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Did you know that eyelid surgery may have more than just aesthetic benefits? For some patients, the procedure is necessary to reduce the amount of skin that sags from the top of the eye (the upper eyelid) and falls into the field of vision, thus correcting any sight problems that it had previously caused. The procedure may also be possible to reduce the amount of migraines or migraine pain that a patient must endure. This incredibly popular plastic surgery has been performed on thousands of Canadians, who have benefited from an aesthetic enhancement, the correction of vision problems, and the lesser-known benefit of migraine relief.

Let’s take a look at this procedure in a little more detail so that you can better determine whether you’re a potential candidate. Of course, the best way to have all of your questions answered as they pertain to your unique anatomy is to schedule an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon. If you live in or will be visiting the Toronto area, please consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Cory Torgerson. This award-winning plastic surgeon has been helping Toronto residents reach and exceed their aesthetic goals for years. By dialing (647) 343-0207, you can schedule an appointment to learn more about eyelid surgery and whether or not it may help you with migraine relief.

What Does An Eyelid Surgery Involve?

During an eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, a surgeon will make small incisions that are naturally hidden within the already-existing creases of the eye. This means that for most patients, scarring will not be visible. Where these incisions are made is particularly important as to whether or not the procedure will reduce migraine pain, which we’ll explore in more detail below. The rest of the blepharoplasty procedure will involve the surgeon removing excess skin, tightening tissue, and potentially removing small pockets of fat.

These actions will result in an eye that appears more youthful, as the excess skin will be removed and will no longer be able to sag or droop (potentially into the field of vision). Blepharoplasty can also remove puffiness underneath the eyes as well as bags and “circles”, thereby promoting a more awake or refreshed look. This common procedure is for both men and women and is generally considered to be quite affordable.

How Does Blepharoplasty Potentially Reduce Migraines?

For patients who would like to experience migraine relief, this is something that they’ll need to discuss with their plastic surgeon prior to the surgery itself. Blepharoplasty alone does not intrinsically provide migraine relief. What causes many patients to experience reduced migraine pain is where the incisions in the upper eyelid are made. These incisions deactivate what are known as “trigger” nerves—nerves in the eyelid that can contribute to migraines.

This will also raise the eyelid, providing similar benefits to traditionally administered blepharoplasty. Some studies have suggested that roughly 90% of patients who have this procedure conducted (blepharoplasty that is also targeting trigger nerves) have experienced upwards of a 50% improvement in migraine pain. Half of all recipients in the study had no migraines a year later.

Whether or not a blepharoplasty procedure will improve your migraine pain is highly dependent upon your unique anatomy and the qualifications of the surgeon providing the treatments. During your initial consultations and well before you have an operation, you’ll learn about the likelihood that this procedure will help. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you’d like to try reducing your migraine pain with your aesthetic enhancement.

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