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Perlane is an incredible injectable filler that our doctors use to help lift and replace lost volume, helping to contour aging facial areas and offset wrinkles.

Perlane is created from Health Canada-approved hyaluronic acid (HA), a safe and effective natural product. Because of the larger size of the HA particles, Perlane is ideal for correcting wrinkles, deep folds, and smile lines and contouring cheek areas. Our doctors also use Perlane for crown lifts, which help open up the eye area by lifting the brow-line non-surgically.

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Another option is The Perlane Uplift – a superior treatment plan offered by our doctors for the whole face. *Most patients require only one treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing or volume enhancement. This product typically lasts 6 to 9 months and can be quickly and effectively injected in less than an hour.* Perlane also contains lidocaine, which has been shown to reduce pain during injection up to 95% (Medicis Clinical Studies). The Perlane and Restylane family of products are owned by Medicis, a division of Valeant Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About Perlane

At the Toronto Facial Cosmetic Clinic, who is designated to perform the Perlane injections?
Our doctors are simply the best choice to inject Perlane at our Cosmetic Surgery clinic. Not only do our doctors have extensive injecting skill and experience, but they also have a true aesthetic eye to see exactly what areas of the face should be targeted with the Perlane Dermal Filler. Clients truly love our clinic’s personal and boutique style, which has the best injectable filler results possible. As well-renowned leaders in dermal filler techniques, our doctors can often be found travelling the country presenting the latest advancements to other colleagues and specialists in the cosmetic surgery field.
Are the Perlane injections tolerable?
Yes. Most patients feel the initial needle – similar to when you receive a routine flu shot at the doctor’s office. However, Perlane dermal filler now contains lidocaine (a solution that helps numb the area). Almost immediately Lidocaine begins to freeze the region so that the rest of the procedure is easy and comfortable, resulting in a simple and quick treatment for the client. For greater comfort, a topical numbing agent can be requested and applied, but most clients find they do not need additional pain relief because Lidocaine is sufficient.
Is the Perlane treatment a lengthy process?
Not at all! The Perlane dermal filler can be injected easily and quickly. The average appointment from start to finish is approximately half an hour, contingent upon the amount of Perlane used as well as the number of areas being injected. Patients also love the fact that their results are immediately visible and gratifying!
What is the recovery time following a Perlane injection?
The recovery following a Perlane injection generally depends on where the product was injected and how much Perlane was used. Clients usually find they are able to return to their normal, daily activities and may experience the most swelling for up to 1 to 2 days following. Slight swelling may remain but is typically gone within 7 to 10 days. Small bruises may also occur around the injection site, but they are easily covered with makeup or are barely noticeable. One way to reduce the possibility of bruising is to avoid any blood-thinning products such as aspirin, ginseng, and vitamin E for 1 to 2 weeks before your Perlane treatment.
What is the average length of time Perlane results will last?
Perlane treatment results generally last between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the regions Perlane was injected into. Please visit the Dermal Fillers information page to learn about the variety of injectable fillers available and which ones are the longest lasting. We do recommend that patients return for their next injection session before the Perlane completely disappears in order to maintain the overall contour, shape, and look.
How much will a syringe of Perlane cost?
A syringe of Perlane can also be called a cc or a vial. To learn the most up-to-date cost of a syringe of Perlane, please contact our office by phone or by email, and we will get back to you quickly within 1 working day. Each dermal filler procedure is charged based on the number of Perlane vials used. Our doctors are known as top injectors with a high volume of clientele. This means we are able to obtain competitive pricing from approved injectable filler distributors. We make every effort to pass these pricing benefits along to our patients through our regular year-round pricing and during our special sale events held throughout the year.
I’m interested! How can I book a Perlane dermal filler consultation?
At our clinic, our doctors offer consultations for clients, so we welcome you to schedule by calling 647-343-0207 or by simply filling out the Contact Form. We endeavour to respond to any inquiries within 1 business day. At your Perlane consultation, one of our doctors will meet with you to discuss all of the benefits and risks involved and the various possibilities to help you achieve your ideal result. If you choose to move ahead with the procedure after your Perlane Toronto consult, the Perlane injections can be completed immediately following your consultation. Only medical doctors perform the dermal filler treatments because of our office’s commitment to the highest quality standards and results.
Are Perlane outcomes permanent?
No, Perlane treatments need to be maintained every 6 months to a year, depending on the area injected. Perlane is formed with a hyaluronic acid base, which means it will be metabolized by your body in the months following the injection. Hyaluronic acid is already produced within our own bodies and is a very safe and natural product with basically no allergic complications. For patients who have had an unsuccessful injection somewhere else and need it to be corrected, our doctors can use hyaluronidaise to easily break down the Perlane. Within an hour, hyaluronidaise can quickly and easily correct any dermal filler produced with hyaluronic acid.

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