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Angel Whitening Laser

Angel whitening laser skin lightening in Toronto is a 4-dimensional way to safely brighten complexions, revealing a porcelain glow.

StarWalker’s exceptional 3rd-generation Q-switched laser technology treats a multitude of concerns. And nothing matches the way its 4D angel whitening mode lightens skin. The unique pico modality lightens uneven, acne-scarred, freckled, or aged skin rapidly and precisely.

Melanin gives skin its colour. Melanin can be heavily deposited around the eyes, mouth, and body areas, especially in Asian or African skin tones. In the past, strong skin-bleaching creams were the only available option to lighten hyperpigmentation. With concerns about chemical exposure, more men and women want natural ways to balance their complexion today.

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre offers the latest in reliable, safe skin lightening: angel whitening.

This in-office treatment targets unwanted pigment in a way that topical creams can’t, yet it’s gentle enough for nearly everyone.

Angel Whitening Laser

What Do Angel Whitening Laser Treatments Do?

Age spots are also referred to as “sunspots” or “liver spots.” These discoloured patches of melanin pigment appear on the face, neck, and back of the hands.

Melanin, which protects skin from the sun, may be distributed unevenly or may be more concentrated in areas that are frequently exposed or where skin has been irritated and injured.

Some people develop melasma or hyperpigmentation because of hormonal changes, oral birth control medication, or genetics. Age spots are usually larger than freckles, and melasma can cover much of the face with brown-hued patches. After the age of 40, skin cells slough off and replenish more slowly, so that is when many people start to see uneven pigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation around the eyes, mouth, or where acne breakouts occur are common on the face. As for the body, thicker skin on the elbows and knees may be darker, along with the groin or underarms.

If melasma, age spots, or hyperpigmentation bother you, StarWalker angel whitening might be what you’re dreaming of.

This fast, non-invasive laser solution for even skin tone allows you to ditch harsh bleaching creams and sunspot cures that don’t work. The StarWalker laser uses multiple settings to treat a diverse range of skin tones without the risks that were attributed to past laser devices. StarWalker angel whitening breaks apart and removes melanin pigment without harming the skin. Skin texture concerns such as enlarged pores, lines, or scars benefit from both pigment removal and the new collagen and elastin stimulated by the energy delivery to the dermis.

Imagine dramatic, visible lightening and a clear, bright complexion to face the world refreshed this year.

How Does the Q-Switched StarWalker Laser Work?

Fotona’s StarWalker laser is making complexion transformation a reality for our beautiful Toronto clients.

The new generation of Q-switched laser technology offers faster and safer results for numerous pigment and textural concerns. Using precise picowave technology, StarWalker angel whitening removes pigmented and vascular lesions, melasma, acne scarring, fine lines, rosacea, and tattoos.

With 4 unique wavelengths and 14 modalities, StarWalker is incredibly efficient. It’s also more comfortable than previous generations of laser technology, because the targeted pigment is pulverized into fine particles. Reduced to dust, the waste elements are cleared easily from the body through the lymphatic waste system. That means fewer treatments are needed. Our patients are amazed by how quickly they see results develop right before their eyes.

Another benefit of dramatically improved precision is that the StarWalker laser can treat a range of skin tones through personalized, custom treatments suited to each individual.

In areas where years of sun-worshipping or environmental damage left their mark, laser skin lightening can shatter pigment and clear it away rapidly with no harm to the surrounding skin.

The angel whitening mode treats areas of your body where skin is visibly darker or uneven. The panda eye laser mode utilizes 2 wavelengths for lightening the delicate eye area.

Angel Whitening Toronto Benefits:
  • Faded, minimized scars
  • Blemish-free skin
  • Lighter, even complexion
  • Brighter skin around the eyes
  • Smooth, hair-free skin
  • Makeup-free skin more often!

Angel Whitening

What Areas of the Body Are Lightened with Angel Whitening?

StarWalker angel whitening can improve the appearance of the underarms, groin, knees, and elbows. It also targets pigmented scars, melasma, and age spots. And it happens to smooth fine lines and wrinkles simultaneously! The laser’s long-pulse mode clears spider veins and improves the look of facial redness.

Many people complain of dark skin that no amount of scrubbing and exfoliation will remove. In fact, aggressive treatment of the skin can make the problem worse.

With angel whitening, you can expect lightened, even-looking skin that feels fuzz-free because it eliminates hair too!

Vascular lesions often appear purple or reddish. These absorb StarWalker’s energy, dissolve, and are flushed from the body, leaving a smooth, unblemished canvas behind.

Angel whitening brightens and lightens the complexion remarkably well, but additional gorgeous benefits make this treatment an all-around patient favourite.


The Angel Whitening Experience

Lightening your skin with angel whitening is a quick and relatively comfortable procedure. Patients describe the sensation as light “snapping” while the handpiece passes over treatment zones. There will be no anaesthetic required, but the Zimmer cooling device helps soothe skin for a relaxing experience. Angel whitening sessions require between 30 and 60 minutes and are personalized for your desired treatment areas.

There is no downtime after angel whitening. That makes it convenient to book on a lunch break or after work. You might see pink skin and appear flushed for up to an hour, but you can return to regular activities immediately. Most people see some degree of skin lightening right away, but you can expect the full results to develop over several weeks as your skin eliminates pigment.

The First Step f Your Journey Begins With A Conversation

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Who Is an Angel Whitening Candidate?

Dr. Torgerson’s clients appreciate that angel whitening is safe and effective for just about anyone with pigment concerns like melasma, hyperpigmentation, or age spots. Until now, laser skin lightening or rejuvenation was considered a high risk for darker Asian and African skin tones. That’s because the scattered delivery of energy to the skin could affect larger, unintended tissue areas and skin pigment.

However, StarWalker’s advanced laser technology ensures incredibly precise control of energy delivered to target cells while avoiding surrounding tissue and potential harm. Angel whitening is customizable, and our laser specialists will program ideal settings just for you.

Some medications and skin conditions may preclude you from laser treatments, so please share your medical history with your practitioner.

Excellent candidates for skin lightening can reduce the look of scarring, clear up a “freckle face” or sun damage, and dramatically improve melasma. If you’re looking for a safe way to lighten your skin, we invite you to begin with a comprehensive skin analysis and consultation.

Dr. Cory Torgerson

Book Your Consultation for Angel Whitening in Toronto

Dr. Torgerson’s Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre is a contemporary, full-service cosmetic clinic conveniently located in downtown Toronto. His talented team of aesthetic medical professionals always ensures a safe and memorable experience. You can count on a warm welcome and knowledgeable specialists providing detailed feedback and recommendations to help you reach your beauty goals.

Toronto men and women are in love with angel whitening’s ability to rewind sun damage and brighten the canvas of your skin. You can finally clear away dark, uneven spots and get the porcelain complexion that you’ve always wanted! Call today to book your treatment.

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