Nose Surgery Overview

Nose surgery is also known as “rhinoplasty surgery” or the street name “nose job”.

Rhinoplasties are conducted primarily by ear, nose, and throat surgeons or facial cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Cory Torgerson has achieved certification in both genres and is recognized internationally as an experienced, competent surgeon. Although you might be under the impression that nose surgery is undergone strictly for cosmetic reasons, many operations are necessary to restore nasal passages to their normal function.

Nose Harmony With Facial Features

Cosmetic/Non-Cosmetic Nose Jobs

Most non-cosmetic nose surgeries are conducted to remove nasal blockages that have caused breathing difficulties, snoring, or sinus congestion. Sometimes patients are born with a crooked septum, which is the membrane that divides the nose into two sides. This not only restricts air flow, but also appears deformed. A rhinoplasty is able to open nasal passages and restore regular breathing as well as straighten the deviated septum so that the nose appears normal.

Cosmetic nose jobs are performed for people who are unhappy about the size or shape of their nose, the bump evident on their profile, the length of their nose, and even the size of their nostrils. Most patients who book a consultation at Dr. Torgerson’s downtown Toronto clinic aren’t interested in changing their appearance but in ensuring that their nose harmonizes and appears more balanced with their other facial features.

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Open & Closed Approaches

Rhinoplasty Techniques

The 2 most popular rhinoplasty techniques are the open approach, where an incision is made under the nose between the nostrils, and the closed approach, where access to the nose is gained through the nostrils. Dr. Torgerson prefers to use the closed approach, as it results in much less swelling post-op as well as less damage to the nose. During surgery, the structural bones are gently re-adjusted to reshape the size of the nose. If a larger nose is necessary, cartilage can be added. It is also possible to shorten or lengthen the nose and address the tip of the nose during surgery. The outer skin will then be draped over the new skeletal structure once the bones and cartilage have been re-adjusted.

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most difficult cosmetic plastic surgeries to conduct. There are numerous tiny bones and cartilages that form the structure of the nose. They are so delicate that there is very little room for error on the part of the surgeon. It takes years of surgical experience to be able to accomplish a successful surgery and have the artistic eye necessary to balance the nose with all other facial features. Dr. Torgerson has gained notoriety, not only as an excellent nose surgeon, but also as a revision nose surgeon who is able to fix rhinoplasty blunders.

To ensure that his clients receive the new nose they desire, he enlists the 3D Vectra imaging system. This is a state-of-the-art photo-imaging camera that enables photos to be adjusted so patients will see what they will look like once surgery is completed. During a consultation, Dr. Torgerson will be happy to show you the incredible before and after photos of many of his Toronto rhinoplasty patients.

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