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What Are Some of the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures by Age?

Plastic surgery can be performed at almost any age to enhance and restore a person’s appearance as long as they are in good general health

However, some procedures are more appropriate or necessary at specific ages and life stages. The following is a guide of the most popular plastic surgery procedures by age. Regardless of your age, Dr. Cory Torgerson, a leading cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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Popular procedures in your 20s

The most popular plastic surgery procedure amongst women in their 20s is breast augmentation. While this is a popular and suitable procedure for women of almost any age, it is most commonly requested by individuals in their twenties who have fully developed and hope to enhance their breast size to achieve a more proportionate or curvy figure. This procedure can have a significant positive impact on self-esteem and confidence. While not as common, women in their 20s also seek breast reductions to feel balanced and proportionate and to improve self-esteem.

Popular procedures in your 30s

As a result of the natural aging process, many individuals in their thirties begin to struggle to maintain their weight through diet and exercise alone. Over time, metabolism begins to slow, which makes it more difficult to shed excess weight. Those problem spots can be extremely frustrating and resistant to weight reduction. Thus, liposuction is one of the most frequently requested procedures among both men and women in their 30s who hope to restore their figure. Liposuction can target specific areas of concern, reducing fat and improving body contours.

Facial injectable treatments such as neurotoxin injections and dermal fillers are also popular among people in their mid to late 30s who begin to notice early signs of aging. As collagen diminishes, cheeks flatten slightly and lips may begin to thin. The instant volume of hyaluronic acid fillers is a popular choice.

Plastic surgery can be expensive, it is an investment worth making

Popular procedures in your 40s

While some individuals begin using fillers in their thirties, neurotoxin injections are most popular for men and women in their forties. Over time, repetitive, dynamic muscle movement can cause the overlying skin to develop fine lines and wrinkles. An angry or worried look can seem to never go away. Luckily, neurotoxin injections can be used to both treat and prevent these signs of aging by temporarily decreasing specific facial muscle movements. This minimally invasive procedure is safe and effective and can be performed in a matter of minutes for nearly instant smoothing effects that last for months.

Popular procedures in your 50s, 60s, and 70s

Facelifts are the most popular procedure among men and women in their fifties to seventies who hope to restore their appearance by minimizing the signs of aging. At this age, wrinkles and fine lines are more pronounced, and people experience a loss of volume and structure in their facial features. To mitigate the signs of aging, a traditional facelift, mini facelift, SoftLift, or fat grafting can be performed. In addition, many individuals choose to undergo an eyelid or brow lift at this stage in life.

Whether you are 20 or 70, there are a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to help you look and feel your best. To learn more about any of the above procedures, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Torgerson, a specialized cosmetic surgeon in Toronto dedicated to helping patients of all ages enhance their natural beauty.

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