Facelift Before and After Results: What Does Your Age Have to Do With It?

Toronto’s top facelift surgeon results are subtle and impressive. They’re often so natural-looking, it’s not instantly apparent that plastic surgery has taken place. That’s the goal for the best facial plastic surgeons. Toronto facelift clients, male and female, come to Dr. Cory Torgerson for personalized, custom facial rejuvenation without telltale signs of cosmetic surgery. How can you ensure your facelift before and after photos look like those you’ve seen online, in celebrity magazines and social media pages? Facelifts aren’t one-size-fits-all, nor are they dependant on a specific age.

Some are shocked to learn people in their 30s are having facelifts now, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because this procedure is more nuanced and personalized than people think, intervention at a younger age can prevent signs of ageing to come. In fact, acting earlier might help you age as gracefully as possible. We’ll explain why age matters to the top facelift surgeons in Toronto.

Facelift Surgeons in Toronto

Top Reasons To Get One in Your 40s

Early intervention with non-surgical facelift methods like fillers can help to restore volume and softness in the 30s and 40s. For years these minimally invasive techniques were the mainstay treatment for middle-aged people. Botox is a fan-favourite for this demographic around the globe, and will likely remain that way, yet there’s an influx in surgical procedures too. The best facelift surgeons no longer just advise facelifts for severe ageing.

However, techniques have advanced with such variation that there’s a facelift procedure appropriate for nearly every decade- even the younger crowd. To understand why this is beneficial in the long run, and not a premature mistake, you’ll need to know what various methods achieve and how facial tissue responds at different ages.

The right intervention at the right time

One of Dr. Torgerson’s mottos is, “Do the right thing, at the right time.” More important than a number, is your skin and muscle quality, elasticity, collagen, overall health, goals, and expectations. Everyone ages differently due to genetic factors. Some people show loss of volume and facial sagging associated with elderly, in their 30s. Others retain firm, plump skin and good tone well into their 60s and beyond. ( Lucky them!) There’s no right or wrong time to intervene; only the right surgeon and procedure to achieve satisfying results.

Your facelift consultation will reveal options

Dr. Torgerson spends considerable time with each patient discussing holistic rejuvenation. This involves a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments, including laser, PRP or facial injectables. One reason it’s valuable to have an expert guiding you is they’ll tell you when that dreaded, “overfilled” look is approaching. Undergoing face-lift when ageing issues are still minor, means less drastic facelift before and after results now, and less need for them later.

With a mini or mid facelift, one can nip signs of early sagging in the bud, then age gracefully. When planning your facelift, Dr. Torgerson will explain the deep plane facelift, SMAS and mini- lift benefits.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Facelift Candidate

Who’s a good candidate for a facelift?
You don’t need to consider yourself “old” to team up with a facelift surgeon. Top Toronto candidates include patients who notice: jawline and chin sagging, loose skin around eyes, deeper laugh lines, downturned mouth, flattening or sagging midface, tired or angry brows, sagging neck, or prominent neckbands.

Keep in mind the above signs often appear individually, and patients can see issues in just one or two of these areas.

A full facelift will tighten the midface, jawline and neck, but that’s more than many 30- or 40-year olds need. Instead, addressing areas individually with custom lifts is the ideal, modern approach.

Facelift recovery through the ages

Facelift before and after results depend somewhat on age and genetics. For instance, a younger person’s skin holds more natural collagen and elastin, so it bounces back, heals quickly and reverts to a smooth look after facelift surgery. Clients who are in their 60s and over may find the degree of youthful firmness they once had won’t reappear. It takes longer for aged skin to heal as well.

Post-facelift, lifestyle factors keep skin vibrant. Regular exercise, good circulation, nutrition, and skincare affect skin health and resilience. That’s another reason why facelift recovery is easier for healthy young people, and long-term radiance is maintained more easily when active.

Which type of facelift do I need?
If you’re reviewing facelift before and afters for 60-year-olds, you’ll see more extensive incisions, in front and behind the ears, and into the hairline. The eye area is often treated with a blepharoplasty, and the brow may be lifted with a coronal incision in the hairline. Because sagging and loss of elasticity affect the entire face, a comprehensive approach delivers balanced, complete rejuvenation.

Conversely, when you view facelift before and after photos, you’ll most often see lower facelift, mini or neck lift results. Eyelid surgery can be done alone for those prone to rapid ageing in the eye area. Otherwise, the more common target for young clients is the lower face. Their facelift before and after pics are subtle but have the double benefit of looking natural and ensuring an effortlessly youthful appearance well into the next decades. Another perk of less invasive, mini facelift recovery is that it’s faster than more intensive operations. Incisions heal within a week, requiring less time off from busy lives and careers.

Younger clients are learning that a modern face-lift isn’t the tight, pulled procedure of the past. Top Toronto facelift surgeons have innovated meticulous techniques to adjust layers of facial tissue, including bone, muscle, fascia and fat. They shift fat pads, strengthen support structures, and improve foundations of the face. Skin is gently redraped- never stretched tightly. It achieves long-lasting results with no unsightly, “plastic” distortion.

Because of advanced techniques and the ability to customize a bespoke facelift, patient age is now an afterthought. Each client is considered individually and treated that way. For signs of ageing in your 30s or 40s, there’s no reason you should wait to restore confidence. You don’t need to be a certain age to make a facelift worthwhile. Evidence shows that earlier intervention in the hands of an expert could prevent unnecessary ageing and keep you looking your best, longer.

We recommend you seek the advice of a well-rounded, experienced facial cosmetic surgeon to talk about the lasting investment of a facelift. Planning early could mean avoiding the need for a dramatic facelift before and after down the road.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Find out what’s right for you

Dr. Torgerson is one of few facial plastic surgeons in Canada to have his MD, Ph.D. and FRCSC. His skill and experience target Head and Neck anatomy, and he focuses much of his practice on facelifts for men and women of all ages. He offers complimentary consultations to discuss your goals and consider options for rejuvenation. You’re invited to meet our team and let us help you take the next exciting steps today!

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