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Facelift Toronto

What is a facelift? Have you been considering a facelift?

A facelift can rewind the effects of time, age, and stress on your face or neck like nothing else! Among popular facial rejuvenation procedures, a facelift in Toronto is the definitive solution for sagging and wrinkled skin that both men and women choose for lasting results.

The aesthetic goal for top facelift surgeons is to reveal a natural-looking, graceful improvement to your appearance that helps you look like your best, younger self. Not pulled or altered in a surgical way.

That’s a goal that most people like you share as well. So if you’re considering a facelift in Toronto, you’ll need to seek out skilled, experienced facial plastic surgeons to begin your exciting transformation!

In Toronto, Dr. Cory Torgerson’s facelift clients can choose from a variety of advanced, bespoke facelift surgery options to lift and smooth their brow, midface, jawline, and neck.

The customizability and age-appropriateness of facial rejuvenation procedures today is part of what makes them increasingly appealing. While cosmetic surgery has become much more socially acceptable for people of all walks of life, it remains truer than ever that Toronto facelift patients want to give a vibrant, young, and healthy impression, yet still look like themselves, even if they’ve had a little help.

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Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Facelift Patients

Dr. Cory Torgerson – Highly Trained Facial Plastic Surgeon

Why is a Facelift in Toronto the Best Choice for Some?

A facelift is often the right choice, because surgical intervention to remove loose skin and revive lax facial tissue can achieve what no amount of laser tightening or cosmetic injection ever can.

Facial fullness diminishes naturally over time. As well, collagen, elasticity, and muscle tone dwindle. The effects of ageing are an unstoppable force, leaving many people over the age of 40 with deepening wrinkles, neck sagging, and facial hollows.

Facelift surgery comprehensively addresses multiple signs of wear and tear on your face, from the forehead down to the neck. Rather than mere surface smoothing, temporary volume replacement with dermal fillers, or wrinkle injections, surgical facial tightening can help put multiple layers (skin, deep muscle, and fat) back to where they once were.

The results also last much longer than any non-surgical treatment because of the meticulous, deep work that is done. This factor makes the cost of a facelift in Toronto a long-term investment in yourself.

It’s critical to work with a facelift surgeon who will tell you when it’s time to progress from lighter, temporary treatments to a procedure that will fast-track your confidence goals.

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a highly specialized facial plastic surgeon. As an MD, Ph.D., and FRCSC with extensive training, he chooses to focus his expertise on only the head and neck area. Few Toronto facelift surgeons have the credentials or experience level to create the consistent, stunning facelift results that he is well known for. Dr. Torgerson’s safety record, innovative techniques, and customized approach to each patient make him a leader in the field of facelift surgery.

At our modern, downtown Toronto surgical centre, you’re invited to a welcoming environment where your concerns and goals are understood. Every day, we help empower people like you to make changes that kickstart a more beautiful life.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Facelift in Toronto?

The best Toronto facelift patients tend to share the same facial concerns, including:

  • Sagging skin at the jawline and lower face due to loss of muscle tone and elasticity
  • Loose, crepey skin around the eyes and mouth
  • Creases, lines, and wrinkles, including deep nasolabial folds or marionette lines at the mouth corners

When you meet with your surgeon to discuss a facelift in Toronto, they’ll ask you questions about your concerns and expectations. They’ll also assess your skin and consider genetics, lifestyle choices, weight fluctuations, and age. If you have been using dermal fillers for some time, they may suggest that it is time to stop adding volume and instead reduce the tissue laxity and downward movement that cause your signs of age.

There is no “right age” for a facelift. However, more than one of the above factors converge to alter facial appearance for most people between the ages of 40 and 60. Many people use cosmetic injections like Botox and dermal fillers to soften lines and replenish volume, beginning in their 30s or 40s. These treatments are safe and produce instant results. But they are limited in what they can achieve and will not reverse skin thinning and stretching.

Dr. Torgerson’s plastic surgery motto is “Do the right thing at the right time.” When your affordable, safe, and effective solutions are non-surgical, he is happy to recommend a plan utilizing the many powerful aesthetic devices and medical-grade skincare that he offers.

However, if your age concerns are more severe and you’re tired of combatting the unwanted changes in your face, it may be the perfect time to book a consultation for a natural facelift in Toronto.

Facelift Toronto

Facelift Cost

A facelift is a wonderfully comprehensive solution to treat facial wrinkles and skin laxity caused by genetics and aging.

This type of facial plastic surgery can range from a mini facelift (minimally invasive) to a more extensive broad-range full facelift that can include eyelid surgery, a brow lift, and a neck lift.

One of the biggest questions that patients have is What is the cost of a facelift? This can be determined based on which approach you choose for facelift surgery.

The Cohesiveness of a Full Face Lift Is Something to Be Considered

Targeted Focus Area

With a mini facelift, the costs will be less, because the focus area is much more targeted and less time-intensive. A full facelift runs higher in cost, because it generally includes the entire head and neck region so that there is smooth consistency and flow in appearance for all of the skin that is visible from the neck up.

The cohesiveness of a full face lift is something to be considered, although it does require more downtime. The mini face lift is just as popular, as different areas of a person’s face may age faster than other areas, and a mini-lift can target those zones specifically. A mini-facelift also requires slightly less recovery time, so busy people on the go find it more ideal.

When you are quoted a cost for your facelift or mini-lift, be sure that the quote includes all aspects of the surgery, such as anaesthesia fees, facility costs, and any other miscellaneous costs associated with the time when you are being cared for by the medical staff on the day of surgery. The quoted cost should also include all your post-operative care and follow-up appointments for the year post-surgery. The only extra costs would likely be the prescription drugs and antibiotics that will be prescribed for you to take following surgery. If you have an insurance drug plan, these will likely be covered.


You Choose Your Facial Plastic Surgeon Expert

Region and the Technique of Facelift

The cost of a facelift varies from surgeon to surgeon, depending on the geographic region and the technique that is being employed for the facelift. In Toronto, the top facelift surgeons will charge upwards of $8,000 to $16,000 for a mini-lift and between $19,000 and $30,000 for a full facelift, because a full facelift is extensive and achieves dramatic improvements for multiple aspects of the face. What is of utmost importance is that you choose your facial plastic surgeon based on training, quality of work, rapport, and experience, not cost. After all, it’s your face, and you will be a visible, walking testimony of the cosmetic surgeon’s work.

Choosing a facial plastic surgeon (expert in head and neck surgery like face lift and rhinoplasty) over a general plastic surgeon (expert in body surgery like breast implants and liposuction) is the best place to start. Consulting a face lift surgeon will help you clarify whether you’re a candidate for a face lift and what a full face lift versus a mini face lift could do for you. Dr. Cory Torgerson offers private consultations to help patients identify their goals and receive a personalized, tailored quote for the face lift cost.

There are also various Toronto credit agencies specifically designed to provide financing for cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery, so this can be an option for patients seeking to have the facelift done sooner rather than later.

You Choose Your Facial Plastic Surgeon Expert

Region and the Technique of Facelift

The cost of a facelift in Toronto is an important factor to consider. While your total fee for this investment in yourself will be much higher than non-surgical, individual treatments, the combined total of multiple repeated anti-ageing treatments often adds up to be comparable over a relatively short time.

Facelifts achieve comprehensively what years of surface treatments and skincare cannot. The results may last 10 to 15 years, and the payoff for self-esteem and patient satisfaction is typically what sets it apart.

Generally, facelift costs will be provided to you inclusive of your facial plastic surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, and the facility fee (nurses, recovery room, supplies, and medication administered on the day of surgery). All of your pre- and post-operative appointments will also be included in your facelift quote.

A facelift in Toronto may be priced higher than in smaller Canadian towns or overseas. However, facelift surgeons in densely populated metropolitan areas offer advanced expertise and qualifications that deliver the best facelift results. Toronto is a globally recognized destination for cosmetic surgery artistry. If you choose to travel here to have work done by Dr. Torgerson, our team will welcome you with help to find accommodation, transportation and parking, and private nursing care. We are located in the heart of world-renowned attractions, shopping, and top-tier hotels.

Keep in mind that there may be added expenses associated with your facelift, which you will cover out of pocket. Prescription medication, such as antibiotics and pain medication, will need to be picked up the day of surgery. Additional costs may include the optional purchase of a specialized head garment for your facelift recovery or hired help with housework, children, and pets at home. An overnight nurse will also cost an additional fee if you choose to have one.

Facelift Toronto

How Can I Know What My Facelift in Toronto Will Cost?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a facial plastic surgery procedure that combats skin laxity and facial wrinkles.

When considering a Toronto face lift, most patients are understandably anxious to know how much the procedure will cost. How can you know what your facelift in Toronto will cost? The price of your face-lift will vary depending on the region, the extent of the procedure, the technique utilized, and the experience and skill of your plastic surgeon.

The Region

The Extent of the Procedure

The cost of facelift surgery varies depending on your geographic region. The costs associated with the procedure, such as anesthesiologist fees and operating room fees, tend to be higher in larger metropolitan cities. On average, leading Toronto facelift surgeons charge between $18,000 and $24,000 for a full facelift, while a mini facelift costs an average of $8,000 to $14,000. (Note that prices are subject to change over time.) Although the cost can be off-putting for some, it is imperative that the price of the procedure is not the determining factor when selecting a plastic surgeon for your facelift surgery. Some patients consider travelling outside the city to save money on their procedure, but only a highly trained and experienced surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery should be entrusted to perform this complex procedure.

The cost of your facelift in Toronto will also vary depending on the extent of the procedure and your targeted focus area. For example, a mini facelift costs significantly less than a traditional, full face lift because the area of focus is much smaller, and the procedure itself is therefore less time-consuming.

The First Step Of Your Journey Begins With A Conversation

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

Facelift Surgery

Can a Facelift Be Combined with Other Cosmetic Procedures?

When you’re planning a facelift in Toronto, it could be the perfect time to correct or improve multiple features for comprehensive results. Surgeries that Dr. Torgerson’s patients often add to a facelift include blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), a lip lift, or CO2 laser with PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy).

Adding procedures will increase your overall facelift cost. However, your combined fee will be lower than it would be for each individual surgery done separately. Combination surgeries can save money related to facility fees and anaesthetic fees. Our patients also love the convenience of one streamlined recovery time to plan for. With combination procedures, patients typically book 2 to 3 weeks off from work. Lighter tasks and work-from-home arrangements may be possible.

Facelift Recovery

Toronto, ON

When you awaken in our comforting recovery room, your nurse will monitor and care for you until you’re ready to head home or to your hotel. Patients are discharged the same day as their procedure, accompanied by an adult caregiver such as a friend, family member, or private nurse.

You’ll be provided with a prescription for pain relievers and an antibiotic, and your recovery instructions will be reviewed with you again before you leave.

Your facelift bandage will be removed at our clinic the day following your procedure, and sutures (stitches) are removed gradually after 5 days, then after 1 week.

We advise patients to avoid strenuous activity for 2 to 3 weeks after facelift surgery. This is because facial swelling and pain can be increased through elevating your blood pressure and because you will be at risk of bleeding with increased blood pressure for the first 2 weeks until you are well healed. That means that you’ll need to take a vacation from the gym, many household chores, and other activities that require heavy lifting or bending over. This is a great opportunity to catch up on reading or podcasts, take it easy, and pamper yourself!

You will be able to shower, but wait to wash your hair until 3 days following surgery. Your surgeon and nurses will explain how you can wash gently and safely, avoiding infection risks.

We recommend that you sleep with several firm pillows arranged to elevate your head and shoulders roughly 30 degrees. This position helps minimize swelling. You will be asked to avoid NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) medications such as Advil and others that can contribute to bleeding or bruises. Smoking will delay your healing process and should be avoided as well.

Remember that healing after a facelift is a process. It does require patience and realistic expectations. For example, some discomfort, swelling, and bruising are expected. Often, patients see their maximum swelling appear on Day 3 or 4. At that time, try to focus on rest and relaxation, not what you look like. You can count on the bruising and puffiness to improve somewhat by 7 days post-op. It will continue to improve each day after.

After just 2 weeks, the majority of your facelift swelling will be gone, and you may feel comfortable returning to work and social activities. You may still have some areas of numbness that persist for several months as the nerves slowly regenerate.

Facelift incisions close during the first 2 weeks. Your scars will begin to fade over time, maturing after 6 months to become faint and well hidden in most places. Dr. Torgerson offers amazing scar treatment products to help accelerate that process for you.

We will see you in person at our surgical centre for initial follow-up appointments to track your progress and answer questions. By roughly 6 months after your facelift, you’ll be ready for facelift before and after photos to compare where you were and how far you’ve come!


What factors should I consider before moving ahead with a Facelift?

Patients need to consider all of the following when choosing a facial plastic surgeon for their facelift in Toronto:

1) qualifications, 2) expertise, 3) their rapport and comfort level with the cosmetic surgeon, 4) the quality of the facial plastic surgery facility, 5) where the surgery will be performed, 6) external factors like staff who work at the cosmetic surgery centre and how their consultation requests and appointments are handled, and 7) if patients connect with the aesthetic presented in the before and after photos of prior patients.

Mini-facelift vs. full facelift: Toronto’s best option

Determining whether a mini facelift or a full facelift is better for you depends on age, genetics, and aesthetic goals. Although a mini-facelift can be very appealing because it is less expensive and less invasive, it may not be the best choice for significant skin sagging. *A full facelift will also correct the neck and restructure deep tissues, the midface, and jowls for a more cohesive overall result. However, if you have minimal skin laxity or mild jowling, then a mini-lift may be the right decision.* All the options can be explored with Dr. Torgerson during your consult, and a perfectly personalized and tailored plan can be chosen when you’re ready.

What are the best alternatives to a facelift?

If you’re not quite ready for facelift surgery or can’t afford the downtime, other excellent non-surgical options include:

  1. Dermal filler to restore volume where it has been lost due to the aging process
  2. Botox to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes
  3. Laser treatments such as C02 laser for skin tightening, skin resurfacing, and skin rejuvenation
  4. Ultherapy for lifting and tightening of the deeper muscle layers

Can I have other procedures done at the same time as a facelift?

Absolutely, you can. Many patients decide to combine the procedure with a neck lift, browlift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), or CO2 laser. *To have multiple surgical procedures performed at once does not lengthen your recovery time, which is a benefit to addressing multiple areas of concern at the same time.*

How many Toronto facial plastic surgeons should I consult?

The answer is, as many surgeons as necessary for you to find the cosmetic surgeon who is best suited to you and your needs. You need to feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon, establish a good rapport with him or her, and feel like your aesthetic goals for the facelift match up.

What medical tests are necessary before a facelift in Toronto?

All patients are required to undergo blood tests, a chest X-ray, and occasionally an ECG before a facelift. Dr. Cory Torgerson goes above and beyond in his assessment of whether a patient is physically fit for surgery to ensure the absolute safety of his patients.

Where will my facelift surgery happen?

Our facelift Toronto location is a beautiful state-of-the-art surgical facility in the heart of downtown. Dr. Torgerson oversees one of the few fully approved Level 3 out-of-hospital premises in Toronto. To be approved, any cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto must pass strict inspections and assessments coordinated by the governing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Our facility exceeds provincial standards and offers incredible quality assurance. Having your face lift performed at a private surgery facility means better one-on-one medical attention than a hospital can offer. That’s because our staff are selected personally by Dr. Torgerson based on their credentials and expertise. Private surgery centres also assure patients that their facial cosmetic surgery won’t be rescheduled due to urgent cases as in public hospitals. The following glowing statements are derived from a CPSO inspection of Dr. Torgerson’s facial cosmetic surgery centre.

How does a facelift help people achieve a more youthful appearance?

A Facelift helps people achieve a more youthful appearance because it tightens and lifts multiple layers of tissue back to where it used to be. It reverses the sagging, drooping effects of gravity.

How does the facelift procedure differ for women and men?

The only difference between a facelift for a male patient and a facelift for a female patient is the incision technique. For men, because of their facial hair, typically the incision (and thus the scar) is designed in front of a small area of the ear called the tragus. For women, the incision happens behind the tragus in order to conceal it. Otherwise, the vast majority of work done during a face lift is identical for both men and women.

Can facial implants be used with a facelift to achieve a better result?

Yes, both chin and cheek implants can be used during a facelift to add more balance to the face and augment the underlying structure. However, the most common non-surgical procedure performed alongside a facelift is the use of injectable dermal filler (i.e. Perlane, Restylane) to add and restore the lost volume while the face lift does the work of tightening and lifting.

What is discussed during the facelift consultation?

During a facelift consult, Dr. Torgerson reviews a patient’s concerns, goals, and overall desires. He also determines whether or not the patient is a good candidate by evaluating the quality and redundancy of skin as well as if the patient has an appropriate and safe health history to undergo surgery. As a surgeon, it is important for Dr. Torgerson that patients do the right procedure at the right time, so he does explore each patient’s motivation. It’s also imperative for any potential candidate to know that the face lift needs to be done in a natural-looking way. Just because the skin can be pulled tighter, doesn’t mean that it should. People do not want the days of unnatural plastic surgery outcomes like Joan Rivers anymore. The new age of cosmetic surgery involves fresh, radiant, and natural outcomes where the patients look authentic, refreshed, and revitalized.

What can patients expect during the recovery period?

Potential clients who are considering a face lift should expect to take approximately 2 weeks off work to allow proper healing time and the dissipation of swelling and bruising. They can also expect temporary tenderness and numbness in certain areas as they heal. While the scars take several months to lighten and mature, they can easily be hidden and are not typically noticeable.

What kind of maintenance is involved after a patient undergoes a face lift?

A Facelift can last up to 15 years. However, to achieve optimal longevity of the results, Dr. Torgerson’s recommendations following a facelift are to maintain the results with non-invasive, simple procedures such as regular Botox injections, yearly augmentation with injectable fillers, as well as the use of lasers for skin resurfacing.

What kind of results have you seen in your patients after the procedure compared to before?

(Physically and emotionally) patients who have undergone Face lift surgery generally report feeling more confident. They feel as though their outward appearance more accurately reflects the youthfulness they still feel on the inside. All of them enjoy the compliments of family and friends who wonder how it is that they look so fresh and well rested, without knowing their secret!

What advice do you have for potential clients who are seeking a facelift?

My philosophy is “do the right thing at the right time.” Facelift surgery can often be the right choice for patients who have not been able to achieve the same effect with less invasive techniques such as lasers, fillers, or healthy lifestyles. Patients need to educate themselves and look for a qualified facial plastic surgeon (FRCSC) with extra fellowship training. When it comes to your face, one should not settle for less than a surgeon who has the highest level of credentials for performing facial plastic surgery. Potential clients should also choose a surgeon that listened and was able to provide examples of patient results and client references. Most importantly, patients should pick a surgeon who they feel most confident and comfortable with.

Facelift Alternatives

What Are the Best Alternatives to a Facelift?

If you’re still considering all of your options or a facelift isn’t ideal for you at this time, we offer excellent non-surgical options to help you age gracefully:

  • Dermal filler helps restore volume in the cheeks, lips, jawline, and under-eye hollows.
  • Botox can smooth away fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s-feet.
  • Chemical peels and RF microneedling are both wonderful skin/collagen rejuvenators that help improve tone and smoothness and diminish pigment imperfections.
  • Laser treatments such as CO2 laser skin tightening, skin resurfacing, and age spot removal offer intensive resurfacing.
  • Ultherapy lifts and tightens the deep muscle layers and skin.
  • Fotona laser skin treatments such as FRAC3 are gentle enough to do without sedation.
  • A liquid facelift is achieved instantly using injectable dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Teosyal, or Restylane. Facial fillers provide lift and contouring, while neurotoxin injections target wrinkles and fine lines caused by facial muscle movement. This combination treatment delivers a harmonious, balanced result for patients in their 30s, 40s, and early 50s.

Toronto, ON

Dr. Torgerson’s Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Your facelift in Toronto will take place at our beautiful, state-of-the-art surgical facility in the heart of downtown. Our centre is one of the few fully approved, Level 3 out-of-hospital premises (OHP) in Toronto. Cosmetic surgery clinics in Toronto must pass strict inspections and assessments coordinated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Our facility far exceeds provincial standards and quality assurance.

Booking your facelift at a private surgery facility also means better one-on-one attention than what a public hospital offers. Our staff is selected by Dr. Torgerson personally based on their expertise and a passion for client care. We strive to accommodate busy schedules and to ensure that you feel valued every step of your journey. With us, you are a VIP.

What Do You Need to Know When Planning a Facelift?

Before selecting your Toronto facelift surgeon, consider:

1) Qualifications (education, licensing, and accreditation)

2) Expertise (your surgeon’s specialization and experience with this procedure)

3) Your comfort level with the cosmetic surgeon (Trust your gut! Communication should be clear and honest)

4) The facial plastic surgery facility where your surgery will be performed

5) Your expectations (Are they realistic? Are you prepared to follow post-operative instructions carefully?)

6) Surgical quote (Do you understand all of the fees and the total facelift cost?)

7) You will likely need to have some laboratory tests done. Dr. Torgerson goes above and beyond in his assessment of whether a patient is physically fit for surgery to ensure your safety. You will learn about the testing required and all preparation during a thorough pre-op appointment before your procedure day. Dr. Torgerson will also discuss any possible risks with you before you consent to the procedure.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Your Toronto Facelift Consultation

You are most welcome to bring all of your questions to your initial one-on-one meeting with Dr. Torgerson. Many patients find it helpful to write down a list of questions, because in the excitement of planning, they may forget to ask something that is important to them.

Dr. Torgerson will spend roughly 30 minutes with you so that you can explain your goals. He will perform an in-depth analysis of your face and neck. Patients are invited to use the Vectra 3D imaging system, which helps illustrate potential possibilities and outcomes using your own 3D image.

As a facial structure and anatomy expert, Dr. Torgerson targets treatment strategies to complement individual appearance and preferences. Some patients need a full facelift, which involves the neck, brow, and eyelids in most cases. Others require a mini-facelift to address the mid and lower face.

You will view facelift before and after photos from our previous patients. We also have numerous examples of Dr. Torgerson’s work in office in addition to the pictures shared on our website. 

After your discussion, assessment, and initial planning, you will be provided with a detailed surgical quote and options for booking that may suit your schedule. Our office also works with reputable medical financing companies who will be happy to connect with you. Medical loans can help offset the expense of a facelift and allow you to achieve your dreams faster!

Call today or write to us and take the first step toward a rejuvenated, vibrant version of yourself finally reflected both inside and out! We look forward to meeting you.

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