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Using Implants in Rhinoplasty

To achieve the results a patient desires, implants may need to be used when performing rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery.

These implants are an excellent way to augment the dorsum, or bridge, of the nose when the candidate feels their nose is too flat or crooked. Asian rhinoplasty or African-American rhinoplasty are two surgeries where implants are quite commonly used.

Materials Have Been Used As Implants In Rhinoplasty Surgery

Ipmplant options

Dr. Torgerson has extensive experience performing both types of c in downtown Toronto at his private surgery centre. Typically, augmentation is achieved by using the person’s own cartilage, a silicone implant, or a Gore-Tex implant. Although these are the three options available, Dr. Torgerson’s preference is the 3D GoreTex implant.

Cartilage from a person’s ear can be used, but this causes an extra incision as well as another area that needs to heal. Most experienced facial plastic surgeons agree that this cartilage is too flimsy to produce the desired long-term effect. Human cartilage also has the potential to shrink and contract, thus altering the results of surgery.

Both silicone and Gore-Tex are man-made synthetic materials and have been used as implants in rhinoplasty surgery. Silicone is more prone to infection than Goretex, and the nasal tissues heal around the implant rather than incorporating into the tissues like Goretex. Silicone is a denser material, and there have been cases where the implant has protruded through the skin of the patient, especially if their skin is naturally thin.

Easy incorporation of a Gore-Tex implant with human tissue

3D Gore-Tex implant

The 3D Gore-Tex implant has achieved advanced approval from Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and requires no allergy testing. It is a softer implant than silicone, thus replicating natural nasal cartilage. Goretex has microscopic holes, which act as pores, enabling the soft nasal tissue surrounding the implant to infiltrate the implant and fixate in place.

Gore-Tex is a biomedical material that is manufactured specifically to interact with living cells. Because of this technology, the implant anchors in place as the swelling minimizes after a nose job. There is no movement or shifting of the implant, which was a concern in the early days of rhinoplasty surgery. The easy incorporation of a Gore-Tex implant with human tissue also minimizes infection and inflammation.

There is no chance of a Gore-Tex implant contracting, so the client is assured that the shape achieved with surgery will not be minimized. Hundreds of thousands of Gore-Tex implants have been used successfully without any record of rejection. They integrate so beautifully that the body doesn’t consider the Gore-Tex to be a foreign substance. After the healing process takes place, clients are able to go back to all of their normal activities, including sports.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is an expert in ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. He not only has the necessary surgical qualifications and operating experience you can be confident in, but he has also been asked to speak internationally about the use of implants in surgery. By booking a private and confidential appointment at our Yorkville clinic, you will begin your journey to having the nose you’re most comfortable with.

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