 2 weeks, perhaps longer if your normal routine is somewhat strenuous. You won’t be permitted to work out, play sports, bend over, elevate your blood pressure, and do other physical activities until your surgeon tells you it’s safe to do so. Because your nose contains fragile bones and soft cartilage, you’ll have a cast placed over it for protection throughout the first week. Swelling, bruising around the eyes, and some bleeding from the nostrils are also expected in the first week. If you’ve jumped the gun and planned to be back to work too soon, you’ll likely be miserable, and it may be unsafe for your nose reshaping results.
4. Keep your head elevated

While healing after nose-reshaping surgery, you can expect swelling to set in within the first 24 hours. Most people describe the discomfort after rhinoplasty as facial pressure, congestion, and tightness. One thing that makes inflammation in the face more extreme is the force of gravity. If you lay flat or bend over during the first week or two, you’ll feel it. It will most likely hurt, and bending over or heavy lifting can even lead to bleeding because of the increased blood pressure it brings to the face. While sleeping at night, you’ll need to arrange your bed so that the mattress is lifted or have a solid stack of firm pillows to prop up the head and shoulders. Failing to do this can lead to prolonged swelling and discomfort. Aim for roughly a 40% angle. Don’t forget to set up another lounge area somewhere in your home so you can recover in more than one place. Do all the lifting and arranging before your surgery, and you’ll be set to come home and rest.

5. Plan to have realistic expectations for nose reshaping limitations
This factor is crucial for patient satisfaction. The patients who are the happiest with their results are typically people who have a practical understanding of what the surgery can achieve and what it can’t. Facial cosmetic surgeons can improve breathing, upturn or narrow a tip, decrease the width of the nose or nostrils, smooth away a bump, and so much more for Toronto nose reshaping patients. There are impressive improvements for facial balance and proportion attainable through nose reshaping in Toronto, yet it cannot deliver perfection. You can’t order the celebrity nose you want or have the exact same nose as another patient. There are real limits any time a person uses cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance, so understanding this as you prepare means that you’ll anticipate realistic, fabulous results, not something else.

Your consultation is the best way to prepare for avoiding obstacles and getting the most out of your nose reshaping in Toronto. We welcome you to call or write Dr. Torgerson for a consultation of your own.

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