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No Downtime nd No Surgery

Vaginal Laser Treatments

Many women feel too shy to discuss intimate issues with their doctor and may not know that there are effective treatments for common female genital, urinary, and vaginal problems. The popularity of cosmetic procedures mean that we often talk about how women can look their best, but we don’t talk as openly about gynecology and how a woman can feel her best too. Fortunately, there have been exciting new advances in this area of medicine. Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Yorkville Toronto clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment options . The Fotona Smooth Mode erbium laser provides a gynaecology treatment system that can address multiple areas of concern with one device, no downtime, and no surgery. These specialized treatment types are called IncontiLase, IntimaLase, ProlapLase, and RenovaLase.

Together, this suite of treatment options provides non-invasive solutions for urinary stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, itching and atrophy, vaginal laxity, painful intercourse, and issues of prolapse.

The Fotona Smooth Mode erbium laser shrinks tissues that it contacts with controlled, pulsed heating. This has the effect of stimulating angiogenesis, new fibroblast activity, and collagen production in the treatment area within 3 weeks. Further maturation of collagen production and tissue tightening proceeds over the next 6 to 8 months. Symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, laxity of vaginal tissue, prolapse issues, and muscle atrophy will all benefit from the Fotona laser. Treatment of the vaginal mucosa typically requires 2 treatments 4 weeks apart. Prolapse or atrophy issues with ProlapLase will require additional treatments.

Vaginal Laser Treatment Options

IncontiLase Treatment
IncontiLase uses the non-ablative photothermal stimulation of collagen production, which shrinks and tightens the vaginal mucosa and endopelvic fascia which provide greater support for the bladder. The device can be directed to target specific urinary and bladder laxity. Studies have shown that almost 70% of patients treated with IncontiLase reported being dry after 120 days. All those treated reported improvement with an up to 94% satisfaction rate and no adverse effects.
IntimaLase Treatment
IntimaLase is indicated to treat vaginal relaxation syndrome, which can also be referred to as a lax or loose vaginal canal. IntimiLase offers a safer vaginal-tightening solution than traditional surgery and an up to 95% patient satisfaction rate. Studies have shown measurable thickening and tightening of vaginal walls – up to 17% – when treated with the Fotona laser after 2 treatment sessions. Patients immediately report improvements and will continue to do so for weeks and months post-treatment as new collagen is continually created.
RenovaLase Treatment
RenovaLase also increases epithelial thickness and vascularization of the mucosal lining in the vagina. It helps reduce symptoms like dryness, itching, or discomfort during intercourse. Improved blood flow, tissue thickness, and lubrication are all achieved with this non-ablative, non-surgical technology. RenovaLase is proven to thicken vaginal walls and often eliminates the need for long-term estrogen treatment. Because it is drug- and hormone-free, RenovaLase is also safe for patients who have estrogen-dependent cancers (endometrial cancer, breast cancer, etc.) or who have a hereditary risk for these cancers.
ProlapLase Device
Treatments with the customised ProlapLase device will be patient-specific and typically require repeated sessions.
Fotona Laser Treatment
Fotona lasers penetrate tissues deeply without damaging the skin’s surface for instant, effective heating, which is limited to the structures targeted. This is not only the safest technology available for treating intimate issues but one of the most powerful tools that your gynecologist has to improve your quality of life and confidence. In the right expert hands, these targeted medical treatments have proven effective, often reducing the need for surgery or medications. The results are typically long-lasting with positive reports of sustained improvement at 6 months after treatment.

Your Consultation

Your consultation will involve ensuring that you do not have contraindications for the treatments such as pregnancy, certain diseases, or structural abnormalities. At your consultation, a laser nurse will also talk with you about treatment steps and what to expect during the procedures and recovery. There will typically be very mild swelling, if any, after your Fotona laser session. Patients are able to return to most regular activities immediately, making non-surgical vaginal and urinary treatment fast and convenient.

If you have noticed visible changes in the appearance of your labia or vagina that make you feel self-conscious, if you suffer dryness or pain during intercourse, or if you are dealing with urinary leaks that limit your lifestyle, you don’t have to keep dealing with that alone anymore. Come in and talk with us. We welcome you to schedule a private medical consultation with our laser nurses to learn about the surgical and non-surgical options available to restore your body and your confidence.

No Surgery and No Downtime

Together with you, one of our experienced laser nurses will help you select the best treatment options to address your concerns during your private, one-on-one medical consultation. Our nurses apply the advanced Fotona laser technology in the safest and most effective ways.

Between 1/3 and 1/2 of women report some degree of urinary incontinence after childbirth.

Our internal pelvic organs such as bladder and uterus are supported in place by various structures such as ligaments and muscles. Over time and due to pelvic floor muscle weakening and hormonal changes, loss of those supports may lead to uncomfortable shifting and “prolapse”. The uterus can descend into the vagina, as can the bladder or rectum, meaning that they push against and protrude into the vaginal space. There are estimates that up to half of all women who have given birth may have some degree of prolapse. Thinning and laxity of the vaginal walls also becomes a problem for many women after childbirth and with aging. This can lead to the loss of sexual satisfaction and discomfort. The cause is often lowered estrogen levels, because estrogen benefits the vagina by keeping its walls moist, thick, and elastic. It is not necessary to live with these uncomfortable changes.

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