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The Top Toronto Rhinoplasty Surgeon Guide for 2020

Toronto’s top rhinoplasty surgeon techniques are ensuring that profiles and selfies have never looked better. Nose jobs remain on the most-requested list for facial cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures overall. With men and women of all ages seeking nasal reshaping procedures, it’s no wonder that fine-tuned methods for achieving results have improved. The future of rhinoplasty in Toronto may not even deliver obvious results. And maybe that’s the idea.

Advances in technology follow patient demands and fashion. We’re taking a look at nose-specific trends for the year ahead. The top Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon methods used by Dr. Cory Torgerson are renowned around the globe as specialized and profoundly satisfying. Dr. Torgerson is passionate about the total customization of today’s facial plastic surgery, and he offers advanced non-surgical enhancement options through the latest dermal filler products as well. This means harmonious and personalized improvement for each client he treats. In a city as beautifully diverse as Toronto, rhinoplasty has a thousand different looks. The future of nose jobs is in preserving individuality and offering one-of-a-kind solutions.

Top Toronto rhinoplasty surgeons target custom detailing

Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Gone are the days when a “nose job” meant the dramatic, obvious shaving down and slimming of the nose, including the tip and nostrils. Though some patients still choose that look, the vast majority of clients today are seeking ways to improve the nose they have with subtle, precise adjustments. At the same time, surgical techniques and medical research have ensured the better handling of delicate nasal structures and results designed to hold up well in the long term. Most specialized facial plastic and the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto are incredibly cautious about tissue removal, using fine-tuned alterations for natural-looking noses.

Rather than receiving a whole new nose, patients seeking custom rhinoplasty target specific regions and specific issues of the nasal anatomy. Examples of precise, focused nose-reshaping surgeries include:

  • Injectable rhinoplasty
  • Alar rhinoplasty
  • Tiplasty
  • Revision rhinoplasty (with or without implants)

A tiplasty, or tip rhinoplasty, is often the best choice for someone concerned with the downward, or upward rotation of their nose. They may also have a bulbous tip they’d like to refine. Rather than reconstructing the entire nose shape and size, exact, focused improvements can be made to the tip alone.

Benefits of tip rhinoplasty include:

Rapid recovery- patients need much less time off work than with traditional, extensive rhinoplasty surgery.

Many people bothered by just the tip of the nose and not other areas; choose to tweak what they want while preserving their unique characteristics. They still look like themselves once healed. The cost is typically less for a tiplasty. ( Individual prices vary and are subject to change. )

Nose Filler
This top Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon technique has been nicknamed the 5-minute nose job. It’s gained plenty of attention in recent years as more people are catching on that small, satisfying improvements don’t require going under the knife.

Who can benefit from non-surgical rhinoplasty?

We treat many Asian patients to define and elevate the nasal bridge. African American patients tend to choose non-surgical rhinoplasty to define their nose tip or lift the bridge. They maintain their natural nose width and distinctively ethnic features, so results appear harmonious and very natural. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities worldwide. That means Dr. Torgerson has the privilege of treating patients from many ethnic backgrounds and has advanced skill in this area.

Anyone could opt for injectable rhinoplasty to adjust nose symmetry, lift a droopy tip, build a nose bridge, or smooth the appearance of a bump. For those seeking mild improvements and temporary results without surgery, this option is ideal. The hyaluronic acid dermal filler used lasts an average of 9 months or longer before it’s harmlessly reabsorbed by the body.


  • Fast treatment- this procedure takes between 5 to 15 minutes in most cases
  • Instant results- you can leave the office with your new look
  • Minimal downtime- most people resume their regular activities right away
  • Subtle, natural-looking changes
  • No scars, surgical risks or time off to heal
  • The ability to test drive permanent changes if you’re considering surgery
  • Lower cost than traditional rhinoplasty

What the non-surgical nose job can’t do:

  • Injections can’t decrease the size of your nose
  • They can’t improve breathing obstructions
  • They don’t provide permanent changes

We recommend you seek a qualified, experienced facial plastic surgeon for your nose injection treatment. Though your appointment will likely seem fast and easy, there is in-depth, critical anatomical knowledge and experience required to perform this procedure safely.


Nostril surgery is fast becoming the ideal rhinoplasty “tweak” for many. Alarplasty surgically reduces nostril size. Because the patient’s bone and cartilage aren’t altered, recovery from this less invasive nose job is much easier than with typical rhinoplasty. A little wedge of nostril skin can be excised from each side; then the edges are sewn together. The incision rests in the natural nostril/cheek crease, making it barely perceptible once healed.

Who makes an excellent alarplasty candidate?

When performed alone, general anesthesia isn’t required, so patients who want to avoid this sedation and its effects appreciate the minor nature of the surgery. Those who feel the width or overall size of their nostrils are out of balance with their face may choose this improvement to feel better about their facial proportions. One of the beautiful things about alarplasty, aside from the speedy recovery, is that results are typically extremely subtle, so the nose job isn’t apparent; the patient simply looks better overall.

Benefits include:

The ability to maintain one’s “look” while making small adjustments
Better facial proportion
Fast, straightforward recovery with minimal time off
Lower cost than traditional Toronto rhinoplasty (individual prices vary and are subject to change.)

Rhinoplasty Surgeons Toronto

Revision rhinoplasty is on the rise often by choice

Revision rhinoplasty procedures are nothing new. However, the reason patients are seeking them is more commonly by choice than the need to correct a complication. Remember those “dramatic, one-size-fits-all” nose jobs? Many people who had substantial changes made in the past are now looking to reverse those somewhat.

Patients who’ve undergone an unnatural-looking nose job or had ethnic features diminished can choose a revision to carefully restore their preferred appearance.

Artful rebuilding or “reversal” procedures utilize tissue within the nose or cartilage removed from elsewhere on the body. There are also high-quality silicone and Gore-Tex implant options designed to provide integral structure and shape when needed.

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Benefits & Drawbacks

Someone who feels self-conscious about their nose every day can finally feel more like themselves again.


Perfection, or even the desired improvements, can’t be promised. Especially when previous tissue trauma has taken place, rhinoplasty surgeons are limited by the available tissue.

Factors that complicate secondary rhinoplasty include hardened scar tissue, limited blood supply, and reduced cartilage or bone.

With thousands of nose jobs performed each year, the average rate for revision ranges between roughly 5% and 15%. Facial surgeons have become quite innovative in their reconstruction methods, and now patients benefit from these advancements. Though each individual case must be carefully assessed before operating, most patients desiring a second chance at a nose they love can see positive changes.

Are you interested in restoring your nose’s distinctive ethnic characteristics? Finding a highly specialized facial plastic surgeon is a critical step. Revision rhinoplasty is a challenging sub-specialty of an already complicated procedure. The level of knowledge and practice experience that your surgeon has in reconstructive work will help ensure that you have the best chance for safe, satisfying results.

Dr. Torgerson’s rhinoplasty patients trust his expertise. He dedicates all his surgical work to the head and neck. With extensive nose reshaping and revision experience, your one-on-one consultation is an excellent first step. Call today for an information session.

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Rhinoplasty Surgeons Toronto

What else is trending for top rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto?

Aside from custom-tailored nose surgeries, the way people research and plan their operations has changed, and will likely continue to.

Patients once sought out deals overseas, and medical tourism was big business just a few years ago. Combine the appeal of significantly lower medical costs with exotic locations, and you get the allure of travelling abroad for rhinoplasty. Local facial plastic surgeons with experience and stellar reputations do carry a premium price tag. However, here’s why cutting those corners for the sake of a deal can be disastrous.

Patients seeking revisions in Canada for botched facial surgery often return from South America and other popular surgery destinations. Visiting a second or third-world country for cosmetic surgery is often unsafe, no matter how advertising suggests otherwise. The medical standard for credentials and facility certifications are different around the world. The high level of infection control and surgical safety protocols you count on here can be wildly different and dangerous once you arrive on foreign soil. Many people don’t know how to recognize problems in the surgical centre, or what critical factors are missing.

You need excellent follow-up medical treatment just as much as you need a top-level rhinoplasty surgeon.

We predict making careful, measured choices for personalized facial cosmetic procedures will continue in Toronto as a top rhinoplasty surgeon trend.

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Schedule your consultation for rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Torgerson

Dr. Torgerson designs a treatment plan for each patient he sees. Your consultation offers you a chance to ask questions, share your concerns and describe your goals. One of the tools we often incorporate into discussions is the Vectra 3D imaging camera. Dr. Torgerson’s rhinoplasty patients can see a realistic prediction of planned outcomes and participate in the decision-making process for their surgery.

Our contemporary surgical centre boasts bright, open spaces and a modern, welcoming ambiance. Oakville, Hamilton and Richmond Hill rhinoplasty patients often stay at one of the elegant neighbouring hotels only blocks away from our clinic.

Everything about our practice and patient experience is designed to cater to your desires and comfort. We‘re pleased to stay at the forefront of medical technology and future trends in plastic surgery. To learn about nose jobs from the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto, we invite you to reach out and schedule your consultation.

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