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Face Lift Questions

How does a facelift help people achieve a more youthful appearance?
A Facelift helps people achieve a more youthful appearance because it tightens and lifts multiple layers of tissue back to where it used to be. It reverses the sagging, drooping effects of gravity.
Tell me about the facelift procedure.
(What is involved? What are the differences between open technique and endoscopic surgery?)

There is a variety of facelift techniques. The one Dr. Torgerson typically uses is an open technique (called SMAS lift), which usually means that a larger incision is created. The more tissue exposed, the greater and stronger the lifting capability, which leads to a longer-lasting and more effective result. Another popular technique is an endoscopic facelift. While the incisions are significantly smaller and less downtime is required, the amount of lift that can be achieved and the longevity of the result is often disappointing. Therefore, this technique is not one that Dr. Torgerson commonly uses.

How does the facelift procedure differ for women and men?
The only difference between a facelift for a male patient and a facelift for a female patient is the incision technique. For men, because of their facial hair, typically the incision (and thus the scar) is designed in front of a small area of the ear called the tragus. For women, the incision happens behind the tragus in order to conceal it. Otherwise, the vast majority of work done during a face lift is identical for both men and women.
Can facial implants be used with a facelift to achieve a better result?
Yes, both chin and cheek implants can be used during a facelift to add more balance to the face and augment the underlying structure. However, the most common non-surgical procedure performed alongside a facelift is the use of injectable dermal filler (i.e. Perlane, Restylane) to add and restore the lost volume while the face lift does the work of tightening and lifting.
What is discussed during the facelift consultation?
What makes someone a good candidate for a facelift?

During a facelift consult, Dr. Torgerson reviews a patient’s concerns, goals, and overall desires. He also determines whether or not the patient is a good candidate by evaluating the quality and redundancy of skin as well as if the patient has an appropriate and safe health history to undergo surgery. As a surgeon, it is important for Dr. Torgerson that patients do the right procedure at the right time, so he does explore each patient’s motivation. It’s also imperative for any potential candidate to know that the face lift needs to be done in a natural-looking way. Just because the skin can be pulled tighter, doesn’t mean that it should. People do not want the days of unnatural plastic surgery outcomes like Joan Rivers anymore. The new age of cosmetic surgery involves fresh, radiant, and natural outcomes where the patients look authentic, refreshed, and revitalized.

What can patients expect during the recovery period?
Potential clients who are considering a face lift should expect to take approximately 2 weeks off work to allow proper healing time and the dissipation of swelling and bruising. They can also expect temporary tenderness and numbness in certain areas as they heal. While the scars take several months to lighten and mature, they can easily be hidden and are not typically noticeable.
What kind of maintenance is involved after a patient undergoes a face lift?
A Facelift can last up to 15 years. However, to achieve optimal longevity of the results, Dr. Torgerson’s recommendations following a facelift are to maintain the results with non-invasive, simple procedures such as regular Botox injections, yearly augmentation with injectable fillers, as well as the use of lasers for skin resurfacing.
What kind of results have you seen in your patients after the procedure compared to before?
(Physically and emotionally) patients who have undergone Face lift surgery generally report feeling more confident. They feel as though their outward appearance more accurately reflects the youthfulness they still feel on the inside. All of them enjoy the compliments of family and friends who wonder how it is that they look so fresh and well rested, without knowing their secret!
What advice do you have for potential clients who are seeking a facelift?
(What should they look for? What should they expect?)

My philosophy is “do the right thing at the right time”. Facelift surgery can often be the right choice for patients who have not been able to achieve the same effect with less invasive techniques such as lasers, fillers, or healthy lifestyles. Patients need to educate themselves and look for a qualified Facial Plastic surgeon (FRCSC) with extra Fellowship training. When it comes to your face, one should not settle for less than a surgeon who has the highest level of credentials for performing facial plastic surgery. Potential clients should also choose a surgeon that listened and was able to provide examples of patient results and client references. Most importantly, patients should pick a surgeon who they feel most confident and comfortable with.

Tell me about your private Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto
Our Yorkville clinic is a chic and modern office space with a state-of-the-art Surgical Centre. Our superior hospital-grade operating room and patient recovery area offer our clients the best in comfort and quality. Because our surgical facility is right on the premise, our clients enjoy the privilege of privacy and discretion. We received one of the highest safety standard reviews to date by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in all aspects of our staffing, facility, equipment, patient care, and record-keeping.

What Makes You And Your Clinic Different / Stand Out From Other Clinics?

Our Clinic

Minimal Wait Time
Our patients enjoy the minimal wait time for surgery. Because we have our own operating and surgical facility, we are able to work with the patient’s timeline and book their surgery when it is most convenient for them. They do not have to wait for a hospital operating room to become available for a non-OHIP surgical procedure, which often results in several months’ wait time with other surgeons.
VECTRA 3D imaging system
In Canada, Dr. Torgerson was the first Cosmetic Surgeon to introduce the VECTRA 3D imaging system (as compared to the 2D systems offered at most other offices). This 3D system allows patients to see their potential results from all angles prior to undergoing any surgery. This ensures that both the patient and the surgeon are in agreement about the outcome of the plastic surgery and have come up with the plan together.
Hospital Surgical Facilities
All out-of hospital surgical facilities are examined, assessed, and reviewed by Ontario’s governing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), to ensure that the highest levels of patient care and safety and facility management are being met. When our facility was reviewed, the CPSO inspectors let us know that we were one of the best they had seen to date in the province.
Dr. Torgerson's Training
Lastly, Dr. Torgerson has the highest level of training a surgeon can have in order to perform facelift surgery, meaning that he had additional specialty training in Facial Plastic Surgery after completing his Surgeon’s designation of FRCSC. In total, Dr. Torgerson completed 18 years of post-secondary education. Again, it is important for patients to be educated on who they are selecting as their plastic surgeon and to make sure that they have chosen a plastic surgeon with the appropriate qualifications that match the cosmetic procedure they are interested in.

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