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Toronto Nose-Reshaping Surgery: What Can It Do for You?

What can nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto accomplish for you? Well, if you’re not happy with the size, shape, or other feature of your nose, you’ll likely join the millions of men and women who have considered rhinoplasty to improve their look. Commonly referred to as a “nose job”, nose reshaping surgery is the most effective and permanent way to transform this facial feature. It’s the most invasive too.

Like any cosmetic surgery, this one comes with some risks and a required recovery period. The trade-off is well worth it for increasingly high numbers of rhinoplasty patients.

Why do people choose nose reshaping surgery in Toronto?

Here are just a handful of reasons to go this route

  • Toronto nose-reshaping surgery can straighten a crooked nose
  • Smooth a bump on the nasal bridge
  • Decrease nasal tip prominence
  • Slim and refine a bulbous nose tip
  • Narrow the nose
  • Reduce nasal flare
  • Turn up a droopy tip
  • Restore a uniform shape after injury
  • Build up a low or flat radix
  • Reconstruct the nose

The options for nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto are as unique as you!

Septoplasty describes the procedure that clears nasal passages through septum correction. It’s not technically a rhinoplasty, but it is often combined with aesthetic changes for an all-around improvement. Nasal reshaping surgery provides an excellent opportunity to straighten passages and improve any breathing occlusion that exists.

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Are you interested in nose reshaping to balance your facial features?

Nose Reshaping Toronto

The nose is so central to the face that deviations in symmetry or small size increments can have a significant visual impact.

The goal of any professional rhinoplasty should be to create a nose that suits the patient’s unique characteristics and overall look.

Nose-reshaping surgery can enhance the shape, size, or symmetry of your nose, improving your facial proportion. When undertaken by a highly trained and specialized facial plastic surgeon, nose reshaping surgery can transform appearances with very natural results.

How are changes made to the nose through surgery?

The nasal structures include cartilage, bone, and skin. This tissue can be excised and partially removed, or new tissue can be added. Rhinoplasty surgeons use nasal implants made from the patient’s ear or rib cartilage and sometimes reposition material within the nose. They can also add medical-grade synthetic implants if required.

The patient is put entirely to sleep for nose reshaping surgery. Toronto facial surgeons typically use a general anaesthetic for this procedure, as it is invasive and in-depth. Very precise alterations measured in millimetres must be done extremely carefully, so having a patient asleep is ideal. The operation takes between 2 and 4 hours on average, depending on what changes are being made within the nose.

Incisions can be made entirely within the nostrils or between them at the base of the upper lip. In either case, rhinoplasty scars are rarely visible.

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You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

Rhinoplasty Recovery

After nose-reshaping surgery in Toronto, you can count on roughly 1 week of resting at home and another week following that with some bruising and swelling. Most of that inflammation will be resolved by the 2-week mark, so many people choose to return to work or school at that time.

After your rhinoplasty with Dr. Torgerson, your nose may be covered with a splint temporarily. You may also have soft packing material in each nostril for the first few days, but you’ll return to the office to have that removed at one of your initial follow-up appointments.

For 1 to 2 weeks, you won’t likely be able to appreciate the improvements made. However, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in swelling within the first 14 days or so. Then it will be exciting to watch your new nose take shape. Typically, most normal activities can be resumed by 3 weeks, as long as they don’t put your nose at risk of impact. Your facial plastic surgeon will advise you to stay away from strenuous workouts, sports, and some other actions until your nose is safe from the risk of bleeding or other damage.

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

Nose Reshaping

Are you a good candidate for nose reshaping?

In Toronto, nose-reshaping surgery is a top choice for men and women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. While there is no specific age requirement, physically the nose should be fully developed, which often means waiting until the late teens before going ahead with the surgery. Overall health should be good, and the patient should have realistic expectations for what the procedure can achieve.

Nose-reshaping surgery is permanent

The results of rhinoplasty are forever. That’s part of the appeal, and it’s why people choose to fix their cosmetic issues once and for all with nose reshaping surgery in Toronto. The permanence of your outcome also means that you’ll want to be extra vigilant about choosing an experienced and dedicated rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Torgerson’s qualifications place him in high demand for clients and colleagues as a rhinoplasty expert. He tailors nose reshaping treatment plans to each individual, so no two procedures are exactly alike. Your consultation will involve a discussion about your goals and questions, an assessment of your nose, and detailed feedback regarding available choices.

You’re welcome to a consultation

Dr. Torgerson will prepare you for the entire nose surgery process, including nose job recovery, rhinoplasty cost, the risks, and the benefits. When you visit our clinic, you can browse nose reshaping before and after photos and talk about your next steps.

Facial cosmetic surgery can be very rewarding and deliver high value in confidence and improved self-image. If the appearance of your nose troubles you, improving it could benefit you in multiple ways. Come find out why nose-reshaping surgery is a patient favourite. We look forward to meeting you.

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