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Fotona 4D – Non-Invasive Face Lifting

Non-invasive laser treatments for the face are an incredibly efficient way to rejuvenate and restore youthfulness in the skin.

People who experiencing signs of aging in their skin can combat the symptoms with a well-structured anti-ageing program that uses the latest in aesthetic laser technology. Non-invasive laser treatments require dedication to structured programs that consist of a series of treatments that are usually prescribed consecutively by your plastic surgeon. With due diligence, it is possible to get dramatic results without any surgery or downtime.

Fotona is one of the leading manufacturers of laser technology in the aesthetics world. Their innovative machines are equipped with interfaces that have key features allowing for the easy delivery of application modes for the technician. This provides more accuracy in the way that treatments are performed for patients. Fotona 4D is the latest multi-application of non-invasive laser treatments for the rejuvenation of the face and neck. The 4-step treatment program entails the use of multiple treatments modes to effectively restore and regenerate the face from the inside out. Read below as we discuss the 4 dimensions of Fotona 4D’s advanced skin-regenerating system.

Step 1: SmoothLiftin Intraoral

SmoothLiftin is a pain-free treatment that induces the production of collagen by increasing volume in the face. The SMOOTH Mode is a non-ablative Er:YAG mode that targets the mucous membranes in the face. The stimulation of collagen in these areas provides a volumizing effect that can produce similar results to the use of dermal fillers in the face. The plumping of the skin internally creates an environment in the dermis to increase the production of collagen, thus increasing tightness and elasticity in the skin, particularly for the reduction of nasolabial folds. The application of the SmoothLiftin mode effectually initiates collagen remodelling and neocollagenesis in the oral mucosa of the skin.

Step 2: FRAC3 Rejuvenation

The second step in the Fotona 4D system includes the use of the FRAC3 Nd:YAG laser resurfacing treatment. This process targets the deeper layers of the epidermis, causing microscopic dermal injury to the superficial layers of the skin. Although still considered non-ablative, fractional laser treatments do penetrate deeper into the dermal layers of the skin, effectively and efficiently improving the skin’s texture. FRAC3 is a Nd:YAG laser that uses photo-thermal therapy to improve pre-existing skin damage on the subcutaneous tissue levels of the skin. It is effective in treating imperfections such as wrinkles, dark spots, and the vascular components of the face using the fractional laser to regenerate and produce healthier, newer skin cells for a more youthful appearance in texture.

Step 3: PIANO Skin Tightening

The third stage involves the use of controlled heating in the skin with the long laser pulses of the PIANO modality, which is part of the Nd:YAG laser family. The PIANO Mode improves the signs of aging in the face and neck. The laser beams rapidly heat the skin from the exterior to the deeper subcutaneous tissues. The application of this treatment is completed using a stroking technique to produce tightening and lifting effects to the areas of treatment. PIANO mode engages the skin by causing photothermal damage (coagulative and bio-stimulating) in the dermal layers of the fat. It is effective in tightening and remodelling the skin of the face and neck.

STEP 4: SupeERficial Light Peel

The final step in the 4D skin program involves the skin-polishing laser peel treatment. Laser peels can substantially improve the appearance of the skin by reducing surface imperfections. The micro-laser peel is a controlled laser beam that polishes and refines the skin’s surface by minimizing pore size and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. SupERficial laser treatments polish the skin with minimal or no downtime, and they are suitable for all skin types. Patients who receive SupERficial treatments can expect a day of mild redness or pinkness in the skin and should take extra precautionary steps to avoid direct sun exposure for about a month, liberally applying sunscreen to the treated areas as often as required.

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