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Moles, Spots, Lesions and Veins – Irregular Skin Pigmentation

If you have noticed various skin irregularities beginning to appear on your body, you are not alone! Nearly 100% of all people have one or more pigmented lesion or skin irregularity.

Some are caused by sun exposure, others by aging. Still others are congenital. Regardless of the cause, pigmented lesions and moles are simply spots on the skin where there is a higher concentration of melanin. Some lesions are flat; others are raised. In most cases, pigmented lesions are merely a cosmetic concern, but in some cases, they can be an early sign of skin cancer.

Effective Treatment At Toronto Laser Clinic

Photorejuvenation Procedure

As we age, most of us are also affected by brown spots that emerge on our skin and other pigmentation irregularities. The majority of these skin concerns can be effectively treated at our Toronto Laser clinic. With the newest laser technology, areas of concern can be addressed by a laser treatment that takes less than half an hour and typically has minimal to no downtime for recovery. For most benign pigmented lesions and skin blemishes that are of a cosmetic concern, AFT-IPL Laser is the best non-surgical option. AFT Photorejuvenation decreases irregular skin pigmentation and the appearance of blemishes such moles, brown spots, red spots, and redness caused by rosacea. By exposing a pigmented lesion to short pulses of visible laser light, the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin can be raised sharply, and the spots and lesions absorb the light. That laser light then shatters the cells containing the melanin. The body replaces these cells with new cells generated by the surrounding untreated area, leaving only healthy tissue behind. Patients may experience a sunburned look for a few hours after treatment, and targeted spots will temporarily appear darker then slough off in 3 to 7 days. Swelling, blistering, infection, unwanted pigmentation changes, and scarring are rare side effects. Photorejuvenation is a safe, common, and quick procedure with little risk.

Because of AFT photorejuvenation’s short treatment time, quick effects and lack of downtime, AFT laser therapy receives a high degree of patient satisfaction.

The series of treatments needed will be customized exclusively for you and your target areas. Generally, treatments are scheduled 4 weeks apart, and noticeable results should appear after the first few treatments.

Immediate Difference in the Appearance

Spider Veins

Spider veins are red and purple blood vessels that occur in patches on the legs and face. Spider veins and varicose veins are not the same, and one does not necessarily lead to the other. Whereas varicose veins are large, swollen, and occur singularly on the legs, spider veins are delicate and tend to develop in clusters. Both spider veins and reticular, or “feeder”, veins deeper in the skin may cause discomfort. Spider veins usually do not pose a health threat. Although they can cause aching and discomfort, spider veins are primarily a cosmetic problem. Spider veins usually take on one of three basic patterns:

  • Tiny branch-like shape (common on inner knee)
  • True spider shape
  • Sunburst pattern (common on outer thigh)

Women develop spider veins 4 times more frequently than men. In fact, about 70 percent of adult women are afflicted with spider veins at some time in their lives. Our Alma Laser uses an AFT laser (Advanced Fluorescence Technology), which is a next-generation of IPL laser treatment to combat spider veins effectively and easily – usually in just a single treatment! Our clients love seeing the immediate difference in the appearance of the broken capillaries, and you will too!

What to expect for your laser treatment

At our Toronto Laser Clinic, only qualified personnel will perform your skin treatments under the expert care of facial plastic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson. We desire top results for our patients and take extra precautions to ensure patient comfort, care, and satisfaction. Our excellent safety record, reputation, technology, and expertise make us a top Toronto laser clinic.

During your consultation prior to a laser session, you can look through our Before and After Photo Gallery of patient laser results. Not everyone is comfortable with their laser treatment photos being posted online, so we do have an extensive photo gallery available in our actual laser clinic for you to browse through. Upon booking a laser treatment, all patients receive simple and easy pre-treatment laser instructions, as well as post-laser treatment guidelines that clearly help you prepare and help you know what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser treatments for Lesions, Spots, Moles, and Veins

1) Can AFT- IPL laser treat varicose veins? No. Varicose veins are treated using different methods and by doctors who specialize in varicose vein procedures. Our Toronto Laser clinic offers AFT-IPL laser, which will target spider veins and broken capillaries.

2) What should I expect after a laser vein treatment?
Following a spider vein laser treatment, you may experience redness, some flaking and peeling, slight bruising, and/or swelling. Using products such as Aquaphor can help soothe the skin. One important piece of advice to minimize your risks of scarring is that you don’t poke or pick at the treated areas. Full after-care instructions will be given to you by Dr. Torgerson’s office.

3) Are there ways to remove a mole other than a laser treatment?
Yes, Dr. Torgerson’s office may also recommend that the mole be shaved or cut out rather than treated using a laser. This may be necessary if a biopsy of the mole is needed to make sure it is benign.

4) Will a laser treatment permanently remove a sunspot? The longevity of the results are based on how well you care for your skin afterwards, since new pigmentation can be formed. Using sunscreen on a daily basis, wearing a hat, and using other protective measures will help prevent your skin from developing new pigmentation that results in sunspots. Our Toronto Laser clinic also recommends the use of a daily vitamin C cream along with a skin-brightening cream for the best maintenance of the laser treatment results.


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