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SilkPeel Facial

The SilkPeel Facial is a light and lovely facial that simultaneously refreshes, gently exfoliates, and delivers customized, rejuvenating solutions straight to your skin.

The Silk Peel Facial is outfitted with a diamond-tip head to ensure you get the most out of this advanced microdermabrasion treatment. The treatment is a popular choice with our Toronto clients because it:

  • is completely non-toxic
  • will not cause any sensitivity to sunlight
  • is a safe treatment for all skin types
  • offers immediate results with NO downtime!
  • allows for treatment sessions that can be booked in less than 30 minutes – a great pick-me-up during the middle of a busy week!

We invite you to experience the rewards of a welcoming environment where you can expect to be listened to, understood, and delighted with the outcome. Dr. Torgerson is here to help empower you to make the changes you desire to lead a truly beautiful life.

Choose 1 Of The 4 Solutions For The Treatment

SilkPeel Facial Solutions

Hydrating Solution (dry skin)

The Silk Peel Dermalinfusion Hydrating solution is delightfully moisturizing. Combining a blend of nutrient-rich chamomile, aloe, and hyaluronic acid, this formula is a treat and a must-try for thirsty skin!

Clarifying Formula (acne-prone skin)

Using the Clarifying Solution helps unclog pores, calm inflammation and irritation caused by acne, and smooth the texture of even the most sensitive skin without irritation. Soothing aloe and clear salicylic acid work in tandem to help clarify oily, blemished skin, reducing the appearance of acne. The gentle, even microdermabrasion of the SilkPeel helps to exfoliate the skin, resulting in a smoother, clearer tone. A package of treatment sessions would be best to achieve optimum results.

More Facial Solutions

Vitamin C Solution (detoxification)

Our skin is affected by many environmental factors such as sun, pollution, and stress. If you want to brighten, refresh, and hydrate your skin, the Vitamin C Detoxification Solution is the perfect choice. The Dermalinfusion Vitamin C formula helps form a line of defense to protect the skin from photodamage as well as soothe, hydrate, and improve tired and dull-looking skin. Your skin will feel like it can breathe again!

Lumixyl Solution (toning hyperpigmentation)

Cutting-edge peptide technology within the Lumixyl Solution helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. Clients love the brighter complexion and even tone that is achieved with this treatment. With no abrasive chemicals, try the Lumixyl Solution to leave your skin looking and feeling freshly radiant.

Clinically Proven!

This clinically proven facial can be done on its own or as the finishing touch to a laser or surgical procedure to optimize your results. Did you know it’s also the #1 choice among clients to give as a gift for someone special? If you’d like to book a consultation to discuss the SilkPeel Facial, please contact our cosmetic surgery office. Following the consultation, if you’d like to proceed with this non-surgical treatment, it can be performed for you at the same time.

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