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If you know Toronto weather, you know that each winter we brace ourselves for long months of grey sky, chilled air, slush, and snow. For some cold-loving folks, bare trees and icy wind are beautiful and exciting. For many others, the coldest months of the year need a little something extra to get excited about. In Toronto, plastic surgery scheduling increases during the holidays and just afterward. There are some fantastic reasons for this, which we’re going to share with you so you know the truth about Toronto plastic surgery in winter.

Why Plastic Surgery in the Winter?

The new year may mean a “new you” if you time it just right. While we at the Torgerson Clinic believe that scheduling cosmetic procedures is very personal, it turns out that the middle of winter is usually a convenient time for our patients to make physical changes such as:

This is also an ideal time of year to undergo ablative skin-resurfacing procedures. They are non-surgical, but require a little downtime to recover at home. At no other time is it easier to heal on the down-low than when it’s freezing out and people spend minimal time outdoors.

Here are our top reasons for booking plastic surgery in winter:

Motivation for new year improvements

We can’t underestimate this one. Our patients often enter a calendar year with hopes and goals that involve healthy changes and improvements to lifestyle, appearance, career, and relationships. For a high number of people, this reimagining of a fit, attractive body includes weight loss. Some people who don’t consider their weight to be significant will instead want to revise another visible feature such as their tired or aged appearance, their receding hairline, or the quality of their skin. Whether it’s a nose job you’ve always wanted or you wish to look and feel younger this year, a significant step in that direction can start with taking physical action.

The new year really is a perfect time to think about fresh starts. After the hustle and bustle of December, things usually quiet down, the pace of life slows, and it’s a good time to ponder what you want from your next year. Making health and happiness a priority is always a wise choice because you’ll take better care of your responsibilities and those around you when you feel great about yourself. During these chilly, slow months, you can get to work planting the seeds of a transformed look and outlook.

Planning and dreaming about changes you’ll make is useful, and some changes will be slow but steady. However, you’ll get the jumpstart you need when you undergo an immediate evolution that can be appreciated each time you look in the mirror. Plastic surgery in Toronto can be a kickstart for New Year’s resolutions if yours involve increased confidence and improved appearance.

Vacation time

A winter vacation will often revolve around holidays and visiting, but may also be a much-needed end-of-year break. Some will have additional sick days or vacation days to use up. One of the best things about taking a short vacation from work in the middle of winter is that it doesn’t raise any suspicion and shouldn’t prompt too many questions from coworkers. For patients who value their privacy and wish to keep surgery a secret, scheduling a couple weeks off in January, February, or March will make sense because we often escape to sunny locations for a week or two at that time. There’s no need to tell anyone where you’re going or what you’re doing, but you’re sure to arrive back at work feeling rested and looking freshly rejuvenated.

It’s not so sad to be stuck inside

OK, there are definitely snow-loving Canadians who would object to this sentiment, but for a lot of people, the shorter, colder, and darker days mean they spend much less time outdoors and instead bundle up inside with Netflix, good books, and friends. This quiet, somewhat less social time of year could be incredibly convenient for recovery if you aren’t a winter sports enthusiast. Cosmetic surgery scheduled during cold months gives you plenty of time to recover without feeling as though you’re missing out on long sunny days filled with outdoor sports or parties. Taking adequate time to rest and avoid strenuous activities is crucial for optimal recovery. So for many people, winter is the more logical time to book this.

Cold is actually beneficial for plastic surgery in Toronto

Depending on which procedure you choose to undergo, you can expect to be a little swollen for a couple of weeks after, and residual swelling or sensitivity lasts several weeks. These temporary inconveniences are well worth it for many people and a normal part of recovery. However, hot temperatures might increase swelling and discomfort. Are you the type of person who feels puffy when it’s hot out? Swelling can be challenging to manage in high temperatures. Cold compresses or ice feel so relieving, but you’re much less likely to need them in winter.

Also, instead of feeling stifling, your surgical undergarments may offer an extra insulation layer and won’t trap heat and sweat the way they can in summer. You may find it easier to stay chill and comfortable in moderate or cooler temperatures. Each small, pleasant experiential factor contributes toward satisfaction with your whole surgery process.

You can stay out of the sun easily

Fewer sunny days can be downright depressing for people enduring winter in Toronto. However, plastic surgery not only gives you something to anticipate, but the darker days make it easier to recover safely. Sun exposure is to be avoided after surgery for a few reasons. UV rays on healing incisions and scars can promote the development of pigment, and scars might end up permanently darkened if this exposure occurs. For the first few weeks, this protection is crucial, but even throughout the first year while scars mature, you’ll need to cover them. People who undergo cosmetic surgery during less sunny months often show less scarring.

As for the rest of your face, while feeling a little swollen and sensitive, this is also a crucial time to avoid the sun. Inflamed skin can manifest rashes or discoloration if tanned, and you’ll want to be nicely covered up until all swelling dissipates. As you can imagine, it’s much tougher to achieve this level of care and safety during the summer.

Do you know that many plastic surgery procedures require patients to wear specialized garments for a short time after? You’ll have some light bandaging on and may wear a compression garment as well. It can be tough to hide those items when the weather’s hot and people are wearing very little. Not only are incisions and bandages somewhat visible while healing, but it can also feel fairly uncomfortable to have any dressing, sutures, or garments on if you’re warm and sweaty. Conversely, during January, February, and March, bundling up under sweaters, hats, and scarves make for easy, comfortable camouflage. The best part? When you unbundle all the layers in the spring, you’ll reveal a newly transformed appearance, ready to really get out and be seen.

Don’t you deserve a gift?

Many people just like you spend the entire holiday season looking after their loved ones and pouring their finances and energy into giving great gifts and making others happy. Sometimes when the season ends, it can feel like a bit of a let-down to have expended so much energy for others if you haven’t taken care of yourself. Some people have a hard time justifying spending money or time on themselves. We understand that, but we believe you’re worth it. You are worth making healthy choices, taking breaks, pampering yourself, and choosing procedures to boost your confidence. You deserve a great holiday gift too, so when the dust settles after the busyness of gift-giving, parties, and feasts, why not take some time to think about what you want and need for the upcoming year? You deserve to reward yourself with something you’ll feel great about for years to come. At Dr. Torgerson’s Clinic, we offer medical financing options to help you make payments as convenient as possible. There are some flexible ways to arrange for the transformation you’re dreaming of without breaking the bank.

Are you ready for something different this winter? Have you put off a change because you’re just not sure when the right time will be for you? To learn about available options in a pressure-free environment, we’re offering you a consultation at the Torgerson Clinic in beautiful Yorkville village, Toronto. Plastic surgery can be a life-changing choice at any time of year, but we want to encourage you to consider when your ideal timing is. We can help.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is extensively trained in head and neck reconstructive surgery as well as facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Torgerson is considered to be a leading facial plastic surgeon in Canada. Always at the forefront of innovation in facial procedures, he offers patients an artistic and wholly customized approach to both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic enhancements. Choosing a facial expert whose entire practice is focused on this complex and rewarding field means you have the highest quality options available to achieve your facial goals.

We look forward to hearing from you and walking alongside you as you take the next steps to change your life beautifully this year.

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