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Chin Implant Toronto

Facial implants such as a chin implant are used to enhance features with poor definition or projection.

By undergoing this type of cosmetic surgery, facial features can become more balanced and harmonious, and the patient’s facial profile will be enhanced. Chin implants can be a stand-alone procedure or scheduled in conjunction with another surgery such as Rhinoplasty or Jaw or Neck Liposuction. If a patient is looking for overall balance, a chin implant is a great choice for a natural-looking solution. During your consultation, Dr. Torgerson will customize a surgical plan with the best implant for your chin or jawline.

If a patient is not yet ready for chin augmentation or is a bit unsure, Dr. Torgerson may also recommend the temporary use of an injectable filler in the chin. Hyaluronic acid is a safe and natural, non-surgical option to chin implant surgery, where a patient can quickly and easily see the actual results of a more balanced profile using a temporary and safe alternative. To learn more about Injectable Filler as an option, please click here.

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Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Chin Implant Patients

Dr. Torgerson Will Ensure Achieving Your Ideal Goal

How Is Chin Augmentation Performed?

Patients can work with Dr. Torgerson on achieving their ideal goal through the use of the VECTRA 3D Imaging System. This system creates a 3D image of the patient’s head and neck. Together the surgeon and patient work to create a visual image of what the chin augmentation could achieve for the patient’s facial profile and overall facial balance. The VECTRA takes a lot of the guesswork out of chin implant surgery and ensures that the patient and Dr. Torgerson are united in the surgical plan and agree on the projected final outcome.

During Chin Augmentation, an incision is made underneath the chin and a pocket is created by the facial cosmetic surgeon above the chin bone and below the muscle in which to place the implant. The customized implant is then positioned, and the pocket is closed using fine stitches.

After surgery, Dr. Torgerson may tape the chin to hold the implant in place until it is firmly secured in its new position. Any scar from an incision made under the chin is negligible and usually unnoticeable. Chin augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis with general anesthesia, and the procedure is usually completed in about an hour.

Dr. Torgerson Ensures Patients’ Comfort After Surgery

Chin Implant Recovery

Following Chin augmentation, the stitches are removed by Dr. Torgerson in 5 days. Bruising is minimal, and most swelling subsides after 1 week. Patients generally find that they are able to return to work or their usual daily activities within 5 days to 7 days after the chin implant surgery.

Dr. Torgerson also makes sure that patients are well taken care of. They are given detailed pre-operative preparation paperwork and post-operative instructions prior to their scheduled plastic surgery. As well, they receive Dr. Torgerson’s cell phone number in order to call him at any time and are given their prescription to fill prior to their surgery. Post-operative facial cosmetic appointments are scheduled at regular intervals to ensure patients are healing appropriately.

Please have a look at Dr. Torgerson’s Before and After Patient Photo Gallery to see some of the incredible chin augmentation results. The online photos only represent a small portion of Dr. Torgerson’s patients, as many patients are only comfortable with their images being shown in the Toronto office. Your consultation with the surgeon will give you the chance to browse through many more before and after photos of his real patients.

Top Chin Implant Questions Asked by Patients

What type of chin implants are used for chin augmentation?

There are many options available for chin implant. The safest and most common materials that an implant is made from is either silicone or Gore-Tex. The shape and size of the implant is also important and should be personalized for each patient. During your consultation, Dr. Torgerson can go over the available options with you. As well, using the Vectra 3D imaging system, patients can see how different chin implant shapes and sizes can contour their features and choose which one they like the best.

What medical tests do I have to complete prior to a chin implant?

*All Cosmetic Surgery patients are required to go for blood tests, a chest x-ray, and occasionally an ECG.* Dr. Cory Torgerson goes above and beyond in his assessment of whether or not a patient is physically fit for surgery so that he can ensure the absolute safety of all of his patients.

Will a chin implant affect a male patient’s ability to shave?

No, it should not. Following the chin augmentation, you can shave around the dressing until the stitches come out. After that, you are able to shave your entire face and chin as per normal.

At what facility does Dr. Torgerson perform the chin implant surgery?

Did you know there are only a few Full Level 3 Approved Private Hospital Facilities in Ontario? Dr. Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre in downtown Toronto is one of them. The fully equipped surgical facility is regularly assessed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and has always surpassed the expectations. Dr. Torgerson decided to open his private surgical premise to provide better care for his clientele. With the ability to handpick his own staff, Dr. Torgerson can be sure that patients are receiving the best care from expertly trained nurses and anaesthesiologists. Clients can choose their date of surgery based on what suits their personal needs and calendar (not according to when a hospital has an opening). A private surgery centre also removes the risk of being moved to another surgery day, as is often the case in a hospital. This can be a frustration for patients, especially if they have taken time off work to recover from plastic surgery. Patients never have to worry about this at Dr. Torgerson’s facility. Below are some statements from a CPSO report regarding their assessment of Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre:
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Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are becoming less and less common due to the popularity of hyaluronic acid injectable filler. Injectable filler can create the same definition and structure of the cheekbone without the patient having to undergo surgery. For more information, check out Dr. Torgerson’s Injectable Filler page.

However, for patients who desire the permanence of a cheek implant, an incision is made inside the mouth, and a pocket is created next to the cheek bone. The implant rests snugly within this pocket, and the incision is sutured closed. Facial implants for the chin and the cheeks are bio-compatible, sterile, and commonly made of silicone or Gore-Tex.

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Products Used for Chin Implantation

Many of our patients are curious about the products used for chin implant surgery. If you are considering chin augmentation, here is some great information about the implants used. We prefer to order our facial implant products from the companies named Implantech and Surgiform. Both companies provide superior patient facial implants – from mandibular angle implants to regular sized chin implants (small, medium, large and X-large). Chin Implants can be made from silicone or from a product named ePTFE. These types of implants are designed to provide controlled tissue integration. This means that the risk of fibrotic capsules are minimized and surgical outcomes are predictably more stable.

Cost of Chin Implant Surgery in Toronto

The cost of chin implant surgery in Toronto is around $6,000 plus applicable taxes. This price is just a general guideline and is subject to change over time. We know that the price of a chin implant can affect your decision, so we are pleased to offer financing through two reputable companies, Medicard and Credit Medical.

At our Toronto Facial Cosmetic Clinic, we are pleased to offer you a consultation where you are free to explore what chin implant options would best suit your profile and give you a long-lasting result that you’ll be delighted with. We hope you will call or email our office to schedule an appointment with the surgeon. We would love to hear from you!

Chin Augmentation Devices

The chin augmentation devices used by our Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre are designed to be more anatomically correct, closely conforming to the bone structure underneath and blending in nicely with the lateral jaw line and mandible. There are variations in types of implants to choose from. Some implants provide chin augmentation while tilting the chin up slightly, other styles can create more of a square, strongly defined profile.
Others still, address chin deficiencies in a 3-dimensional way or create a more horizontal projection. There are even chin implants that can add lower face fullness to help soften nasolabial folds, giving a more youthful appearance. With the wide variety of sizes and styles available, all cosmetic and reconstructive needs for the chin area can be met more than satisfactorily for our patients.
These implants are easy to insert and the chin implant surgery itself is quite simple and has a quick recovery. The packages and products are always sterile, minimizing the risk of a complication. You can visit the websites of both of these companies to gather more information about the chin implants offered.

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