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Rhinoplasty before and after photos account for a tonne of searches online. There’s a lot to think about when considering who the best facial plastic surgeon to perform your nose job will be. While researching factors like rhinoplasty cost, you’ll also want to look at before and after photo galleries on surgical websites. Pictures of patients pre- and post-nose surgery can be a helpful indicator of a surgeon’s skill – if you know what to look for.

There are specific elements of those images that you’ll need to search out and analyze, including different angles used and the consistency of each picture. We’ve created this guide to explain how to best judge rhinoplasty in Toronto before and after photos and the surgeons who produce them. A picture can tell a story and be used as a valuable tool to select an expert surgeon.

Rhinoplasty before and after photos: What makes them optimal?

One vital component when comparing rhinoplasty before and after photos is their quality and consistency. Photos displayed on a surgeon’s website should be high-resolution and top-quality. They should never be grainy, blurry, or off-centre. Pictures often speak louder than text for patients considering nose jobs, so facial plastic surgeons will want to show their best work on their website. A surgeon who provides high-quality pictures will most likely put the same effort into making your complete nose job experience top notch.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when evaluating the calibre of before and after photos:

  • Are they taken in front of the same backdrop? A plain background is best, as it allows you to focus on the nose job improvements. Steer clear of examples that show a clinical pre-photo, but unprofessional selfies after. If the post-op pics are shadowed, farther away, or taken on a smartphone with filters, they won’t be reliable. If the pre-photo is plain and the patient is wearing significant make-up in the post-photo, this too could be misleading.
  • Does each photo have the same lighting? Both images should have the same light. If one picture is shadowed and the other crisp, the results could be unclear.
  • Are the angles of the photos consistent? The viewpoint of each before picture should be identical to the after picture. If not, you won’t be able to judge the surgical enhancements clearly. For instance, comparing a side profile before and head-on view after won’t help you fully appreciate the outcome.

What angles are best for rhinoplasty before and after photos?

Surgeons who have consistently good results will show various angles in their photos. Consider it a warning sign if a surgeon only displays one angle of pre- and post-op nose jobs. For example, many patients are interested in seeing profile views because they show the most dramatic transformation. However, they can also conceal aesthetic issues that are more easily visible from the front. An expert rhinoplasty surgeon should give at minimum 2 different angles in before and after photos so that you can accurately see the improvements to the nose.

Along with a side profile view, look for a frontal view as well as a diagonal view (3/4 view). You might even find before and after pictures of nostril changes or the correction of a deviated septum or asymmetry. The more angles a surgeon is willing to show, the clearer your understanding will be of the patient’s result.

Do you see a variety of nose shapes and characteristics?

If so, that’s a good thing. The days of “one-size-fits-all” nose jobs are long gone, and most people don’t want to achieve the “I had a nose job” look. Instead, each person’s enhancements and improvements should suit their overall facial features and work with their existing nose. Variation in after photos is expected, because an expert rhinoplasty surgeon tailors each nose job to that patient’s characteristics and desires. Therefore, no two nose jobs should have the same results. When judging photos, check to see if the after results look natural and harmonious with a person’s chin, eyes, cheeks, etc.

What rhinoplasty before and after photos can tell you about a surgeon

  1. Their best aesthetic results

If a surgeon is displaying results online for all to see, those pictures can give you an idea of what he or she feels is a good outcome. Advanced rhinoplasty surgeons are also artists, and rhinoplasty photos can show you how they prefer to shape noses. If you don’t think the results look appealing, that’s a good indication that the surgeon might not be the one for you. Your artistic vision should match theirs, and you should feel attracted to the results you see.

  1. How they’ve treated cases like yours

It’s essential to look for pre-operative photos of patients who demonstrate “problem” areas similar to your own. That way, you can see how the surgeon chose to fix that issue and if you like the outcome. However, don’t forget that every patient is different, and your results will never be precisely the same as someone online, even if they had similar issues to start with. Cosmetic surgery is designed to enhance and improve, but not to perfect.

  1. Their experience level: Do you see plenty of nose photos, or is the focus on other body areas?

It’s essential to choose a surgeon who specializes in your chosen procedure area. A very skilled plastic surgeon who devotes their practice to the body instead of the face will not have the advanced and regular focus on complex rhinoplasty that you need. Go for a Toronto rhinoplasty specialist.

When it comes to the face, some facial plastic surgeons will have a significant collection of pre- and post-op pictures available to view in their office rather than online. That’s because many people are shy about having their faces displayed publicly, but they’re happy to share with other patients during their consultation. If you don’t see as many pictures of results as you’d like, ask if you can view more at the office.

A lack of photo results entirely can be a red flag and may indicate a lack of experience.

What rhinoplasty before and after photos don’t tell you:

We’re accustomed to making a lot of judgements based on what we see — often quite quickly as well. When it comes to facial cosmetic surgery, there’s plenty you need to know before determining whether the outcome is good or not. Be sure you do view the “pre” pictures (it’s easy to get in the habit of seeing lovely celebrity or model noses and thinking in terms of results alone). Look at the shape, angles, and distinct features of the pre-op nose that would have influenced or limited the effect. Especially consider whether the surgery was a primary or secondary rhinoplasty, as the revision rhinoplasty brings challenges and aesthetic limitations. If possible, view the photos in question with your surgeon so they can explain exactly what the concerns and challenges were, why the result looks as it does, and whether this might be a realistic goal for you. Remember, other people’s outcomes aren’t necessarily going to be yours. Your own unique beauty and anatomy set the bar for the possible changes.

Consultations are critical

While nose job pictures can help you narrow your search for a rhinoplasty expert, they should not be the only deciding factor. The most crucial step in selecting your best rhinoplasty surgeon is the consultation. During your first meeting, you’ll be able to get a feel for their demeanour and how willing they are to answer your questions. During your initial consultation, many surgeons can provide you with a computer-generated image of your potential results, giving you a realistic possibility of changes to expect.

Did you know that it’s perfectly acceptable to ask a lot of questions at your consultation? Sometimes people hesitate, and they leave feeling a little confused or rushed. This appointment is all about you, so make a list ahead of time and ask away. After the consultation, it’s normal to come up with more questions or concerns, and you can either speak with the surgeon again or request feedback and clarification from a surgical coordinator or nurse coordinator. In most cases, preoperative appointments are made before you go ahead with surgery, so you’ll have the opportunity to feel fully informed and confident before the big day.

If you’ve been dreaming of rhinoplasty before and after photos and considering a consultation, we invite you to contact Dr. Cory Torgerson, rhinoplasty specialist. Dr. Torgerson is a long-time believer in the art of facial cosmetic surgery. He’s passionate about customizing his approach to each patient, whether you’re seeking subtle or dramatic enhancements. Dr. Torgerson considers all factors, including your face shape and size, gender, age, ethnicity, skin thickness, and your desire to design the best nose shape for you. His goal is to create a natural and balanced improvement that harmonizes with your overall features, improving your confidence as well as your appearance. When you call to arrange your first consultation, Dr. Torgerson will be pleased to explore the options with you.

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