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What is a Rhinoplasty?

When they hear the word rhinoplasty, many people will associated it to a nose job

This is because “rhino” actually means nose or nasal and is derived from the Greek work rhin. A rhinoplasty is simply plastic surgery performed on the nose. There are usually two reasons this type of facial plastic surgery is performed. The first is to correct breathing difficulties or damaged airways, and the second reason is for aesthetic purposes. Our private surgery centre in the heart of Toronto conducts both types of rhinoplasty operations.

Rhinoplasty can restore facial balance and place the nose in better proportion to other facial features

Make a Natural Look

Impaired breathing is usually due to a deviated septum, the membrane that divides the nose into two sides. Blockages in airflow cause a lack of oxygen to the blood stream as well as snoring and low self-esteem. A deviated septum results in a crooked nose, rather than a straight one. A rhinoplasty helps straighten the septum, restoring normal air flow.

In this modern era of facial cosmetic surgery, most people investigating a rhinoplasty are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose. They may feel self-conscious because of its size or shape. Surgery can restore facial balance and place the nose in better proportion to other facial features. It is important for any potential rhinoplasty clients to understand that very few people have perfectly symmetrical faces. The goal is to have the results of surgery look natural, not to completely change the appearance.

A “nose job” is able to:

  • change the size of the nose to make it larger with the use of implants or to make it smaller
  • change the profile of the nose by removing humps or building up depressions on the bridge
  • change the nasal tip that may be hooked, turned up, or bulbous
  • change the position or size of nostrils
  • change the width of the nose
  • cause the nose to be proportional to other features

A rhinoplasty is the most difficult facial cosmetic surgery performed, because the operation is conducted on only a small area of the face and nasal membranes are very fragile and can be damaged easily

Why Choose Dr. Torgerson?

This is why choosing an experienced facial plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance. A nose job requires much training and experience for the surgeon to master the procedure and artistry.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is your best choice for rhinoplasty surgery. He is not only a head and neck surgeon, but is also certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in facial plastic surgery. His years as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon enable him to understand every aspect of nasal procedures. Although rhinoplasty facial surgery is complicated, you can have complete confidence in Dr. Torgerson’s ability, because he specializes only in Facial Plastic Surgery, devoting his whole practice to this field. By booking a consultation at our state-of-the-art surgical facility in Toronto, your concerns will be discussed discreetly and in complete confidence. Your questions will be answered, and you will be able to visualize the changes you want to achieve with the 3D Vectra imaging system. Dr. Torgerson and his accomplished staff are the right choice for rhinoplasty, committed to restoring your breathing difficulties as well as your self-esteem!

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