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Skincare technologies have evolved the way that we as consumers take care of the skin on our face and body. Men and women usually begin to understand the importance of quality skincare once they approach the age of 30 or older. They acknowledge the need to preserve and protect their skin, which is gradually degenerating by the inevitable aging process. Dr. Torgerson supports and endorses products that are formulated with medical or professional-grade ingredients for his patients because they provide unmatched protection from the common signs of ageing skin such as skin laxity and the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Elizabeth Arden Pro (EAPro) chemical peels are a great way to target aging skin conditions that slowly rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin on the face and neck. EAPro products have been clinically proven to deliver effective solutions for conditions caused by genetic aging. Environmental and lifestyle factors can also have negative effects on the skin. Continued application of skin-care products accumulates toxic chemicals in the body, and the buildup of toxic chemicals leads to the production of free radicals that are the main cause of cellular oxidization. Cellular oxidization is when the body damages cell membranes and other structures that metabolize oxygen to produce free radicals that rob molecules from their electrons. Molecules without oxygen lead to cellular damage. Cellular damage reduces the production of healthy cells that help the body fight off the degenerated cells caused by free radicals in the body. Antioxidants play a vital role in eliminating free radicals. Certain foods contain high antioxidant properties that can be implemented in a patient’s diet to reduce free radical cell damage. Antioxidants are also a key ingredient in reducing the risks of many diseases that are caused by free radicals.

EAPro combines regenerative ingredients along with scientific formulation and technologies that target specific skin conditions. The top 4 EAPro chemical peels that treat common ageing skin conditions include:


This peel is designed to reduce the appearance of age spots and pigmentation caused by prolonged sun exposure. The formula improves skin tone and utilizes potent ingredients to improve skin tone, revealing a glowing complexion.


The hydrating peel is specifically designed for people with dry skin that lacks hydration. Hydration is essential in maintaining supple skin that doesn’t show the effects caused by dry skin conditions like flaking of the skin, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis-related issues.


This peel is designed to minimize the visible signs of skin ageing and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The age-defying chemical peel improves skin texture and skin laxity and creates an overall enhancement in the skin, which glows with radiance.


Acne-prone skin can be problematic. This peel is ideal for those who want to maintain and control their acne with skin-perfecting ingredients that help reduce the over-production of oil in the skin. Over production of oil is one of the leading causes of acne in the face.

EAPro targets these specific conditions with the system named Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid. This is essentially a guide for better care of the skin with a layering system that is unique to the patients’ aging symptoms. The skin health and beauty pyramid consists of 3 components:


These are fundamental technologies that include daily protection against sun and environmental exposure. Accumulation of continual sun exposure is detrimental to skin that’s not adequately protected from harmful UV radiation. The pyramid base is comprised of 3 critical ingredients that are essential in the daily protection of the skin. These 3 ingredients include SPF, antioxidants, and DNA enzymes.


The core of the pyramid consists of ingredients that have transforming qualities that help moisturize, exfoliate, and stimulate cell turnover. These technologies include the use of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and retinoids, which both have 3 decades of clinical records that exhibit significant improvement in the skin quality with its moisturizing properties by removing dead skin cells, improving acne, and increasing the thickness of the dermis, which leads to the firmness of the skin.


The top of the pyramid consists of optimizing ingredients like peptides and growth factors catered to customized skincare for different skin types unique to each individual’s area of concern.

Elizabeth Arden PRO addresses key skin conditions with products that have been designed for all skin types. The ingredients are formulated with patented technologies like AHA Retinoid Conjugate – an AHA/vitamin A derivative combination, Allyl PQQ – a mitochondrial antioxidant, and Arazine – part of a novel antioxidant protein protection complex.

EAPro treatments are designed to initiate the cell-renewal process by effectively harnessing the cells into repair-and-regenerate mode with activating ingredients that have been proved to enhance, maintain, and optimize your skincare regimen. EAPro has been formulated with professional grade ingredients to effectively turn around the signs of ageing on the face and neck. To experience EAPro customized chemical peels, contact us to book your consultation with one of our specialists. They can give you a skin analysis along with the recommended treatments that you would need to achieve the desired improvements to your skin.

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