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Neograft™ Hair Transplant Toronto

Hair loss and hair thinning affect approximately 60 million men and women in North America.

The most common hair loss is male pattern baldness, which is also known scientifically as androgenic alopecia. Until recently, there were only temporary solutions to hair loss. And the solutions that were available required invasive surgery, which was painful and left visible scars.

Today, however, that has all changed with the introduction of NeoGraft. NeoGraft is a minimally invasive hair procedure that has little downtime, little pain, and minimal linear scar and offers a hair restoration alternative for both men and women.

Neograft™ Procedure

Hair Loss And Solutions

While most of us are aware that thinning hair and pattern baldness are usually attributed to genetics, there are a number of other factors that can stimulate hair loss. Stress, medical treatments, and different medical conditions can also cause or accelerate hair loss in both males and females alike. For men, one of the main reasons for loss of hair is DHT. Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is one of the main causes for male pattern baldness. An increase in DHT causes hair follicles on the head to “burn”. Once those hair follicles fall out, they are replaced by thinner hair. This process happens until there is no regrowth.

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Top Treatments and Procedures


There are many solutions to hair loss. Below are some of the top treatments and procedures:

Spray-On or Wigs – These offer temporary solutions. Either a wig or spray on is applied to the head. This needs to be done on a daily basis and over time can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Light Therapy – Light therapy uses the different spectrum of light to help strengthen hair. However, light therapy does not prevent hair loss – it only strengthens the current hair.

Invasive Surgery – Strip harvesting is done by removing the scalp with the hairs in strips and then transplanting the harvested strips in the areas where there is hair loss. This type of procedure requires extensive down time and visible scars.

Topical Treatment – The most popular topical treatment is minoxidil. Minoxidil comes in 2 forms – topical foam and a liquid that is applied to the crown of the head. Minoxidil prevents hair loss; however, it hasn’t been approved for the frontal temporal area of the head, only the crown. Once the minoxidil treatment is stopped, hair loss will continue.

Prescription Medication – Finasteride, also known as Proscar or Propecia, is an oral medication that stops hair loss in men. However, once it is stopped, hair loss will continue. *Side effects for finasteride include an increased chance of aggressive prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and loss of libido.*

FUE – Also known as follicular unit extraction, FUE is a procedure where small incisions are made to the donor site of the head and units of hair follicles are extracted. Those hairs are then transplanted in the recipient site. *This process leaves minimal visible linear scar and requires minimal downtime.*

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What Is Neograft?

NeoGraft is the state-of-the-art answer to hair loss.

NeoGraft utilizes Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), removing the hair follicles themselves from the donor site (back and sides of the head), *keeping them entirely intact and in their natural group state throughout the extraction process.* Following this, these natural hairs are then implanted in the areas that are thinning, receding, or completely balding.

Check Out NeoGraft

*The fact is, there is now a life-long solution that gives you back your own healthy head of hair.
*You do not have to be unhappy with yourself and your appearance. Take advantage of the great benefits that NeoGraft can provide for you.
*NeoGraft is a simple, minimally invasive micro-procedure that can allow you to feel better about yourself and your hairline.
*Call Dr. Torgerson’s Yorkville Clinic in Toronto at 647-343-0207 for information on NeoGraft today.
*You will be taking back your power by proactively attacking the issue, and not for a day or two, maybe even for good.
*Put baldness behind you and make a consultation appointment today to find out if NeoGraft is the right option for you.

Why Should I Choose NeoGraft?

*Unlike some other hair transplants, with the NeoGraft FUE technology there are minimal visible linear scars, stitches, or staples.
*Patients can resume normal activities rather quickly. With typical strip surgery, hair can be harvested only a limited number of times due to the limitations of your scalp. With NeoGraft, one of the main limits to the amount of times you can undergo the procedure is the availability of grafts that can safely be harvested. Therefore, it allows you to achieve a fuller set of hair without the need for a linear scar or major surgery. Not only will you have a completely full head of beautiful hair that is naturally your own, but you can care for it and wear it how you like without worry.
*The best part about the NeoGraft hair transplant system is that it is the least invasive form of hair transplant treatment available and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.*

The First Step Of Your Journey Begins With A Conversation

You can select multiple procedures to inquire about

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