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Toronto’s Nose-Reshaping Secrets: Why It’s Getting Harder to Tell Who’s Had Nose Jobs

What are the latest “need to know” Toronto nose-reshaping secrets? You might have noticed; it’s getting harder to tell who’s had a nose job. If you haven’t noticed, you’re probably seeing subtle results all the time without realizing it. You might assume that body positivity and embracing the natural would translate to a decline in facial cosmetic surgery. However, the reality in Toronto is that nose reshaping has evolved along with aesthetic goals and expectations. And it’s more in demand than ever.

There’s no longer a high demand for “Barbie perfect” nose reshaping. Most people agree that the best nose job results don’t make it obvious that a surgery has taken place. While there are a few well-known celebrities targeting the “I’ve had work done” look, most patients would still rather look like themselves.

Rhinoplasty experts know that there is no one-nose-fits-all approach to nose reshaping. They understand how to achieve proportionate improvements without detracting from features that make you uniquely you.

Advancements of modern nose reshaping in Toronto make it harder to tell who’s had nose jobs. Here’s an overview of how far advanced surgical techniques have come as well as valuable information regarding a non-surgical option that can provide stunning results.

Nose-reshaping Toronto

Toronto nose-reshaping goals have changed over the years

Rhinoplasty in the 20th century was often done to correct perceived imperfections based on Eurocentric ideals of beauty. Many people sought nose jobs to fit in with the ideal of the time, which was a generally smaller, narrower nose for everyone. However, these cookie-cutter nose jobs didn’t fit harmoniously on every patient’s face, depending on ethnic background, skin thickness, and facial features. The results made for dramatic rhinoplasty before and after photos. The techniques used often removed too much supportive cartilage and led to structural problems.

Today there’s a broader definition of “beautiful” across North America, but it doesn’t mean that rhinoplasty is on the decline. Just because there’s more acceptance of facial character, that doesn’t mean that nose reshaping is obsolete. It has simply advanced to beautiful new levels.

Take Khloe Kardashian, for example. Before getting her nose job, she admitted via Instagram that she thought about nose surgery daily. Your nose is one of your most prominent features, so if it’s a source of insecurity for you, it’s only natural to think about enhancing it. You may have shied away in the past from nose reshaping for fear of extreme transformation, but now you can count on bespoke nose reshaping suited just to you.

There is not less demand for surgery. Instead, what patients wish to achieve through Toronto nose reshaping has changed. Most people seeking a nose job in 2019 would rather preserve their individuality than pursue perfection. For example, surgeons are often asked to adjust only one aspect of the nose while maintaining the inherent nose features.

Nose Reshaping in Toronto

Over the years, surgeons have refined techniques for Toronto nose reshaping. Subtle changes to the nose are very attainable with both surgical and non-surgical options.

What can modern nose surgery achieve?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex cosmetic surgeries performed today. A skilled facial plastic surgeon will design a unique plan for you, which may involve repositioning the tiny bones, cartilage, and tissue in your nose.

With the closed approach to nose reshaping, small incisions made just inside the nostrils allow a faster recovery and no visible scars.

Your rhinoplasty surgeon can make small alterations or change the entire shape and size of your nose. Common improvements that patients look for are removing a bridge bump, changing the width of nostrils, improving symmetry, narrowing the tip, and straightening the curved tip of a nose. Breathing issues can also be targeted by removing any structural restrictions to airflow past the septum.

An expert surgeon factors in a person’s whole face when planning enhancements. Modern-day nose surgery in Toronto includes pre-op discussions, 3D Vectra imaging, and customized planning. Your surgeon will evaluate:

  • the current dimensions of your nose
  • skin thickness
  • how prominent your cheeks and jawline are

Making adjustments to the nose within mere millimetres can often have a powerful impact on surrounding features like the chin, lips, and eyes. A growing number of Toronto nose-reshaping clients are pleased with small, targeted nose alterations.

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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Plenty of people aren’t yet ready for the financial commitment, recovery time, or risks associated with cosmetic surgery. You might imagine that nose surgery is your only option for Toronto nose reshaping, but we have good news: the non-surgical nose job suits many people and may be what you’re looking for.

The injectable nose job, nose filler, or nose reshaping without surgery all refer to the use of dermal fillers to sculpt and enhance the nose. This minimally invasive procedure provides temporary 3D improvements in as little as 5 minutes. For a generation that wants subtle changes that look natural, it makes sense that non-surgical rhinoplasty is the top choice for many.

Who is a candidate for the non-surgical nose job? If you’re seeking a small change such as smoothing down a bump on the bridge, adding height to the bridge and radix, creating a straighter look or a slightly upturned tip, this could be right for you. Using hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler, surgeons can artfully sculpt and camouflage minor flaws with a soft but resilient gel under the surface. But a non-surgical nose job can’t reduce the size of your nose, improve your breathing, or make permanent changes to your nose.

Dermal fillers are generally made from HA, a substance created naturally in our bodies. Because of this, they break down over time. After 9 to 12 months, the improvements to your nose will need to be refreshed.

Though it is temporary, injectable nose reshaping in Toronto is also less costly at roughly $1,000 + HST per treatment. (Prices are subject to change over time.) You might even opt to have dermal fillers as a trial before deciding on rhinoplasty.

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Dr. Cory Torgerson

Schedule your nose-reshaping consultation with Dr. Cory Torgerson

Whether you select surgical or non-surgical nose reshaping in Toronto, there’s never a reason for your results to appear “overdone”. It’s essential that you choose an expert in facial surgery so you can get your dream nose without losing the characteristics that define your face.

If you’d like to explore your options for nose reshaping in Toronto, Dr. Cory Torgerson will be happy to offer you a consultation. A prominent facial plastic surgeon in Canada, he’s renowned for dedicated focus and results achieved in facial cosmetic surgery. One of Dr. Torgerson’s favourite procedures is the nose job in its many diverse forms, and he has a wealth of experience treating patients from various ethnic backgrounds. He aims to stay ahead of the curve in surgical and non-surgical techniques, allowing him to make personalized changes for his clients. Dr. Torgerson’s priority is always his patients’ comfort and outcome. Schedule your appointment today and take the next exciting step.

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