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Nose Surgery Toronto

When you think about your nose, is it too large, too small, too flat, or too pointed?

If you consider these things, then you are in good company. Many people consider nose surgery, also called rhinoplasty, to correct aspects of their nose, as they feel it takes away from the natural beauty of their facial features, detracting from their overall look.

Nose That Fits Harmoniously

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery can change just a small portion of the nose or the entire shape, depending on the needs. The final result should be a nose that fits more harmoniously with the whole face. Breathing issues can also be addressed, if need be, so that breathing is comfortable and airflow through the nose is unrestricted. Dr. Torgerson, one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto, is an expert in making these changes.

Prior to nose surgery, extensive and careful pre-operative discussions, planning, and consent signings will need to take place. Dr. Torgerson will consider the dimensions of your nose as compared to the structure of your face, the quality of your skin (thick or thin), and the prominence of your cheeks and jawline. A nose that looks great on one person, such as a celebrity, may not look great on you, even if the nose shape was copied perfectly. This is simply because the facial features around the nose and the thickness of the skin can all contribute to how well the final rhinoplasty result harmonizes with your overall facial aesthetics.

Some of the most common changes that patients request for nose surgery include refining or narrowing the tip, adjusting the tip projection, removing a bump or hump on the bridge, reducing the width and size of the nostrils, straightening a crooked nose appearance, or improving asymmetry.

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Fast Recovery

Do You Need Nose Surgery in Toronto?

Nose surgery usually takes up to 2½ hours and is completed in Dr. Torgerson’s approved, private surgery centre in downtown Toronto. Dr. Torgerson prefers to operate on patients under general anesthesia because it is safer in terms of control of the airway throughout the surgery. Most of the incisions are created inside the nose, so this type of nose surgery is called a closed rhinoplasty. Dr. Torgerson prefers closed rhinoplasty so that there are no visible skin incisions, and it’s easier for the facial plastic surgeon to predict the outcome. Once the small incisions are made, the nose skin can be lifted and the underlying bone and cartilage reconstructed and re-contoured according to the surgical plan. Dr. Torgerson is able to achieve excellent results using this approach to nose reshaping.

Following the nose surgery, a cast will be placed on the nose to protect it for the first week as everything begins to set and heal. This cast is usually removed 1 week following surgery. Pain will be managed through the use of prescribed pain medication, so most people find they have no issues with that. Most commonly, patients will say that the most uncomfortable part of the nose job process is the inability to breathe through the nose for several days due to the swelling and bloody crusts that form within the nose. This will improve as soon as the cast is removed and the nose cleaned out. Full recovery from rhinoplasty can take much longer, as residual swelling can last for several weeks and months, but improvements will continue to be seen over time, and the end result should be one that gives you an improved outward facial aesthetic.

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